12 Best Card Matching Games for Android & iOS

Our memory is getting worse with age. What should we do to improve our memory? Try special apps designed to develop memory and attention. One kind of app is a card matching games.

Everyone knows these games. You don’t need to buy cards and lay them on the table. Download the apps from this list and they will allow you to develop your memory in a few weeks.

These apps will also save you from dementia and let you have fun. Try to play with your friends.

Memory Matches

This app is a classic card match game. It has been downloaded over 55 million times. Test your memory. The rules of the game are very simple. The app will create a field with maps for you.

You need to click on pairs of cards and look for the same. The faster you find all the matches, the more points you score. You can select a field size from 4×4 to 5×6.

The app has created many themes to diversify your game and memory development. Normal forms are a classic theme. Black and white cards are an aesthetic theme for those who like rigor. Dots is a challenging game mode for professionals.

Try matching dots and numbers. This theme will allow your memory to develop in a short time. The app also has entertaining themes such as Halloween, animals, sports, and many more. Change themes depending on your mood.

Select a game mode. You can play alone or with friends. Multiplayer allows you to play with 5 friends at the same time. Place your smartphone in the middle of a group of friends and play in turn.

The app will show whose turn. It has excellent HD graphics. You can track your progress in the statistics table. You can also look at the leaderboards and find out where you are.

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Memoria: Memorama & Match pair

Memoria is a handy and colorful game to keep your memory sharp. Open the pictures on the screen face down. Find identical images and pair them up.

This game will be a useful tool for anyone who wants to improve their memory and get rid of ADHD. It is suitable for fun on the go, for use at a party, or for a quiet family evening. Spend time in line with the benefit of your intellect.

The rules of the game are simple and you have several different decks at your disposal. You can collect logos or animal cards. Or you can remember your favorite cartoons and old mobile games.

Memoria will be interesting for both children and adults. All pictures have bright details and attractive designs. In just a few days you will notice that your memory has become much stronger.


Match Pairs 3D – Matching Game

Match Pairs 3D will allow you to have a great time with benefits for yourself. Train your memory and enjoy the colorful screensavers and cute pictures. Collecting pairs from the images offered on the screen will train your diligence and attention. Your memory will be the envy of all your friends.

The conditions of the game are as simple as possible: from round to round you have to look for pairs of images. As soon as you see 2 identical pictures, just drag one to the other. Don’t forget that the time of each round is strictly limited.

Become a real star of Match Pairs 3D. More than 1000 levels of varying difficulty, from beginner to advanced, await you. You can play with different decks including animals, transportation, and sweet themes.

The game has an autosave feature, so you can end a round at any time and start at the right moment. You can use hints in difficult moments, and there is no limit to the number of them.


Matching King

The simplest retro game for practicing your memory. Collect duplicates from the pictures presented on the playing field. In Matching King prevails pixel design, which gives you the opportunity to go back 20 years. The game does not contain complex rules and is suitable for everyone without exception. It can be played in journey, at home, and during lunch breaks.

Thanks to its simplicity and free use, this game has become a favorite pastime of more than 5 million users. You can choose the single-player mode to fight against the computer. Or test your strength in a battle with a real opponent.

To win you need to match 2 identical pictures. You must collect all pairs before the round ends. Choose the difficulty of each round, and match the pictures to your taste. They can be brightly colored numbers, animals and insects, transportation, and fruits.

Matching King can be installed on any device with Android 4.4 and newer versions.


Matching Card Pairs

This is an addictive app that will help you develop your memory. You need to look for the same pictures. The app has a simple design and interface. You won’t get confused.

You will love the background music. It is calm and helps you find a match. The app has advanced technology one-touch control. Personalize the app by choosing the level of difficulty.

Train your memory and concentration every day. The app has different types of cards. You won’t get bored playing the app.

It has been translated into several languages. This is a great way to improve your memory. The app is also suitable for children.

Memory match game

This great app has 4 game modes. You will learn how to memorize in a few days. Time mode will help you increase the speed of memorization. Choose a time limit. You can put 3, 5 and 8 minutes. Be as fast as possible to be on time.

Moves mode will help develop your logic. You will be limited in moves. You need to be focused and careful. This mode is suitable for people who want to quickly develop memory.

Endless mode is a great and fun time killer. Play as long as you want. You aren’t limited in moves or in time. Multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends. Enter nicknames for all players and play in turn.

The app has bright and colorful pictures. They are easy to remember.

You can choose a card theme. Find matches of animals, flags, coins, plants, holidays, toys and others. You can compare your results on the leaderboard. Become the best among the players.

You can play this game without access to the Internet. The app works offline. It has been downloaded over 500 thousand times.


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Memory Matches 2

This is an improved version of the match card game. It has been played over 200 million times. Test your memory. You need to turn over the cards and look for the same matches.

The app has over 100 levels. Each new level is more difficult than the previous one. Win the stars. You need to earn a lot of points to do this. The more stars you have won, the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

You can change the theme of the game. You are waiting for more than 1 thousand different cards. You won’t get bored playing this app. Try interesting themes such as animals, flags, letters, sports, numbers, letters, colors, simple shapes, and many others. All the pictures are bright and colorful.

You can choose the size of the board. The more cards on the board, the harder it is to play. The app has sharp graphics. Developers continue to update the app adding new improvements and features.

The app will allow you to play with your friends. Select multiplayer mode. You can add up to 5 players to the game. The app has over 20 different leaderboards. Try to be the first in each of them.

Get achievements for completing tasks. The app requires iOS 8 to work without errors. Download it and your memory will be in good shape.

Matching games Memory games Pairs: Remembery

This app will let you know how good your memory is. You need to find a match of cards. You can develop your memory, attention, concentration, and logic. The app has 5 game modes. The classic mode is known to all. You need to find map matches.

Adventure mode lets you not get bored. You are waiting for new levels every day. Remember all will help you develop your memory in the shortest possible time.

You can select the time or move limit mode. Test your memory with a simultaneous limit of time and moves. Select a difficulty level. Customize your board from 3×2 to 8×12 cards.

The more cards the more difficult the level. Can you pass the level of 8×12 with a time limit and moves? If so, then your memory is in excellent condition.

The app has cartoony graphics with a nice design. The navigation is intuitive. You won’t get confused. Select a deck of cards. The app has several dozen options.

You can change the theme of the app. It has 3 themes such as dark, light and custom. Turn on a multiplayer mode to play with friends. Follow your achievements in the leaderboard.

The app has been installed more than 500 thousand times. It has helped many people develop memory.


Memory King – The Memory Cards Matching Game

Many people like to get together in the evenings playing card games. You can also get together as a family without buying card games. All you need is your smartphones.

Download this application and you can make your every evening unforgettable. This app is much more addictive than a physical board game. You can choose board themes. The app has a huge selection.

It is suitable for people of all ages. You can play up to 4 games in multiplayer mode. Arrange a competition. Find out who has the best memory development. Magic cards will make the gameplay great.

The app is fully customizable. You can adjust the number of match pairs from 2 to 32. You can pay less than a dollar to get more than 1000 different cards. The app has more than 60 cards in free access.

Single-player mode will teach you how to play this game. You can select special effects for the game. This is called magic cards.

The app keeps track of your statistics. You can see your weekly progress. Choose which memorial cards to use at each level. The app supports several languages. Download it and you can develop your memory very quickly.

Matching Pairs!

This memory matching card app will help your children improve memory. It has one classic mode to play. Your children will like this game with a choice of difficulty level. This is a child-friendly app that has no ads.

Your child can’t make purchases. The app won’t interfere with promotions. You will receive 6 free packs of cards. This is such as fruits, vegetables, animals and others. Choose what your child likes best.

Select a difficulty level. It depends on the number of cards on the board. The app will give you access to 6 types of card layouts. It also supports voice control.

The app has a cartoon interface. Navigation is suitable for children from 4 years. Developers add different themes on holidays. The app weighs only 11MB. It requires iOS 10.0 for stable operation.

Brain game. Picture Match.

Download this app to develop your memory. It will help you to improve your memorization as soon as possible. It has over 50 levels. Developers continue to add new levels increasing the complexity of the game.

You can select a deck of cards to search for a match. The app has several themes. You can choose a game mode.

The first is a mode with no time limit. You can play relaxed and look for card matches.

The second is a mode with normal difficulty. You will have a time limit.

The third is hard mode. You need to look for matching cards with a time limit and a move.

The latter mode can greatly develop your memory in a few weeks. At the beginning of the game, you will be shown all the cards. You need to remember them because after a few seconds the cards turn over.

Developers have added new game modes. This is a search for matches in 3 cards. This is a powerful exercise for developing your memory. And also try the mirror mode which will help you improve your concentration and attention.

This is a very popular app for developing memory. It has been downloaded over 10 million times. Join the millions of users of this great brain trainer.


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Memory 2 • Original

Download this app and you can improve your memory skills. The app is designed for your entire family and suitable for people of all ages. You will find more than 100 levels and 4 game modes.

At the beginning of the game, all cards are turned face down. You need to take turns to flip pairs of cards and find the same. You can choose a deck of cards such as animals, letters, numbers, cities and many others.

The goal of the game is to find as many and faster cards as possible. You can play with a computer or your friends. Select the multiplayer mode and play in turn.

Choose different languages ​​and you can learn their basics. This is a very educational app that not only develops memory.

Select a time limit mode to make the game harder. The app requires iOS 7 to work without errors. The more you play, the more decks of cards you open.

The very first deck is animals. You can customize the sound of the app. Detach it if it bothers you. Download this app to improve your memory and brain.

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