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When we first interact with the game, we see a nice yellow icon with black dots on the diagonal.

To start playing, you need to install the game, but registration is not required. Everything is quite simple and straightforward. The design is done in warm yellows combined with white. The style of the text is strict and fits very well into the style of the application.

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On the main screen, we immediately see the “Start game” button and the function to enable and disable the sound.

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The game has 3 game modes: solo, versus and coop. In the first mode, you play against the computer, where everyone has 3 lives. Your task is to score 3 goals first. In the second mode, you can play on absolutely the same conditions, only with your friend right on your smartphone screen.

The third game mode is different in that there are no lives, but there are points. And your task is to score as many points as possible. When you start a fight with an opponent, at the very beginning it is just a relaxed game of platforms with a slow pace. The main task is to hit the ball with your platform and try to score a goal.

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During the game, after a certain number of bounces, a third platform appears in the middle of the screen, which is an obstacle to the movement of the ball. As the game progresses, when the number of bounces increases, and none of the opponents loses, the ball begins to accelerate, which makes the game very interesting.

The third trick to increase interest is that over time, the platform, which is in the middle, starts spinning, and the ball flies quickly. This is what makes the game interesting. Under these conditions, it becomes more difficult to play.

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The conclusion is simple, if you are tired of playing action games and you want something simple but interesting, then this option is definitely suitable.


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