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Quick Brain - Math riddles logoIt is no secret that few people love and want to sit on dry textbooks for a long time, even if they really want to.

A person is interested in being involved in the process as if in a game where you are competing with others, motivated to move forward and become better. Quick Brain is one example of how gamification helps people do things that seem boring.

Quick Brain is an educational game with different internal levels, mainly related to math, but also games of attention and speed.


Fast mathematics is a level in the game with clear mechanics. Classic test mode, which has a question, limited time for each answer. The complexity of questions with each answer increases, which will not get bored even the smartest.

There are also other levels in the game, like fast math. Such as Truth – Lies, where you are presented with a question in which you have to say whether it is true or not.

“Balance” is a mode where a question is a question of several mathematical expressions. You have to choose which one is bigger, or maybe they are equal, who knows.

After passing the task, the player receives coins, which can be spent on extra attempts to pass the levels. After an error, each level will have to pass again, which has a positive impact on motivation.

The game puts all players in the same conditions so that only the best of them can show themselves in the global table of records. Besides, coins will not help endlessly continue to play. There is a limit on the number of their use within a single game session.

Quick Brain - Math riddles screen 1 Quick Brain - Math riddles screen 2

“Training” is suitable for those who want to adjust the complexity, types of questions, time, and so on. Also suitable for those whose normal modes are too complex and just want to practice in easy mode.

“Entry” is created for fans of hard, you can enter the entire answer yourself, in this mode no accident.

As without the good old puzzle, where you need to collect tiles of denominations 2 and 4 in a larger construction. The game offers a choice of different game modes.

Table Shulte – this is not exactly a classic table, but it reminds you of it. There are boards of different sizes with numbers scattered on it. You need to find them from the smallest to the largest, as quickly as possible. If you work with it as with a classical table, you can develop your peripheral vision.

Quick Brain - Math riddles screen 3 Quick Brain - Math riddles screen 4

The game is made minimalistic and tasteful. There are many levels, different complexity, you can spend time with a useful and interesting approach. There are games for different ages, both for children and adults who want to have a good time.

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