Rainbow Yggdrasil App Review

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a decent role-playing game about a girl who’s trying to find the truth of the world.

When you play, you’ll see control bottoms on the bottom of the screen. On both sides of that, there’re skill, item, and attack buttons.

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Rainbow Yggdrasil1

Your character will explore various dungeons. The colors of the dungeons and the monsters that live there are different.

Search for items, called “Soulspheres,” while you’re in the dungeon. Each item will affect your attack and defense skills in its own way.

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Rainbow Yggdrasil2

Skills are the special moves, or “Memorybits.” Example of them is “Attack Up” and “Area Attack” skills. What’s unique is that you can adjust the icons to make them look like you wish!

Colors play a big role in the game. The color of the girl, equipment, and the opponent represent their strength. Make sure to be aware of the character’s HP, or the health of the girl. The game is over when it reaches 0.

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Of course, the monsters will try to attack and kill you. In the main menu, you’ll see several buttons on the button of the screen. One of them is “Ranking”, where you’ll be able to view your place among other players all over the world!

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a fun game with over 10 hours of playtime, so you’ll be entertained for a while!

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