9 Best Screen Border Lights Apps for Android

Want to boost the way your lock screen looks? Then keep reading this article.

We’ve gathered together the 9 best screen border lights apps for Android that lets you add custom edge LEDs to your display. These apps cover plenty of creative LED styles, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, these apps let you attach the lights to notifications, calls, and even music!

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Edge Lighting Colors

Edge Lighting Colors

Let’s start with the classic edge lighting app that will boost up the way your phone looks.

First of all, this app is fully dedicated to edge border lights, so it doesn’t cover wallpaper and other utilities. Herewith, this app offers you a wide range of edge lights to try. For instance, you can go for standard plain color lights or make it more complex by doing a gradient.

You get to regulate the width of the lights as you need and adjust the transparency if needed. In case that’s not enough for you, you can customize more complex light in a form of a heart, dots, stars, flowers, or more. There are dozens of effects you may try, and new ones are being added quite regularly. The lights lay on top of your current wallpaper so no worries about that.

In case you’re worried the lights will cause quick battery discharging, this app doesn’t o that. More to say, the app doesn’t cause any cracks and glitches in the way your phone performs. The app works with lots of screen types, but you can check the full list by following the link below.

Edge Lighting Colors 1 Edge Lighting Colors 2

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Phone Screen Edge Border

phone sceen edge border

This app lets you light up the borders of your mobile’s screen.

The Best Phone Screen Edge Border Light & Animation Video & Live Wallpaper app. Apart from the previous app, this one does offer a wide compilation of HD and live wallpapers. All of them are arranged by themes for easy navigation, and you can add some at your faves for quick access.

Speaking of border lights, you have plenty of options to try. In case you wanna stick t the minimal design, you can go for a plain color or a gradient. You may change the shade by using a color wheel — the same goes for the gradient. Herewith, you get to change the speed of the animation and its width. You may even add some shiny text if needed.

Beyond that, there’s a major list of magical lights such as fire, none, rainbow, pearls, diamonds, water, and more. You’ll get to customize these as well by setting the corners and notch. You may even add an extra pic in an animated frame. All the lights will be added on top of the wallpaper, so you can stick to your regular one.

phone sceen edge border 1 phone sceen edge border 2

Always On Edge

always on edge

Wanna personalize the look of your device? You can’t go wrong with this app.

This app is fully customizable, so you can set every little detail of its features. As for the functionality, there are all the essential tools and a bit more. It needs to be aid the app doesn’t cover any complex lights like fire and all that, so you may rather go for a plain color or an ombre.

The app also lets you set the corner mask, so you get to make them round even if it’s not the original shape of your device. Beyond that, you can attach the lights to events. For instance, you can sync the lighting with charging, music, incoming call, and so on. Herewith, you get to adjust the way the lights move, control the speed and even width if needed.

You can also use an always-on-display mode that keeps the lights on even if the phone is locked. Besides, you can customize how the lights interact with notifications in many ways. Plus, the app covers various live wallpapers in HQ. There are such categories as nature, cars, romance, and more. There are no ads or paid packs in this app, so your money is safe.

Always On Edge 1 Always On Edge 2

AOA: Always on Display

Always on Display

Next, we have an app that lets you customize your display.

This app covers plenty of display modifications including the edge LEDs. To get more into details, there are plenty of themes, widgets, wallpapers, and more. Herewith, the app uses a minimal percent of the CPU, so it won’t cause fast discharging even on AOD mode. As for the border lights, you can rather go for a classic or a more complex option.

The classic one is just a gradient that you can optionally animate. You also get to modulate the speed of the animation and the width. In case you wanna get a bit more extra you can try the lights in the form of dots, hearts, flowers, triangles, and more. Plus, you get to set the corner mask to make sure it fully matches your prefs. The lights support all screen orientation so no concerns about that.

You also get to attach the lights to events and widgets. For instance, you can add a backlight to the clock, weather widget, notifications, or fingerprint. Besides, you get to regulate the time rules in case you don’t want the LED to be active at night or day. The app also covers a list of wallpapers you may use if needed.


Borderlight Live Wallpaper

LED EdgeIt’s a borderline LED app that lets you pump up your lock screen. If you’re a fan of some extra edge lights — you’ll totally enjoy this app. It covers loads of magical light options for all tastes.

There are such styles as lightning, rainbow flames, snow, ice, and more. Of course, you can stick to a classic gradient as well if needed. Herewith, you get to regulate the width of the LEDs, the speed of animation, and more.

You may even add a blurring effect for a smooth fading. All the LEDs apply automatically, but you have the ability to reset the corner mask. Thus, if you wanna get cute round corners that are you don’t originally have, you can freely do that. You can also sync the LEDs with notifications or widgets if needed.

The LEDs lay on top of every wallpaper so no worries about that. Herewith, the app offers a wide range of background pics you can use for free. There are also plenty of live bgs that are also compatible with edge LEDs. As for the CPU, this app runs on the low, so it won’t discharge your device too fast.

LED Edge 1 LED Edge 2

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BorderlightThis is another app that provides you with aesthetic curved lighting for your mobile. If you’re the kind of person who wants to personalize everything he uses — this app is your cup of tea.

It lets you adjust everything about the LEDs. First of all, you’ll need to set the corner mask for the base. You can stick to an automatic version tho but if you wanna get curved corners on the square device — make sure to take time with the mask.

Then, you’ll get to the fun part — picking up the LED itself. You have two options here — the classic and the magical one. The classic LEDs are minimalistic, but you can play with the type of gradient. As for the magical borders, these are more complex animated lights in a form of fire, snow, abstract figures, and so on.

Herewith, you’ll get to regulate the width of the LEDs and their animation speed. You can also just the radius for the top and bottom and enable the notch if needed. The app also covers plenty of cool neon bgs including the live ones. The app is compatible with plenty of android power devices, but you can check out the full list by following the link.

Borderlight 1 Borderlight 2

Edge Lighting

edge lighting

Here’s an app that lets you experiment with curved LEDs on your screen.

The mechanics of this app is simple — you start by placing the corner mask that will be a base for your LEDs. Then, y get not regulate the color theme of the lights. You may rather go for a plain color or a more complex gradient — it’s up to you. Then, you can play with settings a little more by regulating the width, the speed, and so on.

Additionally, you can try various animation styles such as flashing, floating, and more. You can also attach the LEDs to particular events. For instance, you can set different color schemes for incoming calls, specific numbers, notifications, and more. Plus, you can add a backlight to the clock, notifications, and other widgets.

You may even set a special LED theme for the music or individual apps if needed. The app is compatible with any kind of wallpaper so no concerns about that. The app also has no ads and runs on a low CPU so don’t worry about the battery of your device.

edge lighting 1 edge lighting 2

True Edge

true edge

This is the most minimal edge lighting app out of the whole list. The concept of this app is standard for the genre, but it’s not overloaded with features that are quite unique.

First of all, this app will only activate the LED when you get a notification or a call. However, you can try an AOD mode, but it’s optional. Plus, the app doesn’t have any ads or paid packs — it’s just the LEDs and nothing more.

Beyond that, the app doesn’t use much of your phone’s CPU, so it won’t lead to quick discharge. Herewith, you can try various LED styles and customize them by your will. To be more precise, you may rather use classic edge lights or more complex ones. The classic LEDs are just a gradient, but you can try different color schemes with them.

The complex ones are practically the same, the only difference is the form. The app covers round LEDs, square ones, star ones, and more. Herewith you get to adjust the width of the speed of the lights regardless of the type. The app also covers gesture support, and you can set the timing schedule if needed.

true edge 1 true edge 2

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Muviz Edge

Muviz Edge

And lastly, we have an edge lighting app that can cope with visualizing your music.

To be fair, the concept of this app is unique — it’s practically one of a kind. The thing is — this app is not only ads lights at your screen borders but attaches them to the sounds you listen to. All you need to make t work is to pick the LED style and open your fave music app. It doesn’t even matter if the music plays online or not.

The app is compatible with the majority of music services on the market o you won’t have trouble with that. The same goes for the wallpaper — you can have anything as your bg pic, even a GIF. Beyond that, the app has an always-on-display mode that keeps the LEDs on even if your screen is locked.

Additionally, you get to customize the look of your LEDs. You may try different color schemes to regulate the width, speed, and more. You can also add animation FX, so the LEDs would splash, flash, vibrate, or more. Herewith, you may rather use pre-made styles or make your own from scratch.

Muviz Edge 1 Muviz Edge 2


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