There is something aesthetically pleasing about perfect symmetry. It is a well-known fact that our brain is a dedicated perfectionist, so what can we do to make it happy?

For example, look at the flowers with their ideal shape. And there is something even better. An app called SNAPLAPSE! is a fun game of symmetry where you should match the halves of different flowers. Let’s see how it works exactly.

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The app has hundreds of hours of time-lapse videos with a collection of twenty-four blooming flowers. And believe us, those videos are absolutely stunning. So first you should select the flower you want to play with.

Then the app will start showing random patterns and you have to either press the camera button to stop this process or you can press the lighting button for the automatic generation.

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When you are satisfied with the chosen pattern, tap to accept it in the lower panel. And further, on the game screen half of the flower pattern will appear. And there will be a small video screen below. Press the play button and the game will start together with the timer. Now you have to find a perfect match for that half.


Using the touchscreen controls add and subtract layers to create a magnificent kaleidoscopic pattern.  You can also scroll through the video to find the precise point. When you get an absolute match the app will let you know by showing one hundred percent. This game is great to take your mind off things and just relax.

Or you can solve this puzzle in the shortest time you can if you feel like it. There is a great option as a Snap Challenge. Send the snap to your friends and see who will solve it the fastest. This app is a true crowd-pleaser.

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Its design and patterns are just exquisite. And the whole idea is extremely creative, actually how many similar apps do you know? There is something calming and soothing about the whole process. SNAPLAPSE! is truly a piece of art.


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