Sunset World Online Game Review

Sunset World Online, previously known as Element Quest, is a 2D side-scrolling MMORG project with colourful and stylish graphics. Inventory and UI are nicely done, and all animations were hand-drawn.

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The menu screen includes a picture in the background, a character, and buttons on the left and right. Buttons are made in a hand-drawn style. The menu screen also includes a foreground which is placed right at the bottom of the screen. You start off in the Magic School, where you have a tutorial. The room is drawn in a 3D style. The camera in the room is static. 

In the game, you have 4 different element classes. There is a Wind class, which is about moving, a Water class that offers Healing, and the Earth class which provides control abilities. Finally, there is a Fire class, which is about DPS. 

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Different locations, like boss fights, schools, forests, and more. Day and night, character customization, additional quests, NPC’s with their own background story; a lot happening in the game.

Finally, we can certainly state that the game is worth playing. The right game to spend an evening with a cup of tea. Be sure to check it out.

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