11 Best Mixtapes Apps for Android & iOS

Do you like mixtapes? Want to listen to your favorite music anytime? This is possible using your phone. Use the application data to access a large number of mixtapes. Here you will learn about the latest news, compose your playlists and get useful recommendations. Find tracks from your favorite artists using easy search. You can … Read more

16 Best Bass Booster Apps for Android & iOS


Though music is an inseparable part of our entertainment lives today, the quality of it stays questionable. Not everyone can listen to music using streaming services or iTunes, so they don’t always get high-quality sound. And, on the opposite, those who download their tracks from official stores wish their sound had more color and expression. … Read more

Best Rap Battle Mobile Apps

best rap battle apps

Rap battles are getting more and more popular these days. Hip-hop culture is more than just entertainment for the poor – it is a separate industry that is growing faster and faster. The core of it is, of course, genuine words and rhymes that convey real people’s struggles and real-life battles. Maybe that’s why many … Read more