Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro app review

mapping tonal app review

Looking for the best multi-functional and innovative music app for musicians? Now you have Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro – this music tool combines everything you need. The app is not limited with the skills level: all kinds of musicians (students, teachers, professional artists, composers, producers, etc.) will find Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro fun and easy … Read more

Free Muve Music app review

muve music

Muve Music: Meeting the Customers’ Needs According to Cricket’s research, Muve Music customers are deeply engaged with the service. Their Muve Music-capable phones have replaced MP3 players, iPods and computers as the primary music device in customers’ lives.  With Muve Music, customers are downloading tracks and listening to music on the phone that’s with them … Read more

What song is this? 7 Apps for Identifying Songs

Have you ever been in a situation, when a really cool song is playing in a cafe or in a shopping center and you kind of want to know what it is in order to save it for later? If yes, you’re in the right place! With today’s technical advances it is just as easy as possible. Technological progress … Read more

20 Best Free Music Download Sites 2020


How do you get new music? Do you want to get it easier and faster? Below, we have collected the most popular, save and free music download sites. You haven’t to search the Net anymore in order to find how to download your favorite tracks. Just have a look at the best free music download sites … Read more