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Til Keyboard is an app I discovered while looking for an alternative keyboard, and I really enjoyed the experience. It’s not your typical virtual keyboard; it’s more like a wizard’s tool for typing on touchscreen mobile phones. Let me break down why I’m so impressed with this app.

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Til is all about efficiency and user experience, and it’s based upon years of actual research on people’s keyboard use. It’s designed to keep you focused, and it does so by minimizing the need to jump between different keyboard screens. You know how annoying it is when you have to switch between letters, symbols, and punctuation keys while typing? Til eliminates that hassle.

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The magic happens through simple gestures. By using directional strokes, you can accentuate words, punctuate phrases, move the cursor, and correct mistakes without ever leaving the keyboard’s main screen.

One of the standout features is the use of specific keys that support strokes. For example, if you need a question mark, just slide your finger from the period key to the left and upwards. It’s intuitive and quick.

The cursor and erasing functions are fantastic. You can effortlessly move the cursor through your text without messing it up, thanks to the special key next to ‘Z.’ Need to erase text? ‘N’ has got you covered, allowing you to remove one letter or an entire word with ease.

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Til also excels when it comes to punctuations and accented characters. Most common punctuation marks are accessible through strokes initiated on the period key, making your typing smoother. Accented characters and special characters like ‘Ç’ and ‘Ñ’ are also easily produced.

Til is a unique virtual keyboard designed to enhance the typing experience on touchscreen mobile devices. Unlike traditional keyboards, Til incorporates single-key selection with directional strokes to facilitate quick and efficient text input.

Based on a three-year study of mobile typing behavior, Til aims to address the common issues users face when switching between character sets, correcting typos, and punctuating sentences. Many users lose focus and slow down their typing speed when navigating between different keyboard screens.

Til’s main screen displays a set of keys with red arrows, signifying their ability to handle directional strokes. For example, sliding a finger from the period key in a specific direction could produce a question mark. Special keys allow users to move the cursor within the text or erase text either one letter or one word at a time.

The spacebar key plays a pivotal role, as it switches the keyboard’s mapping based on the direction of the stroke initiated on it. This reduces the need for users to switch between different keyboard layouts frequently. Punctuation marks and accented characters can also be easily accessed with simple strokes.

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In a nutshell, Til Keyboard is a breath of fresh air in the world of touchscreen typing: It keeps you focused, speeds up your typing, and simplifies corrections. If you’re tired of switching between keyboard screens and want a more efficient way to type on your phone, Til is a fantastic choice.

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