12 Free Interactive Whiteboard Apps for iPad

Nowadays any student, teacher, professor, sales professional, coach, financial manager or businessman can’t imagine his life without a tablet. A few years ago we can’t imagine, that this futuristic technology will become one of the most important parts of our working and everyday life.

And sometimes people need to highlight necessary words or sentences, write something not to forget about it or draw different cartoon characters together with children. In this case, your iPad becomes a helpful companion. Yes, I am speaking about Whiteboard apps.

What is it? A whiteboard (also known by the terms markerboard) is any glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent markings. Today whiteboards are available to launch on an iPad or another device and use it everywhere in every time and not using a marker, just tapping by your finger.

We prepare for you several amazing whiteboard apps to make your life better. Let’s go!

Whiteboard – Nothing more Nothing less

whiteboard NNIt’s true – Nothing less and nothing more, just dead-simple to understand and pleasant to use. It will become a good companion in your art, school and work life. Look at its features :

Simple operation- is my favorite requirement and the app has it!

  1. You can use only one finger to write, and if you need an eraser just gently touch a display twice.
  2. If you choose the trimmed-down version, three fingers’ gently sweep can clean the screen easily.
  3. Try to shake it, and you will find all saving pictures or save it by yourself by press the saving button as well. All pictures are saved as high- resolution images to your album directly or you can print it as well as share it to the SMS or email or any social network!

Moreover, there are four colors. It means that you can customize the brush color, choose one of three types of brush size, fitting to you. It’s simple and fun

whiteboard NNwhiteboard NN


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PadletPadlet is your personal space, where you can store content and any kind of information. Download videos, music, images, documents and texts with ease. The application features a convenient drag and drop system that streamlines the adding process.

All your activity appeals in real-time, you haven’t to refresh your page every time to see what is new and what’s been changed. Also, the app provides you full privacy to keep your notes away from prying eyes.

Thousands of people use it every day to write a shopping list, writing prompt and to-do list, make a business plan, supplementing it with colorful pictures, charts, and graphs.

Moreover, you will be able to make it more beautiful, changing themes and wallpapers.

Padlet Padlet


Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations Interactive WhiteboardIt is something innovative, futuristic, but at the same time curious and exciting like a space flight. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard and useful companion.

Create amazing videos as simple as talking or touching. Are your team plays an important match vs strong team? Diagram a sports play! Make your lessons animated and Maths will become a dead-simple subject. After each lesson

Record and replay your voice, handwriting, and drawings. Scroll pages up or down when you need extra space. Draw on top of everything with brilliant colors of beautifully rendered digital ink and a lot of other super features.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Educreations Interactive Whiteboard


ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

One of its features the availability to record your voice-over tutorials and share them LIVE! It’s pretty simple to use that anyone can try this interactive board.

Let Showme back into your life! Include Showme’s records to your to-do list and you will never forget about what you have to do today. Discover other useful and curious tutorials that were recorded by other users.

Maybe in this way, you will become good at Math or History. Easily switch between drawing and erasing (as well as pausing and playing) to make your ShowMe flow from concept to concept. And plan your play strategy properly, using colorful diagrams, images or any shape you want to.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard



brain2To make our list most diverse, let’s pay attention to this unusual app. If you want to create a simple, colorful and extremely visual Mindmap, then iBrainstormer will be your best choice. The workspace that you get here is pretty standard, as usual, you can create the mini-areas with objects there.

You can fill out those areas with texts, notes, photos, phone numbers and anything that you can want. You fully control the position of the blocks, arranging them in a way convenient for you. Moreover, here you can quickly export and import files from Dropbox.

When your board is ready you can save it as a PDF file. Apart from that, the app features many useful functions: changing colors, editing images, and some other ones.



Whiteboard for kids: free drawing and coloring board for toddlers

Whiteboard for kids: free drawing and coloring board for toddlersDo you know that drawing is one of the best ways to train children’s brains? He or she begins to differ colors from each other, learn them and learn to live in a big world.

Just a dead-simple app for kids. There is a pretty-simple interface where your child can choose his favorite or necessary color and change brush size. This app is free, but that experience he got, using this app and his first paintings are priceless.

Whiteboard for kids: free drawing and coloring board for toddlersWhiteboard for kids: free drawing and coloring board for toddlers


Doceri Interactive Whiteboard

Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one appA combination of screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app. We can describe this app with four words: create, control, present, and share. But let’s talk about it in order.

Create: hand-written or hand-drawn projects are always in hand- in your iPad. All drawing strokes, pictures can be cut, changed and whatever you want to do with them. Doceri Interactive Whiteboard uses the innovative Doceri Timeline

Control: Your Tablet also can be something like a control panel under a computer. When connected wirelessly to a classroom computer via our Doceri Desktop software, you can access and control any program or file on your desktop

Present: using Mac or PC and a projector. Your audience sees only the presentation area of your Doceri screen – not the toolbars or rotations

Share images, PDFs and videos any way you’d like. Rather than requiring a login to a proprietary web site, Doceri lessons can be saved to your Camera Roll

Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app


Quick Sketch – Whiteboard Drawing

Quick Sketch - Whiteboard DrawingAn app where you can make scatches or paint beautiful pictures quickly and with any inconvenience.

Choose from many colors and set the thickness of the line to whatever you want, save files and complement them later, erase mistakes quickly and export your images incredibly easily to your photos library, another app or send them directly to your friends.

With Quick Sketch – Whiteboard Drawing you have all the possibilities you need to make sketches and drawings effectively, fast and beautiful.

Quick Sketch - Whiteboard Drawing Quick Sketch - Whiteboard Drawing  Quick Sketch - Whiteboard Drawing


Drawp Unlimited

drawp2This app has occurred quite recently but has already gained huge popularity because of all of its drawing possibilities. It is great to use for creating the notes of birthday cards. It is a cool platform for kids to express their creativity and practice the skill of drawing.

The app provides more than 200 painting colors and textures. The creation of a painting is easy as never, and another interesting function is that it is possible to even layer a voiceover for a pic!



Explain Everything Whiteboard

explain2This app will be a great help for teachers so they could present the children the information entertainingly and vividly. On the other hand, for kids, this whiteboard app gives a great chance to gain the basic skills of presentation and have fun during the learning process.

It is possible to use one board by one member or by group projects. It is especially useful for explaining the drawing techniques. Apart from that, this whiteboard app provides a possibility not only to draw the pics but also to create animated videos. All the tools are placed on the left side of the screen, and there are plenty of them.




group2A pure collaborative whiteboard, which is allowing people to work with others on the project online in real-time mode and communicate. You can either install this app on your iPad or just open it on your browser.

The only aspect that we need to highlight right away is it will be more suitable for older kids and adults since here you have to draw using your fingers. Moreover, the set of tools is more or less professional-oriented so it is undermined that you already have some skills in drawing.

When you want to completely clean your board just shake it. If you’re using this app on iPad you are always able to print what you have drawn. Apart from that, it is easy to join any project, just create one or ask your friends to send you the link, enter it into a search bar and you will see the project on your iPad.




jamboard2Originally, this app was developed by Google, but, as you can see, now it is available for App Store as well. This is another great example of an educative whiteboard, where teachers can use technologies to teach kids drawing techniques.

The app also brings collaborative possibilities so the kids can work together on one project creating paintings and presentations. Moreover, the app is synchronized with all the Google services such as Google Docs or Google Drive so it is beneficial to use it in terms of diversity.

Moreover, if you feel like you have a lack of ideas you can always go to the website of this app and borrow some from there. This feature will be useful for all the teachers.



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Well, all these apps we’ve tested and we are ready to say, that they are the most functional, colorful and useful.


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