9 Best AirBrush Apps for Android in 2022

There are many different ways to paint. Whether you are an artist or not, you can try most of them and choose the one that seems best to you. As drawing becomes more and more digital over time, the best way to try out new tools is with a virtual app on your smartphone or tablet. You may like the 9 Best Apps to Draw Step By Step.

Airbrush is a tool that can spot spray paint on paper. Not only can it be used to create drawings, but also paintings, makeup, temporary tattoos, and more. Art can be different, and it’s time for you to learn one way to represent your talent as an artist. We present you with 9 Best AirBrush Apps for Android in 2022.

PicsArt Color – Painting, Drawing & Sketching

PicsArt Color - Painting, Drawing & SketchingMany users have definitely heard about the PicsArt app, where you can edit photos in different ways, create collages, and have all sorts of fun. The developer also has an excellent application PicsArt Color, which is designed to create digital illustrations and interesting images.

Here you can easily start drawing even if you haven’t been able to do it before. You will find in the application completely customizable tools for drawing and creation and full freedom of self-expression.

PicsArt Color allows you to start drawing on a photo or a picture as well as on a white canvas, creating something new from scratch. To apply the airbrush technique, we would recommend that you first make a small sketch – later you can simply remove it from the drawing, leaving only colored patches or shaded colors.

PicsArt Color will also allow you to draw in symmetry mode, this way you will only have to create one part of the drawing and the service will automatically finish it for you, leaving only perfect details and layering.

PicsArt Color - Painting, Drawing & Sketching1 PicsArt Color - Painting, Drawing & Sketching2


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Infinite Painter

Infinite PainterIf you use a tablet to paint, with Infinite Painter you can create new artwork or just try out new techniques. The developers have added over 160 different brush presets for you to create airbrush techniques and to mix different painting styles.

You can also change the parameters of the brushes yourself – their size, color intensity, spray radius, and much more.

It is worth noting that with Infinite Painter, all paints and brushes really interact with the paper – you will see everything as if you were drawing on a real sheet of paper, not on the screen of your device.

Infinite Painter allows you to work on multiple layers of your artwork for ease of use and blending, so you can work in more detail on each element.

For quick access, you can put some brushes or other tools on a docked panel – that’s handy, especially if you only practice one type of drawing. Save the result in the gallery to keep track of your drawing progress.

Infinite Painter1 Infinite Painter2


Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBookAutodesk is a popular software developer and it’s working with the best of them. So we want to tell you about the Autodesk SketchBook app which is designed for drawing on your tablet or smartphone.

You can create whenever you want – on the way home, in the evening in bed, on the plane, and so on. The main thing is to have the desire to create, and Autodesk SketchBook gives you all the tools and colors to do so.

As you can see, Autodesk SketchBook has different kinds of brushes and color palettes, and one of them is an airbrush. You can customize the spray radius, color intensity, and brightness, brush size, and so on.

An idea for a new drawing can strike you completely unexpectedly, and Autodesk SketchBook will always be on hand to bring it to life right away.

The important thing is that the application is completely free of charge, which means that everyone can create something new. You, in turn, will be able to try the tool airbrush and decide how and to what extent it can be applied to your pictures.

Autodesk SketchBook1 Autodesk SketchBook2


Huion Sketch – Paint & Create

Huion Sketch - Paint & CreateCreate, create and create is the motto for all artists. The more you practice various drawing tools, the better your skills will be. With Huion Sketch, you can practice all the techniques for drawing.

It’s completely free and offers you almost all the professional tools an artist might need when working. Do you like to sketch? Use a pencil! Would you like to work with a tinted color or spray technique? Then airbrush is for you.

Huion Sketch is designed for those tablets that can be called multi-functional and graphic. They are the best way to transfer all your touches, actions, and stylus movements into a graphic format, producing perfectly accurate results.

Of course, to make you feel more comfortable, we recommend using a stylus to draw. Huion Sketch will help you with its wide range of tools (there are over 40 different brushes, for example) as well as its simple interface. You’ll know exactly where to click to get the best result.

Huion Sketch - Paint & Create1 Huion Sketch - Paint & Create2


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MediBang Paint – Make Art!

MediBang Paint - Make Art!In movies or books about artists, you can often find a moment when people just take a notepad out of their pocket and start sketching. Unfortunately, this way of creating is quite inconvenient – you should always make sure you have the notebook, a pencil, and an eraser in your pocket.

But what if you draw with non-standard tools, for example, airbrush? In that case, you can install the MediBang Paint app on your smartphone. It is positioned as a pocket-sized drawing tool that will always be at your fingertips.

MediBang Paint is designed for all popular platforms, so you can continue your drawings on any of your devices. The main thing is to synchronize them so that the results are displayed simultaneously on all devices.

Also, MediBang Paint offers you cloud storage on its website, where you can save all your drawings and projects. For creative people, the service offers a huge variety of customizable brushes that can be applied to various drawings, designs, and even sketches. Just start creating and inspiration will come to you.

MediBang Paint - Make Art!1


Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop SketchTired of buying special sketch pads and sketchbooks, markers, airbrushes, and paints? There’s a simple solution – you can start drawing in the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app.

Yes, Adobe even has such an app, designed exclusively for people who love to draw and can do it with different tools. Illustrations, sketches, graffiti, and more can be done right on your smartphone or tablet, using different tools and drawing styles to create them.

For each brush, there are several options for adjusting the different settings. You can change the size, color, and opacity of the color, paint on different layers, and move them around when you’re done.

In the airbrush tool, Adobe Photoshop Sketch lets you choose the size and intensity of the shading – actually applying the same effects that you would create by zooming in and out of the tool. Try combining multiple applications from Adobe for perfect results and impressive shots.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch1 Adobe Photoshop Sketch2


Spray Fast – Stencil Art

Spray Fast - Stencil ArtNot all people have good drawing skills, yet many people want to start creating. A great option, in this case, would be the Spray Fast app, where you absolutely do not need to be a perfect artist or study art.

Here you will paint all the figures on the speed, competing with other users in their skills of fast drawing and beating them. By the way, an interesting detail is that you don’t know and don’t see your result until the very last moment. The result will only be revealed to you at the very end!

Spray Fast is a free game, so you can try it anytime. You can enjoy this kind of drawing everywhere – literally, every time you have free time.

Moreover, Spray Fast allows you to perfectly relax after a hard day or a tense conversation while drawing with the help of spray. The small competitive moment will also keep your interest in the game itself and encourage you to draw even faster and more actively.

Spray Fast - Stencil Art1 Spray Fast - Stencil Art2


Spray Paint Art : Celebrity Painting Stencil Art

Spray Paint Art Celebrity Painting Stencil ArtSpray Paint Art is another application that is not for professional painters and illustrators. Here you can relieve stress while improving your painting skills and inspiring yourself to be creative.

In fact, Spray Paint Art is a creative game where you can draw, create something new, practice your skills and even awaken your inner artist. In graffiti style, you’ll create portraits of your idols and popular people without using real spray paint cans.

Spray Paint Art allows you to use your imagination and add color to different stencils with images of popular people. You can choose who you want to paint today. You can also paint with numbering – the number on the picture will tell you exactly which color to use in that area.

But of course, you can also make up your own color scheme, achieving the desired result. Spray Paint Art is a great way to try your hand at spray painting, but don’t have any problems with tools or paints.

Spray Paint Art Celebrity Painting Stencil Art1 Spray Paint Art Celebrity Painting Stencil Art2


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Photo Brush (Write – Draw – Sticker – Filter)

Photo Brush (Write - Draw - Sticker - Filter)Looking for a simple app where you can draw without the complexity and skills of an artist? Photo Brush is a gesture-based drawing program.

You can also add text, stickers, filters, and all the tools you need to edit your photos. We can say that Photo Brush is a photo editor application that has some artistic elements and creative possibilities without limits.

Using airbrush and paint brushes you can add something to your photos, highlight certain objects or add accents. You can also modify your photos directly in Photo Brush since there are great custom editing tools.

True, you will need to buy the premium features with advanced capabilities. But once you do, you can fix anything that’s not perfect, add emojis to photos, repeat the same tool over and over again, and generally do whatever you want.

Photo Brush (Write - Draw - Sticker - Filter)1 Photo Brush (Write - Draw - Sticker - Filter)2


Of course, you can’t say that learning to draw with an airbrush will be very easy. Like any other art form, this method will require skills, training, and even talent.

Drawing in applications, in any case, will be much easier – as you do not need to buy a special tool, paints, and other accessories – everything will happen on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

We have tried to select for you the best options for drawing in the technique of airbrush, so you can try something new and interesting for yourself – we hope you enjoyed our selection of applications.


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