11 Best Apps that Pay You to Watch Ads (Android & iOS)

How often do you see ads on the Internet? When visiting websites, installing applications, and even playing online, you may encounter a huge number of ads, videos, and banners with ads.

We all understand why this kind of content is published: the developers of the site or the applications earn money from users, thus providing you with no viewing fees.

Would you like to receive this money yourself? After all, the number of ads viewed sometimes is impossible to calculate – especially if you are persistently looking for something.

If you have ever thought that the money from the ads or videos you have watched can go directly to you, not to the developers, then you came across the right article. You can also check the list of 17 Free highest paying apps that pay you money.

We also believe that you can easily make money from ads just by sitting in your smartphone. That’s why we tried to select 11 Best Apps that Pay You to Watch Ads (Android & iOS).


SwagbucksSwagbucks is one of the most popular and well-known applications, which users download for a small amount of money. Initially, the service was created as a website and had in its arsenal exclusively surveys and everything that is associated with your personal opinion.

Over time, the service has evolved, and at the moment Swagbucks combines absolutely all possible types of simple earning on the Internet. Of course, this will require your personal time, but the reward will be not bad.

It should be noted that Swagbucks does not pay its users in cash. Basically, you can get coupons for standard spending time on the Internet. For more than 10 years, the service has already been loved by many users who would like to earn a little on their standard actions.

In addition to viewing ads, Swagbucks also offers you to answer surveys, make purchases online, and leave feedback on purchased products, and much more. In the “Discovery” tab, you’ll find all the tasks available to you at this time, which won’t take you long to complete.

Swagbucks1 Swagbucks2


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FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded

FeaturePoints Get RewardedCertain applications use absolutely all available methods to earn money from viewing ads. For this reason, FeaturePoints has everything: download applications for money, cashback from shopping in large retail chains, surveys, and of course viewing certain ads.

The service started its work in 2012 and since then it allows people all over the world to earn on their daily routine. Moreover, it does not require a lot of skills from you.

Your opinion will also bring earnings in FeaturePoints. Users are regularly offered to take various surveys. Each of them is selected for you by certain criteria: gender, age, interests, and so on.

If you answer all the questions, your FeaturePoints account will be credited with points, which can be converted into real money in the future. Also, each user is given a personal code, through which your profit can grow by itself.

Every new person, who has installed and used FeaturePoints with your code, will automatically bring you additional points.

FeaturePoints Get Rewarded1 FeaturePoints Get Rewarded2


Zareklamy – Make money online for free

Zareklamy - Make money online for freeIf you are too busy with your main job and can’t find a part-time job, one of the options is to apply Zareklamy. The developers assure that it can even completely replace your usual work in terms of profit – but in reality, everything is not so bright.

In fact, Zareklamy can be perceived as an additional income with your smartphone. You’ll be able to earn in your spare time and get extra money.

In a month, the maximum level of earnings can be 150 dollars, which is not enough for a person to fully maintain his or her life. But if you are a teenager or looking for another way to get money, then Zareklamy is a great option.

Your earnings in the application are not subject to tax or additional fees. You can also choose how you will monetize your time on the Internet. One of the ways provided by developers – browsing sites, videos, and advertising on the Internet.

Zareklamy - Make money online for free1 Zareklamy - Make money online for free2



ViggleDo you like to watch serials, shows, or movies? If you use Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, or other popular services for entertainment, you can earn right during your vacation and entertainment.

Viggle is an application, which will allow you to earn on watching your favorite show or TV program. All that you will earn in the application, you will be able to exchange for various gift cards, equipment or something else at your desire.

You are required to timely turn on a show or series, so Viggle will give you bonus points. You can also get maximum points for performing daily tasks – there are X4, X6, and even X15 amplifiers.

Some people may prefer not to monetize their earnings, but to direct them to something useful. If you are one of these people, Viggle offers you to support charities and send points to their account. If you want to get your own benefit, just exchange your points for something useful for yourself.



CheckPoints 🏆 Rewards App

CheckPoints Rewards AppCheckPoints is another application that will allow you to earn on your daily routine. It is worth saying at once that your earnings will appear in the form of free gift cards and other bonuses, which are constantly appearing ads in the application itself.

Even for a simple purchase of a Coca-Cola jar, you can get extra points in CheckPoints. Once the app is downloaded, you can get started right away without having to dwell on learning or learning the features of the service.

CheckPoints offers you the opportunity to watch ads, collect points on different products and in different stores, visit cafes, and much more. For your regular purchases you can get cashback, which you can spend immediately.

So, for example, CheckPoints offers you Amazon, Walmart gift cards, and additional miles in airlines. In the application you can find some easy money: in CheckPoints there are mini-games, in which you can play slots and get a huge number of points at a time.

CheckPoints Rewards App1 CheckPoints Rewards App2


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AppTrailersEarning on simple trifles will not be difficult if you install on your smartphone application AppTrailers. Here you will watch various streaming videos, movies, and trailers to them for a small fee while having a pleasant time.

If you will use AppTrailers every day, then bonus points will be credited to your account – you will not even need to do anything. By the way, the viewing itself will not take you much time, but you will need to watch a lot of videos for good earnings.

The awards in AppTrailers are all kinds of gift cards from global brands. You can have coffee at Starbucks, buy things at Amazon, or visit Target. Also, all earned points can be converted into real money if you use a Perk Plastik pre-paid debit card.

AppTrailers will also offer you to answer different questions and watch videos that are specially selected for you. In general, the application will not even bring you any discomfort when using it.

AppTrailers1 AppTrailers2


TV-TWO: Watch & Earn Rewards – Get BTC & Get ETH

TV-TWO Watch & Earn Rewards - Get BTC & Get ETHTV-TWO is one of the few applications that reward you with the cryptocurrency. For this reason, it can be considered one of the most modern and advanced ways to earn money.

The fact that any cryptocurrency is constantly changing its rate, but the main trend is its growth. You will not just earn with TV-TWO, you can also benefit from the rapidly growing rate at which to exchange the cryptocurrency for real money.

Promises are good, but what will you have to do? In TV-TWO you are invited to watch different videos, but not necessarily promotional videos. In the search box of the application you enter those bloggers or individuals you like to watch and you start to have a good time.

In addition to the fact that you will enjoy watching, you can also earn more. In the TV-TWO application, there is a separate tab with a referral program, where you can find small tasks for you. By completing them, you will be able to earn extra money and withdraw even more.

TV-TWO Watch & Earn Rewards - Get BTC & Get ETH1 TV-TWO Watch & Earn Rewards - Get BTC & Get ETH2


Watch Video Status Daily And Earn Money Win Reward

Watch Video Status Daily And Earn Money Win RewardThis application offers you various ways to quickly earn a small amount of money. If you’re a teenager, or just at the moment sitting out of work, we think that you will be happy with any earnings.

In the application, you do not need to do something responsible or difficult – choose one of the convenient ways and get down to business. The more so, that during the execution of the tasks, you can get pleasant bonuses.

The application also has an option for those people, who really believe in their luck. After watching several videos, you can make a spin and get the prize. Some of them reach up to 10 dollars, which is already a nice bonus.

Also, as a reward, you may get scratch cards with different bonuses – for example, extra points or real money. You just need to watch a lot of Hindi videos and earn money on it, helping developers to increase the popularity of the content.

Watch Video Status Daily And Earn Money Win Reward1 Watch Video Status Daily And Earn Money Win Reward2


Watch Video and Earn Money – Video Cash Reward

Watch Video and Earn Money - Video Cash RewardVideo Cash Reward is another application very similar to the previous one. The developers assure that they will help you to solve problems with money and earn in your spare time.

In the application, you will earn on simple actions – watching videos, advertising, and games. All awards are given to you by points, which you will convert into real money. However, it is worth noting that to get real money you will need to view a lot of different content.

Like in many other similar applications, Video Cash Reward has a referral program. It allows you to invite friends and earn certain amounts of points. Once you have enough money in your account, you can get various Scretch Cards or withdraw them to your account.

The videos that are shown to you in Video Cash Reward can be broadcast in different languages, so you can even enjoy watching them. Don’t forget the extra points: they will help you save up the right amount faster.

Watch Video and Earn Money - Video Cash Reward1 Watch Video and Earn Money - Video Cash Reward2


Slidejoy – Lockscreen Cash Rewards

Slidejoy - Lockscreen Cash RewardsIf you have previously been interested in such earnings on the Internet, you have probably heard about the Slidejoy service. It also has a mobile application, the purpose of which is simple – to give you the opportunity to earn money.

The application gives you money for the fact that you watch the trendy news, remove the screen lock, and just watch the ads. In order for the money from the application to become real, you need a PayPal account. Once you successfully withdraw it, you can manage the amount as you wish.

Every time you remove the lock on your screen, an advertisement will appear on it. Sometimes it may be video clips, sometimes – modern news, which are popular at the moment.

If you want to know a little more, you can always continue watching the news or video. If you just wanted to unlock your smartphone, Slidejoy offers you just to flip through the screen again.

You don’t need to take surveys or fill in the memory of your smartphone with new apps – just use your phone as you used to and earn money.

Slidejoy - Lockscreen Cash Rewards1 Slidejoy - Lockscreen Cash Rewards2


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AppNana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana - Free Gift CardsAppNana is one of the most popular earning applications, which pays its users with gift cards. If you do not consider such payment correct or useful, we are ready to convince you.

In real life gift cards are useful when paying for purchases or ordering online, because you do not need to pay real money for the things you need. AppNana can help you with gifts for your loved ones on holidays or buy something useful at home.

For the fact that you will view ads and download certain applications, AppNana gives you bonus points. If you do this on a regular basis and on a daily basis, then a certain amount of bonus points will be added to your account.

Already many users were able to earn discount cards and buy something useful for themselves. Of course, this is not real money, but you can spend it on real things. Especially since all people like to shop.

AppNana - Free Gift Cards1 AppNana - Free Gift Cards2


Perhaps for some people, such bonuses will seem quite small and even unfair. But you just think about how many ads you view during the day are completely free – and the money for your viewing goes to another person.

So installing such applications will be a great way to work for you, because you can do it anytime you have free time. Also, such applications can be useful for children and schoolchildren who can not yet work in the official position.

In any case, you will get money in your free time, without making any special efforts. Earning money without leaving home and without additional equipment is probably a dream. We hope that our article has helped you learn a little more about modern ways of earning money.

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