How to kick people off your wifi (Simple guide)

How to kick people off your wifi (Simple guide)

Many Wi-Fi users often face a problem. Unauthorized users use their Wi-Fi router and you seek for ways how to block the Wi-Fi from other users. Let’s look at a few situations: A friendly neighbor constantly uses your Wi-Fi and downloads torrents. Children watch YouTube non-stop instead of doing their homework. You have a small … Read more

16 Free Wifi Texting Apps for Android & iOS


Most often, smartphone users use instant messengers instead of standard calls and SMS. These applications allow you to make audio and video calls, as well as exchange messages, photos, and other files. You may also like: 12 Free caller location tracking apps (Android & iOS) In this article, we will look at the best wifi … Read more

12 Best Tornado Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

Can tornado warning apps be helpful? If the behavior of tropical cyclones – giant formations that form in days and weeks – is relatively easy to predict, tornadoes – forming in a few minutes, at the junction of air masses of different temperatures – are too sudden. In addition to tornadoes, rain or high winds … Read more

17 Best Online Shopping Apps for Android & iOS

17 Best online shopping apps for Android & iOS

To make shopping more fun, use mobile apps. The best example you will find in this article. The smartphone in the hands of the buyer is the sales consultant, the discount expert, and the friend who tells whether the thing suits you. Provided that the right apps are installed. You may also like: 20 Best … Read more

8 Best Gun Sound Apps


Right here and right now you will find an interesting selection of apps with gun sounds that you can download for free. You may also like: 11 Best Nerf Gun Games for Android & iOS Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol Weaphones ™ Gun Sim Free Vol is a weapon simulator, or rather a weapon sound … Read more

13 Best Numerology Apps for Android & iOS

Numerological psycho-matrix has a rather ancient origin, combining the mathematical systems of Arabs, Druids, Phoenicians, Egyptians, wise men of China, Pythagoreans with the sciences of human nature. For example, our date of birth is the numbers that are given to us by fate, not by chance. Every person has an “own” number. Get more personal … Read more