12 Best Tornado Alert Apps (Android & iOS)

Can tornado warning apps be helpful?

If the behavior of tropical cyclones – giant formations that form in days and weeks – is relatively easy to predict, tornadoes – forming in a few minutes, at the junction of air masses of different temperatures – are too sudden.

In addition to tornadoes, rain or high winds can also ruin your plans. Stay informed about all weather changes by using these best severe weather alert apps.

Therefore, all the variety of tools and methods involved by scientists today is devoted to a single task: to ensure the collection of real-time information about the state of the atmosphere in a potentially dangerous area. For our part, we offer you an overview of applications that have a warning function of an oncoming tornado.

Severe Weather!

Unfortunately, this app is available only for Android devices, but this is one of the best apps in this category. If there is an emergency situation with the weather, including tornadoes, Severe Weather will let you know immediately about it. The app constantly monitors the weather and warns you about all the changes.

The app is extremely useful if you live in a warmer tropical climate. In the Severe Weather app, you will find the map with all the states. The state with the most critical weather conditions is marked with red or yellow.

Moreover, the app shows the weather all around the world, so wherever you are, just switch on the GPS location and you will be receiving the current information about possible weather cataclysms everywhere.

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Storm Radar: Weather Tracker

Storm Radar: Weather Tracker – convenient and feature-rich software for Android and iPhone devices, providing a detailed and accurate weather forecast in the United States.

You will get a detailed map with weather data for the next 8 hours. So, start tracking the foci of storms and thunderstorms and get notifications online. Get up-to-date information about the weather at your location or learn about events on any part of the planet in the past 6 hours.

Here is a function “Track the Storm” and find out what time the storm comes, how strong and long it will be, whether it will be with wind, hail, or tornado.

You will be able to clarify the data on tropical hurricanes, their speed, and the estimated time of occurrence. Learn about thunderstorms in America within a radius of up to a hundred miles from a location. Get a detailed forecast report at any point on the planet in just a few taps.

Wonderful program Storm Radar: Weather Tracker independently determines your location. This is done using GPS. If it’s missing, you can manually specify the location. The interface is comfortable, so you quickly and easily understand the functionality of the application.

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Severe Weather Alerts

Severe Weather Alerts will help you get up-to-date information about the weather. This app uses the official website of the National Meteorological Service as its main source. If unfavorable weather conditions are predicted in the near future, you will receive a timely warning.

Push notifications reach the recipient quickly and do not require payment. The messages contain short excerpts that are taken from a reliable information channel. You will be notified in advance of the danger to life and property caused by weather events.

Interactive maps with highlighted danger zones help you orientate yourself on the ground and determine the extent to which the area may be affected. Thanks to modern equipment you will be able to find out at what time you should expect a tornado or intense wind with hail.

All changes are made in real-time immediately. Severe Weather Alerts take your location as a basis, which is determined by GPS. This means you will only receive up-to-date notifications. Keep your loved ones and your property safe.

Emergency: Severe Weather App

Emergency is a Red Cross app that helps reduce the risk of weather-related incidents. It updates information continuously, thus allowing users to stay informed. The app can be downloaded by anyone who wants to avoid unfavorable weather factors.

The platform supports English and Spanish languages. Here you will learn about the possible approach of storms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hail. All data is supplied by the National Meteorological Service which is a reliable source of information. You can check any of the 40 alert options.

The app allows you to track multiple locations at the same time. For example, you can enter your home and work addresses, parents’ residential addresses, and other locations. Some alerts with the highest priority level will appear on your phone even in airplane mode.

In addition to current weather conditions, you will be able to familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions for actions during natural disasters. Now you will not be confused in difficult conditions and will be able to help your relatives and neighbors. For Emergency users, there is a map of open shelters that are within walking distance.

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MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is a convenient, modern way to get up to date on weather conditions. The app marks your location on an interactive map and provides accurate information about the expected weather forecast. Now you can find out what’s waiting for you outside today within 2 hours with high accuracy.

Just launch the app to get an animated map of your location. You will be able to learn as quickly as possible about all the changes that the weather forecasters make throughout the day. Real-time weather monitoring is convenient for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or has a traveling nature of work.

You can use the basic option to get a weather summary and access specific parameters. For example, you can visually determine wind speed and direction. As well as recognize the boundary of high and low pressure.

Besides, you can also access data summaries of natural disasters around the world. Storms, tornadoes, and floods are not all on this list.

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Storm Guard

Tornado is a disastrous phenomenon of nature and it is extremely essential to be prepared for it. This app was developed specifically to detect all the storms and tornadoes before they catch up with you. It detects your GPS location and analyzer the weather conditions around.

If there is a tornado happening in a hundred miles away then the app will send you an immediate alert about it. Moreover, if you have any suspicions that any storm can happen, you can tap at any place on the map and the app will show you the detailed data about the weather in this particular place.

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Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

Today Weather – Forecast, Radar and Severe Alert provides the most accurate weather forecasts in your city through a beautiful and simple interface.

The main feature of the application is a clear forecast based on location. Thousands of beautiful photos that accompany different weather situations and time of day are realized here.

The application displays accurate hourly forecasts, which are accompanied by the probability of precipitation, wind speed and direction, air humidity, and other weather parameters. The built-in data sharing function allows you to create and share custom images of forecasts on social networks.

A multifunctional home screen widget will allow you to track changes in the weather without opening the app as well as get a storm or tornado warning alerts.

Also, you can always set up a notification that notifies you of weather changes of the specified type in the specified region. To get a more detailed forecast, just swipe down. Swipe from left to right allows you to change geolocation.

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The Weather Network

If you haven’t still chosen a tornado alert app for yourself, take a closer look at The Weather Network application. The Weather Network provides an accurate weather forecast at any time, as well as the latest news and videos about the weather outside the window.

Here you will find the most accurate and relevant forecasts with a detailed description of various aspects of the weather. Customizable notifications will keep you up to date on storm warnings at specified locations, and the function of viewing satellite maps combined with meteorological radar maps will help you globally view the weather.

The application contains accurate weather forecasts for the current moment, the next 36 hours and 14 days. Weather data is updated every 15 minutes through various meteorological centers, which ensures the reliability of the forecast.

The application has its own weather map, where you can see the oncoming thunderstorms and cities affected by bad weather (marked with a red banner, clicking on which you will open additional information). The schedule of precipitation changes every 10 minutes – the tornado will no longer come as a surprise to you.

To get the weather forecast, the latest news and videos, simply scroll down the main menu of the application. The blue button is designed to display additional information along with the current forecast (maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, sunrise, and sunset times).

Through the icon in the upper left corner, you can open a list with all available data, application settings, and frequently asked questions. To add a new location to display the weather, simply touch the name of the city.

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Download AccuWeather and find out the current weather forecast for your geographic location and use all the free features of the application for free!

Per-minute forecast of precipitation for the coming two hours is available on your smartphone. You will know, for example, the type of rain, its intensity, the time of the beginning of the rain and the time of the end.

Before the snow, rain, wind, probability of thunderstorms, tornado, and ice, the utility will show an orange map, which will display current weather conditions with a warning of the level of danger.

Receive push notifications about the unpleasant weather conditions in the United States. The program is connected to satellite radars around the world, watch the forecast video in English and Spanish languages.

The application updates the information every 15 minutes and gives an accurate forecast for 15 days, taking into account humidity, the intensity of UV rays, wind speed, the intensity of precipitation, dew point, etc.

Be aware of local weather reports, with a description of the forecast for the next 5 days. The application works in 12 or 24-hour mode, in metric or imperial units.

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NOAA Weather Radar Live

NOAA Weather Radar Live displays a weather map in the form of radar or satellite. It determines the temperature outside your home window at different times of the day. You can add the required places to your favorites. You can choose the types of warnings about the storm, flood and wave height, snowfall, frost, cyclones, tornadoes, and other phenomena.

If you want to get rid of intrusive advertising content, you have to pay. Also, the Pro version contains several useful and interesting features:

  • Accurate wind speed data;
  • Tracking of precipitation by satellite;
  • Ability to select different units of measurement;
  • Scrolling down opens the extended information;
  • The application has simple widgets;
  • Customizable notification of adverse weather conditions.
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WeatherBug transmits accurate weather forecasts from professional meteorological stations. The free software provides timely warnings of bad weather, shows weather in real-time and hourly forecasts for 7 or 10 days.

Use the radar, satellite, lightning alerts, or find out the temperature outside the window, humidity, or UV index. Join the millions of users who have chosen WeatherBug, get warnings of danger, and get ready for serious natural challenges.

The system uses data from meteorological towers in North America that report on environmental conditions in real-time. Use two dozen animated maps where you can look at the weather at the desired point in detail.

Find any point on the planet and find out where the weather conditions in one touch. Manage the application according to your preferences –set icons and displayed data.

If necessary, you can disable any unnecessary features. The application offers notifications about the storm and strong wind, and also tells about the current conditions for local and saved locations. Get a detailed hourly forecast or read about the forecast for 10 days in advance.

In a few taps, you’ll be able to find out everything about wind speed, pressure, and other meteorological indicators. Add cool widgets to your device’s main screen or enter a hurricane tracking center — use satellite to get data about past or upcoming hurricane.

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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel – a useful and colorful application will help you to always be aware of the weather conditions, wherever you are.

The Weather Channel will always let you know the current and most accurate weather forecast. The animated main screen of the program will vary depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and location. Displaying information about temperature is possible in several ways: show a long-term forecast for 15 days or a detailed hourly one.

The application also shows the direction and speed of wind, pressure, humidity, dew point, level of visibility in the atmosphere, UV index, time of sunrise, and sunset. Information that you don’t want to see constantly is easily disabled in the settings.

The program has several customizable widgets that are displayed on the main screen of a smartphone or tablet. A widget can be either detailed, but taking up a lot of space, or compact, containing only the most important information for you.

The Weather Channel will send you alerts about sudden precipitation and tornado warnings. Now, no vagaries of weather can take you by surprise.

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