Can iPhone get viruses? Few ways how to fix it


iPhone and viruses are the two words that are rarely used together. After all, iOS is considered to be the most secure system in the world and there are lots of reasons for that. The system is created in such a way that no app is allowed to change codes in directories and even apps … Read more

10 Best Android Browsers 2020


The key feature of smartphones for every smartphone user is, undoubtedly, the access to the Internet. That’s why having an efficient, fast and convenient browser is so important. Many people simply use the default Google Chrome, which is fine. However, today there’s a big variety of browsers, from which you can choose the most suitable … Read more

7 Best Emoji Apps for iPhone & Android


We are sure that you chatting with friends and family on phone using some social contacting apps. How many times during a chat did you face a problem of searching common points? Don’t you know what good words to accost? How you can easy to express your feelings and emotions in deep. The right answer … Read more

15 Free Dictionary Apps for iPhone & Android


Nowadays people should know at least one foreign language. It helps them while traveling abroad and communicating with local people if they lost in a strange city or in their working life.negotiating with business partners in formal and informal environments. Of course, you can take a course, but whether you remember all definitions, synonyms and phrasal … Read more

15 Free Texting Apps for iOS and Android


SMS messages are the traditional messaging system that carriers use to transmit across the cell phone network. SMS messages are text only and are limited to 140 letters. They are not an example of real-time communication. Additionally, SMS messaging can become expensive. That’s why an SMS alternative has appeared. And this is a free texting app. Nowadays … Read more

15 Best Prank Apps for iPhone & Android

best prank apps

There’s hardly anyone who won’t appreciate a good laugh! It seems that pranks have existed forever. No wonder they have gone digital! Now there is an enormous variety of prank apps, which can help you to fool your friends without too much effort! Some of them are based on the ideas of traditional jokes like car horn … Read more