7 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android & iOS

Wanna find out what it’s like to drive an actual bus? This article has you covered!

There are plenty of bus simulator games for Android & iOS that proved you with a realistic gaming experience. These games are usually based on actual maps, so you get a chance to explore the world. Plus, you’ll get to try various bus models, have fun with an integrative first-person driver’s cabin, and even get annoyed by lifelike traffic jams!

We’ve gathered together the 7 best games in that category you may try. Take a look!

Bus Simulator : Ultimate

Ultimate bus sim

Let’s start with the most downloadable bus simulator on the market.

If you’re into realistic routes, real-life bus models, and a nicely-made graphic—this app is your cup of tea. It covers multiple routes among the US, Russia, Germany, Spain, France, and many more. Herewith, all the maps were precisely recreated from real-world maps, so no worries on the accuracy level here.

The same goes for buses and bus stations—everything is made with huge attention to detail. The game features plenty of bus models that you can switch and customize as needed. For instance, you get to repaint the bus and add new cool features for the passengers or your own comfort. There are over 20 models in general and more are yet to come.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is a detailed cockpit view. The driver’s cabin is made as lifelike as possible, and you’ll get to interact with all the switches, buttons, and even the radio station. More to that, the game includes over 250 stations for you to try. The game also provides you with a changeable weather system and a traffic system that is as annoying as a real-life one.

Ultimate bus sim 1 Ultimate bus sim 2 



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Public Transport Simulator

public bus sim

Next, we have a bus sim that will teach you how to drive properly.

In the case of this game, you will become a driver of a business bus that has to deliver people from one destination to another. Quite a smile task, but there are plenty of things that will make it more complicated for you. First of all, people won’t magically appear inside the bus (just like in a real lie). So in order to get them, you’ll need to go to the terminal first.

Once this part is one, it’s time to follow the route via a built-in navigation system. The game comes with a 360-degree cockpit view, so you’ll get the most realistic experience ever. All the buttons and panels inside the cabin are fully interactive, so feel free to tap on everything that catches your eye. As for the vehicles, there are plenty of bus models that you can improve with time.

Since the app is all about giving you a lifelike experience, the thing that will complicate your route is also included. For instance, the weather may get bad, some mechanism inside the bus may break, and you may also get into terrible traffic.

public bus sim 1 public bus sim 2



Coach Bus Simulator

coaсh bus sim

Here’s a bus driving game that lets you experience what it’s like to be a bus driver.

The main goal of this game is to let you go through as many driving scenarios as possible. It takes place in Europe and comes with an open world map for you to explore. It needs to be said, the graphics are made nicely and all the cities and roads look unique. Plus, the game covers a wide range of bus models for you to try, from classic to double-decker ones.

Herewith, you get loads of customization options here. For instance, you get to repaint the vehicle, add personalized text, switch the wheels, and add other cool things that will make your bus the best. The game has a driver’s cabin point of view with a fully interactive panel. The cabinets are unique for all the bus models, so keep that in mind.

As for the missions, you’ll have to take people from one town to another, drive along with a group of tourists shows them landscapes, and all that. Plus, their game comes with changeable weather and a time system that will affect your routes.

coaсh bus sim 1 coaсh bus sim 2 


Bus Simulator: Coach Driver

Bus Simulator

This game will test how good your bust driving skills are.

Your main goal in this game is to successfully pass all the levels without damaging your vehicle. Sounds like an easy deal, but some rounds get quite complicated. Plus, it covers a wide range of bus models like a regular city bus, a school bus, a shuttle bus, and more.

The game comes with realistic physics and mechanics, so everything looks very lifelike. For instance, your driving may be impacted by bad roads or weather, and you can run out of gas. Besides, you’ll need to keep track of all kinds of flying distractions and street installations that your bus may run into.

Apart from the majority of its sister games with cockpit views, this one has a regular racing view. The game comes with a realistic open world to explore and over 80 missions for you to complete. All the missions require you to take passengers from one point to another in time. And there’s also a free drive mode that lets you explore the surrounding environment at your pace.

Bus Simulator 1 Bus Simulator 2 


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Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia

It’s an authentic bus sim that lets you get a full-on bus driver experience.

The game covers plenty of realistic routes along with Indonesia, so it won’t feel like you’re driving on the same round over and over again. There are loads of versatile locations like bridges, coasts, and multiple cities. Herewith, the entire map is a recreation of a real-like one, so there aren’t just some random locations.

Your goal here is quite simple—to pick up passengers and drive them to the destination point. Herewith, in some cases, the passengers won’t wait for you at one place—you’ll need t get them all in small groups. The game covers plenty of bus models, so you won’t get bored with the same one.

Beyond that, you’ll get to customize the bust entirely by your will. You’ll get to repaint it, switch the tires, pick the rims, and more. However, you’ll need money to upgrade the bus, and these may only be earned for passing the missions. The game also has a multiplayer mode, so you can play with your mates.

Bus Simulator Indonesia 1 Bus Simulator Indonesia 2 


World Bus Driving Simulator

World Bus Driving

This game will get you through the most challenging bust routes of Brazil.

As always, the game covers several bus models with different power and gear ratios. All the buses simulate real-life vehicles, and the new models will be added in future updates. Herewith, you’ll get to customize your vehicle as needed—you get to repaint your bus, switch tires, upgrade the couches, and more.

Additionally, the same has realistic physics, so there are plenty of circumstances that may affect your drive. Or instance, the grip on the track will change according to the terrain and the quality of the road. Besides, the game comes with a changeable weather system, so it may get rainy, windy, and all that.

There are plenty of dangerous routes as well—you may need to drive through dirt roads, saws, and more. You’ll also get to regulate the sensitivity of the steering, pick the bus with an automatic or manual gearbox, and all that. You’ll even get to adjust the driver’s position in the cab.

World Bus Driving 1 World Bus Driving 2 


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Indian Bus Simulator

indian bus sim

And lastly, we have an interactive bus sim with an India setting.

The concept is quite classic—you’ll get to drive routes connecting the South Indian cities. Herewith, the game runs on an open-world system, and the maps were precisely recreated from the real ones. The graphics are great, and all the bus stations and cities are made in detail.

Speaking of the bus models, the game covers the vehicles of state-run transport organizations along with private operator ones. Frankly speaking, there are buses for every occasion possible—the ones with standard seats, sleeper variant, minibuses, and all that. The power and the design of the vehicles are also inspired by real buses that are used in India.

You’ll get to customize your vehicle by repainting it, improving the salon, changing wheels, and more. Plus, you’ll get to choose between engines and gear types if needed. However, all the improvements require in-game money that you’ll need to earn by driving a passenger. The game cover plenty of versatile missions of different difficulty levels, so there’s something for everyone.

indian bus sim 1 indian bus sim 2


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