11 Best Zip & Rar extractor apps for Android & iOS

zip and rar extractor apps

Our mobile devices are becoming a real data warehouse. A huge amount of information that passes through us is usually stored in the memory of your smartphone. If you think about it, any information weighs quite a lot. This is especially true for those materials that are expressed in video format or images. In order … Read more

15 Free Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android & iOS

Do you have a blog on Instagram and want to become popular? Hundreds of people follow you every day. You also mutually follow some of them. How to keep track of all followers? It is easy if you follow 100 people. What if you follow more than 1000 different accounts? Special apps have been developed … Read more

9 Best personal safety apps (Android & iOS)

personal safety

No matter how modern or developed our society is, there will always be criminals in the world. We are not talking about cybercrime, bank account theft and other fraud. We are talking about your physical security. How unpleasant it feels to walk into a dark alley or go home alone in the evening. Not all … Read more