11 Best Christmas Frame Apps for Android & iOS

Christmas is the main holiday every year. On this beautiful day, we have fun with friends or spend time with family. To preserve important memories, we take pictures.

How to make them more interesting? What will help to decorate your photo album? Or do you want to create an interesting photo card and congratulate your friends?

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For all these purposes you can use the Christmas framework. They are able to decorate all your photos and diversify the gallery. Use the applications from this list to enjoy unique photos at any time.

Christmas Photo Frames

Yay, it’s Christmas season again and nothing about this holiday can be extra! The memories we make during this period when all the family comes together and the friends come over to celebrate is always the special ones. Why don’t perpetuate them in the outstanding photos with the outstanding Christmas frames?

This app is made exactly for that. It’s one of the most popular ones in its category on Google Play. Here you will find the elegant and beautiful Christmas frames and stickers to make your picture look incredible. And here you can not only pick up cute frames for the pics but also apply filters and makes some editing.

You can also add the text to the photo and make the coolest Christmas cards for everyone. Moreover, who said that you cannot set up the Christmas pic that you created yourself as the wallpaper on your smartphone? Share those cool pics with all your friends and family!


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Xmas Frames 🙂

If you’re looking for a more simple Christmas frame app then this one might catch your eye. It is that one “old school” app where you have quite a limited choice of frames and designs, however, there is something absolutely charming about those clumsy old-fashioned frames.

Here you have 70 different Christmas frames to choose from and more than 250 Christmas stickers for your picture – well, for the stickers it is more than enough to express yourself with these. What is more, you can add text to the photos and there are around 20 fonts and 6 text styles.

However, applying the text here might be a little tricky and especially placing it where you want it to be. Because the size of the text is small initially, it can be extremely difficult to “grab” the sentence and more it to the part of the picture where you want it to be. Similar drawbacks so typical for the older apps are also common for Xmas Frames.


Xmas Photo Frames

In the Xmas Photo Frames application, you can wish your friends and relatives a Happy New Year or Merry Christmas. Send them personalized postcards made from their photos. The choice of frames is very large and you are sure to find something suitable. Also in the collection of 50 different effects. Create unusual and elegant postcards.

The creation process is very easy. Choose your favorite frame and effect. Then upload a photo from the gallery or take a snapshot. After that, you can add a congratulatory inscription. The image is ready. You can save it to your phone’s gallery or share it with friends.

You can wear Santa Claus hats or antlers for friends. The photo can also be decorated with New Year’s balls, garlands, and fireworks. Decorate your image with frost and ice patterns. In the Xmas Photo Frames application, you can also put your photo in a frame of numbers and create your own photo calendar.

You can send a card to friends using any social network or another convenient way. Also, the result of the photo frame can be saved in good quality. Set the image as a phone contact icon or update the desktop wallpaper.

All the functions of this program are very interesting and useful. You can even edit your photo before adding your favorite frame. The Xmas Photo Frames app allows you to decorate any photo for free. Besides, there are no annoying ads and in-app purchases.

Christmas Photo Editor

Add a Christmas atmosphere to your photo with the Christmas Photo Editor app. Create Christmas cards with Christmas frames. In this program, you will find a huge collection of various filters, stickers, and frames. You can also create collages from your best photos.

Send ready-made cards to your friends. So you can create an interesting and unusual greeting for the main holiday of the year. This app will allow you to supplement your story and photo gallery with a new Christmas picture.

In the application, frames with the image of the New Year tree, deer, and even Santa Claus are available. Add frames in the form of a Christmas wreath or frost patterns.

If you do not like the background of your photo, then you can replace it with this program. Add photos of a New Year’s party or image of a firework. So your photo will become a unique memory.

Various stickers are also available in the application. For example, you can add Christmas decorations or various characters. Arrange a meeting with Santa Claus or take a sleigh ride with deer. Everything is possible here.

Besides, in the collection of the application Christmas Photo Editor, you will find animated stickers. Here are a variety of images that will give your photo fun.

Add a hat of Santa Claus or a splash of champagne. Light the lights of the garland in your photo. This is a completely free application in which there is no built-in advertising. Create a Christmas atmosphere right in your photo.

Christmas Photo Frame

Each holiday leaves behind unforgettable impressions and interesting photos. The Christmas Photo Frame application allows you to decorate your pictures with interesting frames.

Here is a large collection of different Christmas frames. You will find images of fir trees, Santa Claus, deer and much more. To get started, upload your photo to the application or create a new image. You can do this without leaving the Christmas Photo Frame application.

To do this, select the special button and use the camera of your mobile device. The photo is ready. Now you can start editing. First, you will see a list of filters. To apply a specific filter, just click on it.

If you want to adjust the filter intensity, click on its icon again. You can change the application intensity in 12 gradations. By default, about 10 filters are built into this program.

You can also resize the photo, rotate or flip it. You can choose from 15 Christmas frames. All of them are completely different and will give your photo a Christmas atmosphere.

You can also add various stickers. For example, fireworks, deer, or a Christmas tree. Ready photos can be saved to the gallery of your smartphone or sent to friends.

You can do this by e-mail, using social networks or any messengers. Add text to the photo to create a unique card. This is a great way to congratulate your friends and relatives.

Christmas Photo Frame 2020

Are you already getting prepared for the Christmas season of 2020? Well, then you definitely should check out this app! It will help you to create an amazing Christmas photo or a Christmas card with all the frames that it includes. By the way, this app is probably better for making Christmas cards.

You can choose from the number of interesting frames and backgrounds. There are specific backgrounds for adults, for kids, with Santa, deers, mistletoe, and many more.

Some of the frames are too simple, but if you browse the app a little bit you will find something decent. The best feature here is that all the frames contain the year of 2020 in them. In other words, this is one more cool Christmas frames app for your smartphone.


Snow Cam Effects

The Snow Cam Effects app will surely appeal to everyone who loves to create Christmas photos. Just one click can change you beyond recognition.

You can turn into Santa Claus or try on antlers. But the main feature of the application is a huge variety of Christmas frames. They will help you to decorate your image and create a festive atmosphere.

The application Snow Cam Effects has a desktop where all the functions that you can use are presented. In the “Editing” section there are settings with which you can edit your photo. So, you can change the contrast, and sharpness of the picture, enhance or smooth the shadows.

There is also a huge number of filters with which you can experiment endlessly. The built-in camera allows you to take “professional pictures”. This program contains more than 50 filters. Including separate portraits, landscapes, food, and other objects for shooting.

They are applied at the time of picture-taking. The camera also has a timer for three and six seconds. During this time, you can take the desired pose.

The “Clean” function allows you to remove unwanted backgrounds. So you can add a picture of a Christmas party or a winter landscape. Add Christmas stickers to your photo.

You can also create a birthday card and send it to friends. You can do this directly from the application Snow Cam Effects. To do this, add your accounts on social networks in the application.

This is a free application that easily paints all your pictures. After all, the memories of the main holiday of the year should please you and your friends.


PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt is famous for its abundance of various stickers, effects, and frames, and here you can also find the ones that are dedicated to the Christmas theme. It won’t be something extravagant, more likely the standard candy-cane designs, Santa stickers, and the Christmas tree stickers as well.

The best advantage of PicsArt in from of all the other apps on this list (that you’re probably aware of if you are a little familiar with the photo editing subject) is the ability to thoroughly edit photos, fix their colors, fix the distortions on the photo and, the most important thing, make people on the picture look prettier.

During the whole history of its existence, the PicsArt app was downloaded more than 1 billion times. You can create your modest masterpieces in the app and share them with other users of PicsArt.

By the way, you are also able to add the text to the photos, and it can be an additional decoration to your Christmas photo. The only thing is that the text editing features in PicsArt stay at the level of the old school apps and adding the text to the picture here is rather difficult.


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New Merry Christmas Photo Frames

Christmas is a wonderful holiday every year. After it, a huge number of different photos remain in the gallery of your phone. So that they are not boring, you can decorate them with funny Christmas frames. You can do this using the New Merry Christmas Photo Frames 2019 application.

Give your friends unforgettable memories. To do this, add various Christmas stickers and frames to your joint photos. For example, you can create an image of Santa Claus from a photograph of your friend.

Add fireworks or Christmas toys to the picture. This will make the picture more festive and solemn. Got a lot of photos after the Christmas party? Create a collage of the best photos. So you can enjoy a single image that includes the best moments of this beautiful holiday.

Create interesting Christmas cards. Add congratulations and best wishes. Decorate it with images of New Year’s gifts. Add filters in the form of frost or snowflake patterns. Your e-card is now ready. You can send it to friends via social networks or email.

Application New Merry Christmas Photo Frames 2019 features:

  • simple and intuitive interface
  • useful functionality
  • the ability to select and save the finished image in the gallery of your phone
  • large selection of Christmas frames
  • image resizing, cropping, rotation and reflection
  • creating collages and greeting cards
  • saving the finished photo in high quality

The free app New Merry Christmas Photo Frames 2019 allows you to add a Christmas atmosphere to all your holiday photos. You can even create a whole photo album. In it, all your photos will have different, but interesting frames.

Christmas Photo Editor, Stickers & Collage Maker

Do you like to celebrate Christmas? Have fun with your friends at the New Year’s party. Have you accumulated a lot of family photos from the celebration of this holiday? Then you need to diversify them.

The Christmas Photo Editor, Stickers & Collage Maker application will help you with this. Here you will find an incredible number of Christmas frames that can be applied to any photo.

Turn your boring photos into wonderful memories. Decorate them with Christmas trees and balls. “Invite” Santa Claus or deer. Have a great Christmas party.

Create the atmosphere of a winter holiday with special effects. Add snowflakes or hoarfrost patterns to your shots. You can even decorate your photo with a picture of a firework or a snowman. Do everything to make your New Year photo collection unforgettable.

The application Christmas Photo Editor, Stickers & Collage Maker is very easy to use. But, it has rich functionality and many features.

To get started, add your photo to this program. Then you can choose the best winter filter or adjust some parameters. Crop a photo, rotate, or flip it. Adjust the light, contrast, or brightness.

Now you can begin to create a Christmas atmosphere. Choose the frame you like most from the 30 offered. Further, you can add various stickers or characters. This will greatly decorate your photo.

After receiving the finished result, you can save the image to the gallery of your smartphone. Besides, you can share pictures with your friends. Send them by email, using the messenger or social network. Done! Now you can enjoy the memories with your friends.

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Christmas Photo Frames

Want to create a unique Christmas picture that you can share with your friends? Then use the Christmas Photo Frames app. It will help you convey all your emotions from this amazing holiday. Add interesting photo frames that diversify your shots. You can also add a variety of New Year stickers.

Create the atmosphere of a winter holiday right in your gallery. Admire the memories anytime. Enjoy all the shots decorated with Christmas items.

Besides, the Christmas Photo Frames application is a powerful photo editor. With it, you can significantly improve the quality of your photos. Such images will not be ashamed to share even on social networks.

The program has a tool for creating collages. You can combine the best pictures in one image. Choose the right effect. For example, frost or snow patterns. Now your photo definitely looks like Christmas.

The “Edit” function allows you to add various visual effects. Right here you can add various Christmas frames. Apply stickers or add a congratulatory inscription. Customize the fonts and send the finished postcard to your friends.

Add unusual effects. Want to create fireworks or add champagne? Do it with the help of this function. Set focus on your face to blur the background. Make your photo better and more beautiful.

You can also take a photo directly in the application Christmas Photo Frames. For this, there is a special button and a built-in camera. You can add frames right while creating the photo. Ready-made images can be sent to your friends via email or social networks. To do this, add your accounts in the application settings.

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