11 Best Crypto Rewards Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the most stable today. There is a large variety of digital currencies, each of which has its own advantage. Thus, many investors prefer to keep their savings in this format.

There is also a way to increase the amount of cryptocurrency in your account, and it is quite easy to do so. These best crypto rewards apps in 2024 for Android & iOS will help you.

The other interesting way to earn money on cryptocurrency is to invest them with these best trading apps with crypto bots.


FreeAirdrop is a great cryptocurrency reward app.

Do you want to earn tokens and coins quickly? Then download this program, and you will definitely like it.

What’s so interesting about this service? It has its own community where you can get high on cryptocurrency. Check-in daily and see what’s new in the community.

Moreover, if you do not understand something, you can easily ask a question to the group, there you will be explained everything. You can also ask about the aspects of interest from the experts in this sphere. You can find this app on social networks.

Keep all the information in an inaccessible place. FreeAirdrop will ask for your personal information. Don’t worry, having specified your data, the program will not spread it outside the app.

Make cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Invite all your friends and acquaintances here, and let everyone try themselves in this business.

Users are happy with FreeAirdrop because the system works smoothly, and the graphics are crisp. You will be able to switch from a white to a black theme. It is obligatory to have Wi-Fi to work with the app.


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Bakkt is a program that gives you the opportunity to get a profitable bitcoin.

Thanks to your skills, you can earn a great amount of money in no time at all. Buy bitcoins and gift cards profitably. You can also invest with Bakkt. There are no commissions, everything is simple.

Besides, if you owe or forgot to give something to a person, you can send the entire amount through this program. It doesn’t matter if that person has the app or not.

The program has its own card, to pay with it, you need to put it in the payment system of your bank. For daily use, you will be credited certain points. The program is really handy in our time. Keeping your money on the card is the best way.

Before using Bakkt first read all the rules. Do not violate your privacy. Do absolutely everything with your winning and invested money. Sell or buy back your virtual currency. Note that the money will be in dollars.

The app is endowed with all the best features that you can explore in detail. Install Bakkt and become a money pro. Invest wisely. Send the program to your friends and break records.



Verso is a cryptocurrency app. Here you can safely invest and withdraw money. A huge number of people use this program. It is also a very relevant assistant for cooperation with various store networks.

Get cash back on purchases, real estate rentals, and other expenses. What’s more, if you use the app actively, you can get gift cards. You don’t have to register, you don’t have to pay anything either.

The system will create a wallet for you and then you can start your career. Set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve with this program. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to earn, the main thing to read all the necessary information about the user.

Buy things with Verso and take cashback in return. All the bonuses you get here can be converted into real money or exchanged for a discounted card. Buy anything you want online.

Using cryptocurrency for all purchases is really profitable. Just link your app to the store where you ordered something online. You will get a big discount.

Moreover, exchange your earnings to any other cryptocurrency like VTC, UNI-Uniwap, and many others. If you have any questions, write to the support mail.


Merge Cats

Merge Cats is an app where you can play and win prizes. This program is based on cryptocurrency.

Do you want to earn and understand the whole system in action? Then try Merge Cats. Here you will also be able to run blockchains on different platforms.

The point is that you will collect cards, open prizes, and earn money with cryptocurrency. Fund your email account and then withdraw a large amount.

Play with your friends and hit the jackpot. Get special capsules and build your career in the best way possible. It’s also worth noting that the more often you log into the game, the more tasks will be available to you. Earn tokens and get rewards.

By the way, there’s a wheel of fortune here. Spin it and see what comes up. You can win a prize of any magnitude. Either way, it’s worth spinning the prize daily.

Merge Cats can even work in airplane mode and without internet. When you leave the program, you will be awarded bonuses, it is really profitable!

The app often receives updates, new characters appear as coins. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world entirely and feel the whole taste of such a game. Have fun and earn.



GoSats is a bitcoin rewards app. The operation of this program is as simple as possible.

When you will buy online purchases, bitcoins will be accrued automatically at that time. It will be possible to get this kind of currency in any of your businesses.

With GoSats you will not only save money, but you will also earn cryptocurrency. Moreover, if you want to become a bitcoin magnate, then use the referral link to call all your friends, acquaintances, and relatives. This is a real working system.

Many people have been using this app for years and remain happy. Invest in cryptocurrency, sell it, and look for profitable ways. In any case, by buying items together with GoSats you will spend your money less.

Furthermore, investing in bitcoin will then have a positive impact on your budget. Over time, bitcoin will go up and you will be able to withdraw a decent amount. For example, you will be able to subscribe to movies and you will have bitcoins coming to you at that time.

Travel, shop, furnish your home and save money. They are in a safe piggy bank now! Bitcoin will always be at the peak of popularity.

Bitcoin is the modern blockchain. Stay up to date on all updates. Visit the app daily.



Fold is a platform where you can get bitcoins for certain purchases. Before you start buying something, link your stores to this program.

Do you want to earn and play at the same time? Then quickly download Fold. You will have your own card with credits. Nothing complicated.

After purchases, you will be credited with bonuses in the form of bitcoins. Moreover, there is a big wheel of prizes, which you can spin at certain times.

That is, you can win the amount that will fall out in the wheel. This is fascinating and exciting! The more you are active in the app and make various purchases, buying items at a discount, the more cashback you have.

Provide your information before using Fold. Do not be afraid, no one will know your phone number and other information, everything is strictly confidential.

The program has many useful features. There are also lots of Amazon gift cards and others. Become that person who buys a lot of stuff, but spends the minimum.

Let others marvel at your new purchases for almost nothing. Reveal to others the secret of this app. Read user reviews and write your impressions about the app.


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Lolli is a program that can give away cryptocurrency for passing games every day. If you’re burning with the desire to make money, this is the place for you.

This app is for those people who are ready to develop and lead their careers to the very heights. Set goals here, achieve them.

The app collaborates with many stores. You won’t have any trouble connecting those brand-name stores that you love to shop at. The bonuses earned here, you can change into real money and take it to your card.

In the game, you will have your own account, which will be replenished. Sooner or later the account will accumulate the amount you need to withdraw. The program is arranged simply. Even a new user can understand the rules. But if you still have questions, you can ask the experts.

The data that you enter into the system will be encrypted and not available to anyone. You can join together as a family here and increase your budget.

Bitcoin has become widespread in today’s world because it tends to grow. Everyone can withdraw this money to their e-wallet or card. Invite your friends, because this is a functioning system, which will never collapse, but only raise its turnover.



Cointiply is a platform where you can make a lot of money.

Are you interested in different types of earnings? Do you want to discover something new and interesting? Then try all possibilities of Cointiply service.

You will find a large number of ways to earn on cryptocurrency and bitcoins here. Use QR codes and insert them into your purchases in different networks of stores. For the codes you insert, you will receive a percentage of the cashback.

Moreover, you can earn money by taking surveys. It’s enough to go into the app often and answer the suggested questions, it’s not difficult, but also profitable. Besides, also open games embedded in Cointiply and earn coins from it.

Invite your friends to this platform. Stay here together and get bitcoins to quickly withdraw them later. It also happens that the bonuses fly to the app’s account just for fun, because there are prize days going on.

By the way, if you want to relax but still get some coins in your account, just go to the video section and start watching any and make a profit.

There are a lot of features here that you’ll be able to review after you open your account to go through the app.



Birdchain is a program that provides every opportunity to make money from cryptocurrency. It is a proven earner. Many people use this app and remain satisfied.

How does Birdchain work? Everything is arranged really simply. You will need to perform tasks, such as watching videos. For all of the above, you will receive rewards.

You will be able to withdraw them to your card. Sit on your smartphone with the benefit. In today’s world, a lot of interesting things can be found on the Web, but this service provides an awesome opportunity to make money.

Make it fascinating. Have fun and raise cryptocurrency. What could be better? When you install the app and register, you get a bonus in tokens right away. Earn tokens and then exchange them. Read reviews and write your own, you’ll get paid handsomely for the work you’ve done.

There’s so much to pay for that you’ll be able to choose a job to your liking. The more work you do, the more you get paid. For any remaining questions, email the support team of the app.

Birdchain is one of the best programs among the few competitors that reward immediately. You don’t have to go through anything for a long time, fill it out.



Celsius is a cryptocurrency earning app. If you have long dreamed of making good money by doing a simple job, then you urgently need to download this program.

Earnings are based on buying bitcoins and inviting friends through a referral link. Here you will be able to exchange bitcoins, bet and win money.

There are no commissions here. Buy coins, trade with other people, and take your profit. If you’re new to this, there’s no problem figuring out the system. Buy coins and wait for their prices to rise, then you can sell them for an even higher price.

The app provides codes that you can scan and get passive income right away. As mentioned above, you will get an extra bonus for an invited friend.

As soon as your invited friend earns more than $400 on cryptocurrency, you will get money automatically. You can invite as many people as you want with this method.

Celsius is a secure program that no one will hack and take your money. By the way, there are different tokens like Cardano, Bitcoin, and others. There are also different coins, everything you can choose for your convenience. The app has its own groups on social networks, hurry to join.


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The StormX app allows you to receive cashback on online purchases in Bitcoin, Ethereum, StormX, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal to a personal wallet is available.

Through the app, you can buy goods from popular online stores and then receive cryptocurrency cashback. It is accrued in the most common coins: BTC, ETH, STMX, LTC, and DAI.

The app interacts with well-known online stores: eBay, Nike, Gamestop, Kroger, Sams Club, Aliexpress, iHerb, and others. There is an opportunity to track bargain offers with the highest cashback up to 10 percent.

You must sign in to use the app. Registration with Google, Facebook profiles, email, and mobile numbers via SMS is available. The app displays a list of online stores in which you can get cashback.

It is necessary to install their official mobile apps. To do this, just click on the name of the online store, and the utility will open a download link. After that, you can start shopping and cryptocurrency cashback will be credited to your account.

The app allows you to track the balance of the coins. If necessary, funds can be withdrawn to a personal wallet in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or another cryptocurrency at any time.

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