13 Best Fake Magazine Cover Apps for Android & iOS

Always wanted to feel what it’s like to be on a magazine’s front page? Well, we’re sure you have everything ahead but why not visualize how it could be?

To that end, we’ve gathered together the best fake magazine cover apps for Android & iOS that let’s come up with feature-worthy covers in a couple of clicks. These apps cover all kinds of journals — from fashion to business, sport and design so there’s something for everyone.

Looking forward to retouching your shots lie a pro? Then check out these best photo retouching apps.

Magazine Cover Maker

Magazine Cover Maker

First, we have an app that is fully dedicated to fake magazine covers.

The mechanics are simple — you load a pic, select the frame and adjust all the captions. There are no requirements for the pic only it should be vertical. Plus, you better pick the one with good lighting so it looks more realistic. The app comes with multiple filters so you can edit your pic a bit. All the basic tools like saturation and brightness are covered as well.

It needs to be said, the app covers various frames that recreate all kinds of covers you can imagine — from Vogue to GQ. For now, there are over 20 frames and more are yet to come. However, you don’t get to make a cover from scratch. Herewith, you can change the fonts of all the captures, their color, size, and all that.

If you don’t wanna overload your “cover” with notes you can delete some of them. There are also plenty of stickers you can add to your pic. Once you’re done you may rather save the pic or share it on SM right away. The app doesn’t low down the quality so no worries about that.

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Magazine Photo Frames

Magazine Photo Frames

This is an app that lets you make your own magazine cover.

Along with the previous one, this app comes with plenty of covers recreating frames you can use for free. Herewith, the app covers various types of magazines — from Elle Girl to Forbes. For now, there are over 1000 frames you can try. Thus, whether you’re seeking something girly or masculine — this app has you covered.

All the frames are sorted by categories. There are celeb covers, book ones, design ones, romantic ones, and so on. You may rather select a pic from our gallery or take a shot the right way. Once you’ve picked the frame you can add extra stickers to make the cover more complex.

And if you won’t find the right one you can always add a custom quote. You can also add several filters for color correction and all that. Beyond that, you get to regulate the tone of the quotes and the title. You can even put your frame into an environment such as a table, a wall somewhere, or else.

Magazine Photo Frames 2

Magazine Cover Photo Editor

The Magazine maker app is a free cover editor. You do not need an Internet connection.

Every one of us has dreamed of becoming the star of a fashion issue. To seize your chance, all you have to do now is download the app. Use its tools to create a cover with any image.

Select and upload a photo from the gallery. Then add a stylish filter from the twenty suggested effects, caption, frame, and stickers.

Bring your cover to the perfect star-worthy look. Become the hero of the new issue! Use the huge library of high-quality covers.

Make it your own way: crop, scale, and duplicate images. Adjust color, contrast, and sharpness. Save to your phone, and share on social networks.

Magazine Covers for Pictures

magazine covers for pics

This app will make you feel like an actual celeb.

It’s an ultimate magazine cover editor that lets come up with realistic covers on a couple of clicks. The app has a user-friendly interface and simple controls so you’ll quickly figure out how to use it. Your first step here is to select a pic for a cover. Herewith, you get to zoom the pic and drag it around till it meets your prefs.

Next, you get to choose between 30 cover templates. The number of frames may not sound impressive in comparison with the previous app but all the styles you may need are covered. There are girly covers, business ones, sport ones, and more. Then, you can add stickers and other decorations if needed.

Additionally, you can add custom captures to make your cover more personalized. There are also over 25 filters for you to apply. Once you’re done, it’s time to pick a bg for your cover — there are plenty of options for that as well. The app doesn’t take down the quality of your pic and you can share it on SM right away.

Cover Me

Cover Me

Next, we have an app for quick fake magazine edits.

To be fair, this app has a cover frame for any occasion or taste. Wanna imagine yourself on the covers of a world-known fashion magazine? Easy — done! Wanna appear on the cover of some authentic skateboard or car journal? This app has you covered as well. For now, there are over 4 options and more are on their way.

Beyond that, you get to adjust the frame for it to fit perfectly for your pic. For instance, you get to regulate the color of the title and captures by using the color wheel. Plus, you can add various stickers for decoration and even add custom quotes if needed. As for the pic, you may rather load it from the gallery or take a snap right away.

Then, you get to rotate, zoom and drag your shot till it becomes a perfect cover. You can also add filters and regulate the brightness, contrast, and all that. Once you’re done with the cover you can send it straight to your SM without saving. The app comes with a pro version but all the basic tools are available for free.

Celebrity Magazines Frames

This is an app that allows you to be on the cover of a popular magazine: news, wedding, about celebrities.

Also, make an album with your favorite photos of memorable events. Adjust their brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Put them in colorful frames, and add stickers and colored highlights.

Don’t forget filters and effects. Create wonderful memories and share them on social networks.

The app is intuitive to use. Upload an image from the gallery or use the camera. It works on your phone and tablet even without an internet connection.

Use the result in high resolution, including as wallpaper. View other users’ creations and get inspired.

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Photo Magazine Cover

Photo Magazine Cover

This is a basic fake journal cover app that lets you feel like a model or a celeb.

This app comes with all kinds of cover templates you may need. Fair to say, all the most popular journals are covered — from fashion to business, cars, and sport. The unique thing about this app is it lets you get creative with your covers and not just put your face on them. To be more precise, you can play with blurring effects, mirroring, bubbles, and other fun things.

You may rather load a pick or make a new one right away. Then, you get to zoom it in, rotate and crop to make it a perfect fit for a cover. You may also add some effects and filters if needed. The app covers such effects as a B&W one, sepia, pop art, and more. Plus you get to regulate the saturation, brightness, and all that.

Then, you pick a frame that can also be customed by changing its shade. You can also add some stickers or your own text. It needs to be said, all the frames are HQ so the results look quite realistic. The app doesn’t feel down the quality of the original pic as well. Once you are done you can download a pic without a watermark or web connection.

Magazine Cover Frame Studio

This is an app that puts your picture on the cover of a popular publication. Your dreams of recognition are finally coming true! Hundreds of cover templates are waiting for you: children’s, pedagogical, yellow press, and more.

Become a star in sports, fashion, or science without any difficulty. Use the capabilities of the app to create an unforgettable surprise for your loved ones.

Want a quick result? Try the numerous templates. Pick a background, and frame, and add inscriptions and stickers.

Scale, crop, and duplicate photos with a few movements. Change text font, color, size, and location. Photos are saved to your phone in high quality.

Share the result on any social network and surprise your subscribers with original content.



Next, we have a minimal app that lets you exp what it’s like to be on the front page.

The main concept of this app is simple controls and quick editing so you can make a cover in just 3 taps. Along with its sister apps, this one also covers plenty of cover templates for you to try. In fact, choosing a cover will be your first step here. Then, you’ll need to select the perfect shot or make a new one with a built-in cam.

You can even load a pic to your FB album. Next, you’ll need to adjust your pic by cropping it, zooming, and moving it around as needed. Once it’s done it’s time to customize your cover — you can change the headline, add stickers, quotes, and all that.

It needs to be said, the app has a memory tool that automatically saves all the changes and lets you come back to editing at any time. Besides, all the templates are HQ and the pic’s quality stays original. The app has no ads or pad sub packs so your money is safe.



And lastly, we have Canva — an app that can cope with all kinds of editing possible (or it just seems to be?).

Is it a surprise that this platform has a template to fake a journal cover? Honestly speaking — not at all. However, it needs to be said that this app may be quite confusing for people not used to it. In other words, the majority of cover apps are fully dedicated to one theme so this one may seem overloaded with features.

Besides, this app probably covers the biggest variety of magazine frames out there. Yeah, some of them are for pro members only but can get a free trial and there are more than enough free options as well. Additionally, this service lets you make a full-on cover from scratch — you can add your own headline, write whatever you want, and pick any fonts.

There are also thousands of design elements and stickers you can add. In fact, you can even edit several pages of a journal if needed. All the projects are being saved in your personal history and you can go back to them at any time. There are also several formats you can save your projects in which is nice.

Magazine Photo Editor by Pics Art Photo Studio

If you love professional photography and want to explore a new direction, use Magazine Photo Editor. Choose from thousands of templates for your photos.

The offered photo frames are of high quality and suitable for any photo. Besides, such a photo shoot does not require any financial investment.

The mobile editor offers you a wide range of modern and vintage editions. Edit your photo to exactly match the chosen style. Add suitable stickers and text captions to the frame. There are over 50 different filters freely available. Just choose the one you are interested in and apply it to your photo.

The finished result can be saved to use for social media sharing. To work as Magazine Photo Editor, you don’t need the Internet. Surprise your friends and subscribers with a new photo report format.

Magazine Cover Maker by Pictorial

Magazine Cover Maker by Pictorial will be a useful tool for photo processing. Complete your colorful image with unusual photo frames in the form of a fashion magazine cover.

Choose the best photo frame, and overlay it on the selected image. To make the effect complete and realistic, do not forget about filters and stickers. Format the photo in the best traditions of fashion magazines.

This app has all the tools for the job. All categories of frames are freely available and have no restrictions. Make your friends happy by appearing on the cover of your favorite magazine.

Attach a hashtag to make the photo go viral and get praise from subscribers on Instagram and Facebook. Decorate the front page of the best magazines with your appearance.

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Magazine Cover Photo Editor by Al Wali

Magazine Cover Photo Editor will quickly put you on the cover of any magazine. You don’t need any special equipment or lengthy photo shoots. This app completely replaces the photo editor and opens your way to fame.

Now your happy face can decorate a whole spread in your favorite magazine. Choose one of the proposed frames, designed in the style of magazine covers. Add special effects to make your photo look natural.

Decorate your photo with funny captions or stickers. Apply a filter to age your photo or make it black and white. Working in the app does not require special skills, so it is ideal for everyone.

The photo editor is completely free. You can use it as many times as you want. Put yourself or your friend on the cover, and post a photo on social networks. No one will doubt the authenticity of the photo.

Use Magazine Cover Photo Editor at your own pleasure and catch compliments from enthusiastic fans.

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