12 Best Fishing Map Apps for Android & iOS

Fishing is the oldest or even can say ancient way of finding food for dinner. Now it became mostly a pastime or a hobby for almost every second man and even some women. From the earliest days of mankind’s existence, people were fishing everywhere in each water source. These days while some of the fishermen having it as a hobby, others are still fish for lunch.

There are tons of information is written everywhere about fishing. So there is no difficulty in acquiring all fishing skills. Moreover, there are tons of apps that include information such as how to do knots, what kind of fish did you catch, what bait is better for a certain kind of fish. All this information you can find in these apps here

However, in this article, we consider that you know most of the necessary information and we will check only apps that provide fishing maps and locations. Here we need to find out the best apps that provide most fish spots. So we can choose where we will move next.

Below you will find the best fishing map apps for Android and iOS.

Fishbrain – local fishing map


Fishbrain is one of the most popular applications for fishing lovers. It is available for Android and iOS for free. The app was downloaded kist from Google Market for more than 5 million times. So, the database of the app is huge as one of the features of the app is saving location for the next fishing trip.

If you are a pro fisherman and know all tricks you definitely aware of bite times of a particular fish and place. You can just come at a time you want and expect a good catch. Within this app, you can check each location and timing for better bite time. It is all collected by other fishermen and weather data. Statistics are generated and charts are displayed in the app for particular fish and a certain location.

Be with other users who have pointed nice places with a good catch. Anytime you find a honey hole drop the waypoint and save it in the app. Your waypoints will be saved for next time you need to go. Only what you will do is choosing what direction you will go to this time.

The app also stores a collection of different species and best baits for each fish type. You will be offered different in-app purchases.


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‎Fishidy: Fishing Maps App


Fishidy is yet another top-rated well-known app for anglers with lots of advanced features. It is free to download however its premium features are available for monthly or annual subscriptions. For example, it will give offline access to fish spots. In case you are out of signal.

What is necessary for us is in this app is that there is a database of fishing spots. All information is trusted and proved. This we can see in a vast amount of positive comments and as a consequence, high rating. You will also see the places that are publicly shared and are open for fishing. Don’t waste your time going to the place that is unknown and you simply guess that it will be the fish place.

Furthermore, within locations, you will see what baits you need to pick up with you and what will work for different species.

The app has a news line where people share the most prominent relevant information. For example, the biggest size of the fish that was caught recently. Something like what happened within the last hour. The biggest bite time recently detected and shared in news. It may trigger you to move to that direction if you are somewhere around.


FishTrack – Fishing Charts


FishTrack is another app popular in the USA among anglers that are keen on fishing in saltwater. Those who like to go to the ocean instead of lakes and rivers. Despite that the ocean is too big there are spotted places where more fish can be found at a particular time. There a number of waypoints in each location spotted on the map. After you found a honey hole spot it on the map to save it for future trips.

Despite that, the app provides more relevant and deep information like sea surface heights and ocean currents, bathymetry. You should need also to check the weather forecast in some other apps. All within this app is provided. In addition, the weather forecast is marine with tides tables. It will let you avoid stormy weather and stay safe. No mentioning that stormy weather is not good for fishing not in the sea not in any other water space.

In any case, you can save an image of the location with fish spots to have it being offline. There are various in-app purchases that go with this app.


Fishing spots

fishing spots2

The app`s name speaks for itself that it was developed mostly to provide anglers with fishing spots. Spots appear on the map at any location you can choose. They are spotted and display the exact display. There are always updates and new places appear on the map. You can follow all those new data each week as many anglers add locations after they found a honey hole.

However, Fishing spots is not only a location-based app. It actually has all features required for successful fishing. For example, it provides a fishing forecast for up to 7 days with the data for each hour.  It will help you to find a better time to fish

The NOAA supported charts will provide you with tides, waves, levels of water, and wind. Choose the right time and location for your fishing. Thus you can save money time and stay safe as it is better not to go fishing in windy weather with big tides. Of course, it depends on your boat size. However, netter to avoid stormy weather. And who knows maybe at the time you went to the sea it was good but after three hours is expected a heavy storm.

Of course, there are different water bodies are available on the map. You will find lakes, streams, seas, oceans.

You can create a fishing log and save all your data and updates there including spots, fish you caught, and baits you used.




Fish Angler is yet another advanced application with high rates and millions of downloads. Its database is huge also and the app has up-to-date information related to tides, weather, and other relevant information. This will provide you with fishing hot spots saved on the map and spots that are closed to your current location.

Don’t waste your time going to fish blind. Download the app and try it. Look for locations with a big number of different fishy spots. So in case, the one spot wasn’t successful you can easily move to another one.

Maps are GPS based. The app provides fish forecast- the best fishing timing of each spot. Plan your trip carefully to avoid time gaps. Also, you can connect with other fishermen to share fishing tips. Whenever you find a honey hole save it for yourself privately or share it with others.

The app provides data for different bodies of water, not just salty. So it includes lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams.  The weather forecast will inform you about the wind, wave, tide, and water temperatures.


LakeMonster – Fishing App

LakeMonster is a mobile app designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts. One of its main features is its extensive database of lakes and rivers in the United States.

The app offers information about various bodies of water, maps of their locations, depth levels of water bodies, good fishing spots, and even up-to-date weather forecasts. It also offers GPS feature connectivity. You can track your movements on the water and save your fishing spots for future trips.

Record and analyze your previous outings to develop effective strategies and increase your chances of successful fishing. Track up-to-date information about ice fishing reservoirs.

Read reviews and recommendations about different fishing spots, taking into account the time of year, weather, and the type of fish you want to catch. Share your own fishing reports, tips, and photos in the community.

Search the location using the names of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. See what the water level, weather, and other conditions are at your desired location to predict your fishing success in advance.


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Pro Angler

pro angler

Pro Angler is yet another app that offers only seawater fish spots. Until now the developers haven’t added the freshwater fish spots. So in case if you are interested in seawater fishing you can consider this app for trying. It claimed that there are more than 40 thousand spots with honey holes. It’s kind of a big amount I would say. The app is free to download so why not try to check it.

Besides the app offers a database about different species and fishing techniques. You may find something useful and new in the app that you may skip before. Knowing about species is essential and if such information is collected in one place on your device its much easier than to make research on the internet.

There are also some federal regulations according to what place you can go fishing. In this app, you can be notified whether it is possible to fish in a spot or not.

The biting places and timing go through updates on a weekly basis. To help you with fishing you can find the info about marine tides and weather. There is additional information about knots, gears, rigs, and other bonuses.


Fishing Points

Fishing Points

Fishing Points is the app that extremely popular among fishermen at the same level as Fisherbrain or Fishidy. As many people found it very functional some of them pointed on particular features in the app that they adore. For example, some users found accurate GPS maps are convenient for them exactly in this app. While others found tides forecast and fish time features as the most beneficial what the app can offer to a keen angler.

Trying to know more information we found out that Fishing Points covers all kinds of water bodies including lakes, rivers, or seas. It means you may choose between fresh and salty water. It pinpoints a lot of fishing spots in different locations and informing you about weather conditions and fish time. It includes solunar data, tide predictions, and wind.

In case you found your best fishing spot in an appropriate location you can save in on your map without sharing it with others especially if the place is not crowded already. The app has a built-in compass in case you are offline and lost direction. In the same way, you can save maps in advance for offline mode. All offline maps are supported by NOAA so it has nautical charts.

The app is free to download but not all its features are for free. Some of them will require to proceed with in-app purchases. The app also has ads but none commented about their annoyance. So it means we can deal with it. You can find the app on both the Android and iOS markets.


Lowrance: Fishing & Navigation


Lowrance is an advance app for fishermen that requires registration through QR code and enables you to connect different devices. All your data will be saved on your account whenever you are online or offline. Save you fish spots and routes for any time you appeared to be without cellular data.

Of course, the app itself offers you a vast amount of fish spots at any location supported by nautical charts that can be downloaded on your device. You can check spots and locations in advance being yet at home and then save it to check later in the water.

There are detailed bathymetry charts available in the app.

The app also can form a route for before you moved to a particular location or if you want to get back home from a fishing location and you actually don’t know which direction you should move. In the app, anglers can find all the relevant information about the depth of the water if different places, harbors, marinas, beaches, and even shops for fishers.

The app also connects all Lowrance products in case if you have one already or have decided to purchase it. You are allowed to download the app for free for 14 days trial. After that, you will be offered to purchase it in case you liked it.

However, all comments are positive and the rating of the app is very high that proves that the app was developed in a high level and didn’t lead to any user`s disappointment.


Florida Reef Fishing Scuba Map

florida fish map

Florida reef Fishing Map is a digital map of fishing spots on a Florida peninsula and the water bodies around it including all salty waters of the ocean. It is a free app for both Android and iOS. It is not that popular as other apps because it covers only one area of Nothern America. It points to each reef place that rich in fish.

Those who like to fish in reefs will find this map app useful. Besides the app shows the depth of the place and it beneficial for scuba diving and snorkeling. It may be even double activity. Take a boat and combine two nice activities in one trip. You can catch some fish but before it does some diving to check the depth and the fish number.

The app is simple thus it will not provide data on different species, baits for them, and other fishing devices unlike other apps on our list. It is only fully free with some ads.


Navionics App

Navionics App

Boating HD Marine & Lakes is a real apps name now and it provides with all nautical data. It is suitable for fishing, diving, sailing, and other activities on the water. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. The app has a unique feature called relief shading. The feature is available only in the USA. It shows a view of the bottom structure that is highly detailed.

The app includes:

  • Accurate maps of any water body including oceans and lakes. ( fresh and salty water)
  • sonar chart that is supported by other users and offers bathymetry.
  • NOAA charts are available for the whole American continent and Caribean islands.

Undoubtedly the app will give you relevant information related to real-time weather including hourly forecast, data about wind, tides, and currents that you can see on the map.

You can save all your past trips and refer to them bac at any time through the map. The app is popular with high ratings. However, it requires an annual subscription to provide you with all available features. In-app purchases actually vary and depend on what do you want to have.


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Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

fishing huntring solar

Fishing – Hunting Solunar Time offers more various features than previous apps because it supports hunters as well as anglers. It has the feature that we are looking for you in applications. It offers spots and places where you can find animals and fish. Besides, it has a huge amount of other features.

Firstly, it displays moon and sun times including mon set and sunset. Secondly, it shows 5 days of weather forecast that each hunter or fisher will find convenient. The whole application is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It is also possible to save favorite places for future use and share.

Overall, the app is satisfying for many people. It has a high rating and many good positive reviews from people who constantly use the app. The app is free to download but contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

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