Flags of All Countries App Review

Is it useful to know the capitals and flags of different countries? We definitely believe “Yes”! Such knowledge will raise the level of your erudition, and the Flags of all countries app will help you!

The main feature of this application that makes it stand out from similar ones, is that here you can learn the flags of all 197 independent countries and 54 dependent territories! The difficulty levels are provided: the most famous flags, flags of exotic countries, dependent territories, all flags, also you can guess only capitals or flags and maps.

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You can study the flags of each continent: from Europe and Asia to Africa and South America. To start learning, select the training mode flashcards to look through the flags without guessing and mode with a table of countries, flags, and capitals. After it, check your knowledge. The easiest option is to guess the word letter by letter.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake, you will always be offered a hint. If you are sure, choose the mode where you need to type the whole word at a time. You can also solve tests with 4 or 6 possible answers. You are given 3 lives to solve the task. The most difficult is a time game, where you need to give as many answers as possible in 1 minute.

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You are given stars for your correct answers, and to win the game against the clock, answer at least 25 questions in a minute. The app has a user-friendly interface, and all the pictures are of very good quality.


Also, a feature that you will really like is the ability to learn countries and capitals in different languages, because the app is translated into 30 languages!

This app is really addictive and your friend might want to use it too much. In case you don’t want to share it with anyone you can hide this app.

Study on the road, before going to bed, the app can rotate to portrait or landscape view, therefore the learning will be as convenient as possible! More than 5 million people have downloaded the Flags of all countries app and assessed its effectiveness, download it too!



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