11 Best Football Prediction Apps for Betting (Android & iOS)

For an amateur, it seems at first glance that betting on sports is a non-systemic activity. This is a wrong idea, leading to inevitable failure. You can count on luck once or twice. But when studying football forecasts, you can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Thus, the information and the algorithm of analysis of profitable events come to the fore. It is difficult to handle the processing of hundreds of matches a day on your own. So special applications come to the aid.

This list includes the best football prediction apps for betting. Here you will get only current and accurate forecasts of football matches.


MatchguessMatchguess is a sports betting app that gives a prediction of the outcome of a football match. It also has a percentage of the probability specified.

The application has a non-standard approach to creating bets. The access to a particular forecast and the ability to put on the team is implemented through a strategy.

Here you will find the algorithms of performance analysis. It allows you to put the most effective.

Separate strategies are available for each of the popular sports. You can learn the effectiveness of a strategy by viewing its statistics.

The app Matchguess implies manual entry of the main statistical layouts. It determines the state of teams in anticipation of the match:

  • team names
  • hosts or guests
  • tournament position
  • the outcomes of the last five fights
  • total number of teams in the tournament
  • the number of players in the main squad who miss the match
  • number of days off before the game

Matchguess Matchguess

After clicking the “Print result” button, the app Matchguess displays the percentage of the probability of victory for both teams.


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Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions

Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting PredictionsStats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions is an analytical application for predicting the outcome of football matches.

The app’s algorithm is based on the analysis of indicators of teams, players and coaches. The database of the app includes detailed statistical information on football competitions.

Opportunities and advantages of the application Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions:

  • Automated analysis and output of results
  • Daily update of statistics
  • Total information for sports betting, including teams and players, weather conditions, etc.
  • Takes into account the correction of the coefficients

The database of this app is famous for its completeness and volume. As well as the ability of users to share their own forecasts of the results of matches.

To do this, of course, you will need to create an account. This can be done with the help of e-mail or an account in any social network. The app has an algorithm for calculating the probable winner of a football match.

Besides, the app Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions allows you to view the rating of the most successful bookmakers.

There is also the ability to sort the forecasts by category. Popularity, and sport, as well as view the forecasts for both past and future matches.

Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions

The app Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions has no paid content, as well as advertising.


FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips

FSM - football betting genius and prediction tipsFSM – football betting genius and prediction tips is an application for total accounting, cataloging, and analysis of all bets of a player.

It automatically generates a convenient and practical database of bets on sports. It is possible to create several independent databases.

The toolkit of the app FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips allows you to view the full history of bets on sports, regardless of its volume.

For the convenience of analytical research, the app includes filtering by various criteria. It also has the automated calculation of the following indicators:

  • the total amount of money put down
  • current account balance
  • the number and proportion of bets won, returned and lost
  • statistics on the coefficient value, bet type, sum, and other extra indicators
  • drawing charts and diagrams for the graphical display of analytical results
  • the possibility of importing popular file formats from the program

This is an application for viewing forecasts for football matches. The creators of this program seem to adhere to minimalism. In the main window, you can read the information about a particular match.

FSM - football betting genius and prediction tips FSM - football betting genius and prediction tips

Among the extra features, there are several helpful articles for beginners. As well as push-notifications about the appearance of new forecasts.


Soccer Predictions Football AI

Soccer Predictions Football AISoccer Predictions Football AI is a specialized application that will be useful for football betting fans.

Football statistics, a giant database, which contains the results of all the tournaments. The features of the app Soccer Predictions Football AI allow you to get the following useful information for bets:

  • The history of the games with the results by individual players
  • The possibility of filtering by type of tournaments, years and other indicators
  • Comparative player statistics
  • Predicting the probability of the outcome of the match as a percentage
  • Daily updating of the statistical database

This is an advanced application for people who are fond of betting on sports. Like many other applications, it is designed to use your account.

To register, you will need an email address or account on any social network. Once registered, you will be able to view your football forecasts, ratings and results.

An interesting feature of this app is the subscription to the forecast users. For example, on a competent analyst or just a person with good intuition. The list of the most effective forecasters is available in the “Ratings” tab.

Soccer Predictions Football AI Soccer Predictions Football AI

The database of matches and forecasts is extensive. The features are available free of charge.


Deepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips

Deepscore - Betting Predictions and TipsDeepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips is one of the richest applications with forecasts for football sports matches.

Besides, here you will find more than 30 sports and several thousand tournaments for each of them.

Everything is organized in a very convenient way. Statistics, coefficients, and performance analyses are available for every match.

The application Deepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips will also be useful for fans of text broadcasts. They are available for most of the sports represented.

Games, competitions, tournaments or teams can be added to favorites for quick access. A nice addition is an advanced search engine. It searches by team category, tournament or all together.

This app gives you the opportunity to influence the decision-making algorithm. You can create unique betting systems.

The application Deepscore – Betting Predictions and Tips has rich functionality:

  • Creation of your own forecasting algorithms with a flexible event filtering system
  • Correction of filter settings and analysis of its impact on betting statistics
  • Maintaining a detailed database of user actions
  • Daily automated update of the information
  • Search for forks and corridors indicating the match, bookmakers and bets

Deepscore - Betting Predictions and Tips Deepscore - Betting Predictions and Tips

This application will help you get the most accurate forecast for football matches.


Tackl – football match prediction app with friends

Tackl - football match prediction app with friendsTackl – football match prediction app with friends is a community of professional predictors and sports betting enthusiasts.

Here people share their thoughts on certain outcomes in football and other sports. Forecasters bet on virtual points, then write a reasoned analysis explaining the choice.

If you want to make a bet on a football match, you can read people’s opinions about the match. All forecasts for the sport are free.

In this app, there are statistics, reviews, a list of bonuses and promotional codes. Also here are held monthly tournaments predictors. According to the results of them, 20 of the best predictors are paid cash prizes.

In the settings of the app, you can choose one of the languages and configure notifications. You can also view your own statistics if you decide to make your own predictions.

Tackl - football match prediction app with friends Tackl - football match prediction app with friends

This free app works without any restrictions and does not need any built-in purchases. There is no annoying advertising here.


Bullet Bet Predictions

Bullet Bet PredictionsThe Bullet Bet Predictions app is designed to examine the predictions of football matches.

The application works very simply. To start with, you need to register via email or any social network account.

Then, in the top pane, select a sport. You will see a scrolling page with the names of the forecasters. Learn the percentage of their forecasts and the forecasts themselves.

The interface is not overloaded with details, but there are symbols that may not be clear at first. For example, 0-2 and the stopwatch icon means that the match will end with an exact score of 0-2 in the main time.

Next to the forecast, there is a coefficient for this market in the chosen bookmaker. By clicking on the bookmaker’s logo, you can go to the site of the office and bet on real money.

A blue tick in front of the name of the predictor means that he can be trusted. The percentage of winning forecasts is high. If you want to subscribe to new predictions, you need to click on the name of the predictor. Then, enter the profile page, then click “Read”.

Bullet Bet Predictions Bullet Bet Predictions

Here on the profile page, you can see detailed statistics of forecasts of this user. Browse through the list of his current and completed predictions.


Winner Expert

Winner ExpertWith the Winner Expert app, your sports predictions will be more accurate and winning.

Sign up and get Push notifications about new predictions from the best predictors. Discuss sports betting with them via personal messages.

Analyze your predictions with unique services. Watch online LIVE results for live matches.

Here you will get forecasts for football and other sports from professional predictors.

Football forecasts for today with artificial intelligence. The built-in robot displays the outcomes of the matches in advance.

You get a percentage and analyzing the information. Team points and attack defense club, football news clubs, and many other factors.

View popular bets on sports matches made by predictors. Click on the match to view it. The chart will show the probable outcome of the match with a description of the forecast.

The app Winner Expert includes a rating of predictors. It shows and determines the top predictors of the application.

Winner Expert Winner Expert

This application works without restrictions and does not need built-in purchases.


Bet Predictor

Bet PredictorBet Predictor is an app designed to help you get information about current football matches. Get quality analytics and forecasts.

High passability is possible thanks to professional analysts. More than 15 sports predictions are added to the app every day.

The app Bet Predictor always contains information about the played matches, played and lost forecasts.

Also in this app is available statistics of sports teams for football games. Statistics of goals and series of victories. If you are going to make a bet, then look at this section.

Watch the live broadcast of the matches online and the schedule of tournaments.

Extra functions of the application Bet Predictor:

  • Personal messages – you can communicate online.
  • My subscriptions – sports prediction tape with selected predictors.
  • My Favorites – the forecasts you like the most.
  • Push notifications.

Free sports forecasts from the best predictors are collected in this application.

This application is characterized by strict adherence to corporate identity. All components of the functionality of the office are developed by their own efforts.

Bet Predictor Bet Predictor

This approach to the case deserves special attention. The level of produced content is at a high level.


All Goals – Football Live Scores

All Goals - Football Live ScoresAll Goals – Football Live Scores is an artificial intelligence forecasting application where the robot analyzes many factors.

It processes a variety of information and puts it together. The application shows the probability of one or another outcome as a percentage.

The application All Goals – Football Live Scores menu is located at the top of the screen, has a horizontal view.

It consists of categories:

  • Tournaments
  • Betting top
  • Game analysis
  • Broadcasts
  • LIVE results
  • Forum

The top bets show the most popular matches. The table shows the date and time of the meeting, the type of sport, the parties and the number of bets.

For more information, click on the name of the match. Here you will see a diagram of the type of bets, as well as a list of predictors. Not only the analyst’s login and the expected outcome are displayed.

It also shows the individual index of passability and profit. Below is a comparative table of bookmakers’ ratios.

The section of the game analysis is a unique program. The category consists of subsections by sport. Choose the necessary one, view the list of cups, leagues, qualifications.

Select a specific item, click on it and you will see the match you are interested in. A lot of information will be displayed. There are data on series, goals, winnings, and losses.

All Goals - Football Live Scores All Goals - Football Live Scores

For the sake of clarity, there is a table of previous team meetings, if any. The schedule of victories shows the statistics of the participants of the meeting.



BetMinesThe BetMines app will give you access to the best football predictions.

Here you will find a list of the most popular sporting events. The app’s predictors gave the most analytical material.

The matches are displayed in the form of a table with the sign in the block of participants of the game.

Get the information of time of the beginning, the country of holding and the championship. At the end of the page, you can see the number of data forecasts for this match.

If you click on any match, you will see a graph showing what outcomes are most often set by predictors. Logins of some predictors and their choice for the match are located below.

Here you can find the coefficients for the match from different bookmakers’ offices. In this case, the system selects the highest quotes.

In the table opposite to each event, there is a tab “Statistics”. If you go to it, an extra window with statistical calculations of the upcoming match will open.

In it, you will find the latest games of teams, personal meetings, a series of victories and defeats and goals.

BetMines BetMines

Hovering over the team names opens the charts. When hovering over the image cubes in the “Statistics” are displayed personal meetings. The general statistics of each team is shown there.


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