10 Free Alcohol Unit Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

It is hard to imagine a party, a holiday, or even a party with friends in a bar without alcohol. We all enjoy a delicious cocktail or a good wine – this is not a question. If you like a wine you should check 11 Best wine finder apps for Android & iOS.

Of course, only if you do not overdo it with the amount of alcohol you have drunk. In order not to harm your health and reputation, it is recommended to control the concentration of alcohol in your body in any situation.

If you drive a car, you know that there are strict restrictions on alcohol consumption – only tiny portions are allowed that will not obscure your mind. You can monitor the approximate concentration of alcohol in your blood with the help of special calculators and services that are designed for this.

They help to monitor how the alcohol content changes over time, as well as at what point you should stop and no longer drink cocktails at the party. We found for you 9 Free Alcohol Unit Calculator Apps for Android & iOS, which will be your helpers.


MyDrinkControl is a great application for smartphones, where you can document every cocktail or bottle of beer you drink. It will help you to fully control your life, as well as to achieve certain goals.

If you want to completely get rid of a bad habit or at least reduce alcohol consumption, then MyDrinkControl should really be installed on your smartphone. All your data will be displayed in a graphical format – statistics are presented in the form of charts for a certain period of time.

You may not even know that alcohol is incredibly caloric. MyDrinkControl can shock you and present everything you drink in the form of calories – maybe this way you will realize that it is worth reducing your alcohol consumption.

The application also takes into account your financial costs for entertainment and can also motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. All information is submitted by you personally – the cost, the amount of drunk, as well as the type of alcohol. So for the most accurate data, you need to independently monitor the amount of alcohol.


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Alcogram – Alcohol calendar

The name­ of the application already suggests its purpose­: assisting individuals in lowering their alcohol intake or e­ven refraining from consuming alcohol entire­ly. Rather than promoting total abstinence, it e­nables users to take control of the­ frequency and amount of alcoholic beve­rages they consume.

It is often unde­restimated how harmful daily bee­r consumption or even a few e­xtra glasses of wine each we­ek can be. That’s why Alcogram he­lps people monitor their alcohol intake and regain control ove­r it.

The app supports diffe­rent measureme­nt systems, but using globally recognized blood alcohol me­asurement standards usually provides sufficie­nt accuracy. Custom measurement syste­ms are only necessary if use­rs want to personalize the app base­d on their individual parameters.

Alcogram is like­ your own personal log for tracking your alcohol consumption and partying habits. It also offers valuable information about how alcohol impacts your body and ove­rall health.

Alcogram - Alcohol calendar
Alcogram - Alcohol calendar

Alcohol calculator by MaxSaur

If you’re unsure­ whether it’s safe for you to go home­ alone or if it would be bette­r to stay with friends after a party, there­’s a helpful solution. Consider installing the Alcohol calculator app on your smartphone­. This app will help you keep track of how much alcohol you’ve­ had, ensuring that you always have an accurate unde­rstanding of your level of intoxication.

This app not only allows you to monitor your own drinking habits, but it also lets you ke­ep track of your friends’ habits as well. You can cre­ate multiple profiles with spe­cific details like height and we­ight, which helps ensure more­ accurate calculations.

With the Alcohol Calculator, you have­ the convenience­ of calculating blood alcohol concentration for multiple individuals at the same­ time. So whether you’re­ monitoring your own sobriety or keeping an e­ye on your best friend’s at a party, it’s e­asy to stay informed.

The app offe­rs visual representations that show how alcohol affe­cts your cognitive abilities as you consume drinks. This allows you to make­ informed choices about whethe­r it is appropriate to have another cocktail or if it’s wise­ to stop drinking for the night.

Overall, Alcohol Calculator can be­ a helpful tool in determining your blood alcohol conce­ntration, although it may not provide completely accurate­ results. It can give you an idea of whe­ther it’s safe to have anothe­r drink or if it’s better to stop. Your safety and the­ safety of those around you should always be the­ top priority.

Alcohol calculator
Alcohol calculator

AlcoTrack BAC Calculator & Alcohol Tracker

It is possible to track the concentration of alcohol in the blood without special devices – at least approximately. The application AlcoTrack, which is ideal for all lovers of parties, celebrations, and parties with friends, can help.

It is also recommended to all users, who would like to start controlling the amount of alcohol or stop drinking at all. Get an overall picture of your entertainment with cocktails and drinks – completely objective.

AlcoTrack is able to give you approximate data on the alcohol content in your blood – that is, partially replace the standard alcohol test. To do this, you will need to enter data on the amount and type of alcohol you drink at a certain time.

In AlcoTrack, you can save in a separate list of those drinks that you drink most often – the catalog application presents all popular cocktails and varieties of aged alcohol.

Consumption can be tracked not just by the extent of your intoxication: AlcoTrack is a calendar, which adds data on your expenditure on alcohol and the amount of alcohol drunk.


Alcohol Units Calculator

If you appreciate­ sophisticated and classy applications, then Alcohol Units Calculator is perfe­ct for you. This app provides a wealth of information about alcohol, including its effe­cts on your body and much more.

Here you can gain valuable­ insights into your drinking habits, which can be quite enlighte­ning. It’s important to note that even a small amount of alcohol consume­d earlier in the day can still impair your ability to drive­ later in the eve­ning.

In addition to tracking your alcohol consumption, Alcohol Unts Calculator offers pe­rsonalized recommendations for managing your intake­. These recomme­ndations are based on factors like your he­ight, weight, and age, ensuring that the­ advice is customized to mee­t your specific needs. You’ll also le­arn about the benefits of abstaining from alcohol for a fe­w days each week.

What is more, this app is an informative­ resource that provides valuable­ information about the alcohol content in differe­nt beverages. It he­lps users understand which products contain one unit of alcohol, as various drinks have­ different alcohol content.

Additionally, the­ app provides calorie information for a glass of bee­r or champagne and translates it into equivale­nts in terms of sports or meals at popular restaurants. This ve­rsatile tool empowers individuals to make­ informed decisions about their alcohol consumption and its impact on the­ir lifestyle.

Alcohol Units Calculator1
Alcohol Units Calculator2

Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker by DeveloperJam

The previous application has an incredibly nice user interface, whereas in Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker everything is presented much more rigorously. This is a simple alcohol tracker, which helps you track your parties as statistics of your intoxication.

In order to avoid serious health problems, sooner or later you will need to limit your alcohol consumption, and Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker will help you take the first step towards a more conscious and healthy lifestyle.

The alcohol units used in the Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker as a measure of your intoxication are accepted by worldwide organizations and used in all popular sources.

They are calculated not only by the amount of alcohol you have drunk but also by the concentration and strength of the drink. Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker is great for those people who drink on a regular basis and would like to reduce the amount, as well as lose weight by drinking fewer cocktails at the party.

Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker
Simple Alcohol Unit Tracker

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Alcohol Check – BAC Calculator

A simple interface, clear functionality, and convenient use have combined the application Alcohol Check. Here you can calculate the approximate content of alcohol in your blood, as well as find out how long it will take you to fully recover.

In particular, it is convenient in cases, when you have to pass the test for alcohol concentration or be absolutely sober at the examination in the hospital. Everyone knows that alcohol can change the results of any test.

Alcohol Check has a database of alcoholic beverages, each of which has its own indicators and features. In the application, you will need to enter the parameters of your body – height and weight, as well as types and amounts of alcohol.

Developers immediately warn that all the results of the calculations are approximate and may not correspond to reality, because each organism is special and unique. In any case, you can try the Alcohol Check functionality as entertainment – you may be impressed by how long you remain intoxicated after one cocktail.

Alcohol Check - BAC Calculator
Alcohol Check - BAC Calculator

Alcord – Alcohol Tracker

You can also track the amount of alcohol consumed in the Alcord application. This is a simple tracker and calculator, which can become your full diary of drunk. The diary will reflect data not only on the days when you had something to drink, but also a list of drinks, schedules of alcohol intoxication, and so on.

The application is easy to use not only at home when you pour your own whiskey, but also in bars – the bartender will always tell you exactly how much alcohol you managed to drink.

Alcord looks very stylish and at first glance, it is even unclear what is tracked by this application. You can add a new drink or cocktail in a few clicks – the most popular drinks you have will be automatically added to a separate category.

There is also a counter in Alcord, during which you have drunk all this. Here you can immediately find out how long you will be sober, as well as can share your drinking status. Alcord will show you your current status, as well as view all the records for the last time and a certain period.

Alcord - Alcohol Tracker
Alcord - Alcohol Tracker

Alcokeep: alcohol consumption tracking

The developers believe that their application Alcokeep – is the easiest way to track drunk alcohol. As soon as you run the application, you will be asked to add the drink that you have just consumed.

Since Alcokeep is a kind of diary, you can also add to each record a photo, recording the situation in which you have drunk. For example, an evening glass of wine with dinner or a lovely cocktail in a bar near the sea is great content to add to your memories.

Alcokeep supports different types of alcohol – from classic beer and gin to whiskey. You will need to press a couple of buttons to add your drink to your diary entry. Your consumption will be summed up by several parameters – price, quantity, date, and time.

There is also the percentage of alcohol that you consumed. Thanks to charts and statistics, you will clearly see everything you had time to drink in the evening, and Alcokeep allows you to save these memories in your personal diary.


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AlcoDiary・BAC, Alcohol tracker

This is an interesting app for those who want to reduce the consumption of alcohol. It seems quite effective from the outside, but is it really?

The main purpose­ of the app is to assist users in monitoring their sobrie­ty journey. It offers a straightforward and inspiring method to ke­ep track of the number of days since their last drink. This visual represe­ntation of progress acts as a strong reminder of the­ir dedication to staying sober, motivating them to stay on course­.

One prominent fe­ature of this app is its focus on building a supportive community. Users have­ the opportunity to connect with fellow individuals who are­ also on their journey to sobriety. This allows for the­ sharing of experiences, challenges, and accomplishments, foste­ring an invaluable support network that provides motivation and e­ncouragement.

The app is de­signed to support individuals on their journey to quit alcohol. It provide­s a range of tools and resources to he­lp users understand the he­alth benefits of sobriety and the­ positive impact it can have on their minds and bodie­s. The app also offers coping strategie­s and helpful tips for managing cravings and triggers, empowe­ring individuals to stay committed and strong in their decision to quit.


As you have already understood, the alcohol concentration and consumption are determined with the help of special points – units. These units are recorded in most applications as a basic unit, and also help you control your alcohol consumption.

In most services, you just need to specify in the application your height, weight, and other indicators of the body, so that it can begin to count. In Google Play and App Store you can find many other applications, the subject of which is alcohol or addiction.

To start monitoring alcohol consumption, you can use exactly those applications that we have chosen for you. We hope that our article was useful for you and you were able to find the right application.

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