12 Top Wine Cellar Management Apps (Android & iOS)

Do you have a wine cellar or planning to get one? This article has you covered!

There are various top wine cellar management apps for Android and iOS that will be your personal pocket sommeliers. These apps can be efficient for both wine collectors and average wine lovers. Therewith, the apps can help you to organize wine cellar, teach you the wine terms, and show you how to pick the perfect bottle for every occasion.

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Here’s the list of the best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate


Let’s start with an app called Delectable Wine. This is an app that empowers you to scan the wine bottle label to know more about it.

The main aim of this app is to help you find delicious wine wherever you are. So what you need to do here is to just take a pic of the wine label. Then, the app will pop you right to its personal card of the wine where you can read all the facts about it.

The card covers the description of the taste and flavor of the wine, and reviews. Wherein, the app has reviews from both amateurs and pro wine critics. The app runs on a 10-point rating system which brings us to more detailed reviews. You can also use the app’s searching engine to look for particular wine producers, vineyards, and even by the sort of grape.

Besides, you can rather photograph a label or pick an image from your gallery. It needs to be said, the app also covers strong drinks and beer but the main focus is still wine. The app also covers various wine notes and blogs you can read. You can also follow the blogs you like or even make your own one.


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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine


The second app is called Vivino and it’s a widely-known service for wine reviews.

The main destination of this app is to help you to select wine in a store, the restaurant it wherever else you need. The principle of this app is simple — you just need to take a pic of the wine label. And if you’re in a restaurant you will need to photograph a wine list.

Once you do that, the app will give you a wine card so that you could view all the facts about it. Herewith, the app shows you the description of the wine, its producer, the details about its taste and smell, and also the grape sort it was made of. Furthermore, the app covers real reviews of both amateurs and advanced wine enthusiasts.

The app saves all your searching history so you can always come back and add the wines you’ve enjoyed to your personal fave list. In to of that, the app shows you the wine prices for online stores so you can get the best offer. In case you have no clue what wine you’d like to drink today, the app has a top list section with the most popular bottles.




CellarTracker is an app for wine label scanning that will teach you how to recognize good wine.

With this app, you just need to scan the wine tag and you’ll get the full info of the bottle in secs. The app covers thousands of wine cards and its number is constantly growing so you can be sure it’ll help you to pick the ideal bottle. These wine cards cover the detailed info about the wine’s taste, smell, the grapes it was made of, the producer, and more.

Herewith, all the wine bottles have reviews from the real consumers so you can see what people think of it. Plus, there are reviews from both amateurs and pro wine critics — all the profiles that leave comments are marked with the wine knowledge level so you won’t need to guess.

In case you own a wine collection you can use the app to each over it. You can enter the data about each bottle you own — from the place you’ve bought it to where you store it. You can also scan all the labels so it’ll be easier to pick a bottle that resembles the occasion you’re preparing for.




Wine-Searcher is an app that will guide you in the world of pleasing wine.

This app covers three ways to find the wine that matches our preferences. First, you can use text search and look by the name, be the producer, and by the sort of grapes, the wine is made of. Secondly, you can scan the wine bottle label to see all the info the app has for this wine. And lastly, you can search for the stores nearby and look for a top-rated list.

The label scanning way is the fastest one. Once you’ve scanned the tag it takes the app secs to pop you to the wine card. This card covers the detailed description of the taste of the wine, its smell, and the food you’d better match it with. Plus, the app has the review section with the contents of real people.

The app saves all the searching history so you can always go back to a particular jar. The app also tells you the average cost of the wine and the best online stores where you can buy it. You can also rate the wine to let other consumers know about your experience with it (you can also make it visible for you only if needed).


VinoCell – wine cellar manager


VinoCell is an app that will be your personal wine cellar manager right in your pocket.

This app is an absolute must for all the wine vault owners out there (as well as for the people who are planning to get one). The main aim of this app is to help you put your wine collection in order according to various factors. Thus, you can organize wine bottles by the name, the country, and the region, be the producer, grape sort, alcohol, and even maternity.

Herewith, the can make a graphic reflection of your cellar racks and shelves. Wherein, you can mark where each bottle is placed to never ever forget it again. There are more than forty different rack pieces in the app so you can recreate your cellar entirely. Once you’ll load all your bottles in the app you can even view the market value of our whole collection.

On top of that, you can search for a particular wine to view the facts about it and see where you can buy it. All the wines come with detailed info about it and with the reviews. Plus, there are surveys from both advanced wine critics and average wine lovers.

My Cellar


As you can see by the title, My Cellar is an app that can help you to manage your wine vault.

This app empowers you to keep records of all the vine you own, the ones you’ve tried, and the ones that are yet to be tested. When you load a wine bottle in the app you get to make its own wine card. This card should cover its name, basic characteristics like taste or smell, and all the other notes you might want to make.

You can also get into all the details describing every wine bottle but it’s not necessary. Plus, the app has the descriptions of thousands of wine bottles you can view. You can search by the name, the region, the producer, the maternity, and lots of the criteria.

Then, you can make compilations of the wine you want to try, your fave vine, or even the worst wine you ever tried. And you can share these compilations with other consumers. As for cellar organization, once you’ve entered all the bottles you currently own you can import it to any cloud services as a CSV file.


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CellWine: Scan, Save, Share Your Wine Notes/Rating


CellWine is an app that empowers you to keep records of all the wine you currently own have ever tried.

When you’re a wine connoisseur it’s might be hard to remember all the wine you try. You can memorize the best and the worst wines and miss some unique bottles. So the main aim of this app is to cover all the wine you’ve tasted and made your personal wine story.

You can load all the wine bottles you own in the app and enter all the details about it — from the taste and maternity to the region and the exact producer of it. Once you do that the app can show you the approximate value of your collection. Plus, the app can make you food suggestions for all wines you have.

Wherein, it’s very easy to load the wine in the app — just scan the label and renter any data you want. You can also make wine notes and wine complications for various moods and events. The app can cover several cellars at the same time so no matter how huge is your storage the app can handle it.


Decanter Know Your Wine


As its name suggests, Decanter Know Your Wine is an app that empowers you to learn more about wine and how to pick it.

This app is made for all types of wine lovers — from pro critics to future sommeliers and amateurs. Thus, the app covers lots of quick lessons that will help you to understand wine. These lessons are short enough to read on the go.

It needs to be said, the app only has ten free lessons and all the other ones can only be bought separately. On top of that, this app is also a kind of wine magazine with various wine notes and compilations. So when you’ll finish the educational part you can fully enjoy the regularly updated content about wine (you can add the best ones to your faves list).

Wherein, you can also complete wine quizzes to see if you’ve memorized the material well. These quizzes are made by the AI so if you make a mistake you’ll get this question again till you’ve got it right. Their app also makes compilations of the best wines for particular events.

Wine Cellar Database


Wine Cellar Database is an app that will keep your wine vault organized.

The main aim of this app is to put all the wines you currently own in order so you could remember every single bottle. It needs to be said, the app only covers ten free cellars spaces for wine bottles. If you have more wine, you can buy extra cellar spaces individually or in packs.

When you add a wine bottle in the app you can enter all the little details about it like maternity, grape sort, producer, and more. You can also add your personal notes about it but it’s not necessary. Once you’ll add all the bottles you own you can then sort it due to various filters like name, grape sort, and all that.

Herewith, you can make your own wine compilations and split the bottles into categories. You can make compilations due to the occasions or the best food to match it with. Besides, you can search for particular wine bottles via filters. The app can also count the market value of your collection.

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant


Hello, Vino is a full-on wine manager that you can carry in your pocket.

The main destination of this app is to teach you how to choose the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion and the company. Therewith, you can enter the selection criteria, answer a few questions and the app will pick up a wine that matches your likings the most.

The app also has more clarifying questions for the people who already have some knowledge about the wine such as the brands, regions, and maternity. All the wines the app recommends you come with wine cards. These cards have the description of the wine, the info about its taste, smell, and the food it pairs with the best.

On top of that, the app also gives you a list of online stores where you can buy the wine as well as the prices. And if you have any price limits fir the wine you should enter them when you enter your criteria. You can also ask the app to only recommend wines that can be bought in your city. You can even search for the food you plan to have.

Corkz – Wine Info App -Reviews


And lastly, Corkz is an app for people who have or dream to have a wine vault.

In case you are yet to make your own wine cellar you can use this app to make a digital one. This collection can hold the wine bottles you plan to try as well as the ones you’ve already tasted.

The app can also help you know more about the wine you see in stores and make a perfect choice. Wherein, you need to scan the tag and the app will give you the full description of the wine. Thus, you’ll get to know about the type of wine, its taste, producer, and the grapes it was made if.

Furthermore, the app has a wine encyclopedia that teaches you the pro terms about wine. Plus, this app empowers you to compare tow bottles of wine side by side. You can compare the ratings, reviews, prices, and more. The app even has a map with the best wine places out there.


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Oeni – Wine cellar management

Oeni is a unique mobile app that allows you to keep track of your personal wine collection.

Here you can add all the bottles of wine you have in stock so that you can use the recommendations of professional sommeliers and choose the right alcohol for certain events and occasions.

You can also control your spending on alcohol with the “purchase price” feature. To do this, you need to enter the cost of a bottle, after which it will automatically be entered into your alcohol spend. You will then be able to view information about your purchases and spending for a selected period of time.

Thanks to the app, you can track your wine stock and control the amount of alcohol you drink. In order not to forget to enter data into the app, you can set reminders and notifications.

This will allow you to get accurate information about your alcohol collection and always be aware of the availability of a certain wine in your inventory.

Keep track of the aging phase of each wine, and get personalized recommendations from a sommelier on the alcohol selection for you and your event. The app also has helpful articles on wine and food compatibility.

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