9 Free Apps to Watch Horse Racing on Android & iOS

Are you a horse racing fan looking for a way to watch races live? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of free apps to watch horse racing on Android and iOS that empower you to watch your fave races wherever you are. There’s no need to sit in front of your TV anymore – everything is available right on your phone in HQ! Some of these apps even enable you to make bets if you’re interested.

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Here’s the list of 9 best free apps in that category you should try. Have a look!


Racing com

Let’s start with an app called Racing.com. This is a streaming app that empowers you to watch all your favorite horse racing right on your mobile.

The app has a sleek minimalistic visual and intuitive navigation so you can watch any racing with comfort. Plus, the app covers all types of horse racing — from Victorian to Australian ones so there’s something for everyone. Therewith, you can watch all the racing live — all you need is a stable internet connection.

Along with that, the app also gives you access to race replaces records so don’t worry if you’ll miss your fave racing. But if you want to make sure you won’t miss a single race you can view the app’s race calendar. The app even has racing analyses that appear a couple of days after the racing.

There’s also a powerful searching engine that empowers you to look for a particular horse, jockey, or trainer and view their profiles. Furthermore, the horse profiles contain info about all the upcoming racing it will participate in. The app also has a news section with various thematic articles and racing reviews. Plus, there’s a built-in diary that you can use to take racing-related notes.

Racing com 1 Racing com 2


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bet365 – Sports Betting

bet365 1

As you can guess by the title, bet365 is a betting app but it includes horse racing live streams as well.

In the first place, bet365 is the market’s leader when it comes to bets so if you’ve ever wanted to make a bet it’s a nice platform to use. The app actually covers multiple sports events — from tennis and horse racing to casinos and more. Each sport has a betting system as well as live streams.

Beyond that, the app empowers you to bet as you watching a live stream but it’s not necessary. It’s also not necessary to bet at all — you can use it as a streaming platform and that’s it. Therewith, the app has a detailed event calendar so you will always know when the next horse racing is going to happen.

You can even set notifications to remind you about the race right before it starts. There’s also a sport updates tool that will tell you how the racing is going even if you’re not watching it. Besides, you can search for your faves horses and view their profiles. The profiles tell you how many races the horse has had along with its upcoming races.

bet365 2 bet365 3


Horse Races Now

Horse Races Now

Horse Races Now is an app that gives you access to live horse racing translations.

Apart from the previous one, this app is fully dedicated to horse racing so there is no extra content that may annoy you here. The app translates all types of horse races so you can be sure it covers your fave ones as well.

Plus, it has a detailed race schedule that tells you about all the upcoming races. The schedule gets regular updates so if there are any changes in the program you will be awarded.

You can also set reminders to tell you when the race is going to begin to never miss a single one. The coolest thing about the notifications is that they come with thematic horse racing related sounds. But if you will accidentally miss the race, don’t hurry to get upset — the app contains race replays for up to two years!

On top of that, the app empowers you to subscribe to your fave jockeys, horses, and even racetracks to never miss their races. There are even vids of horse training you can watch before the races.

Horse Races Now 1 Horse Races Now 2



If you’re a racing fan and choose only quality channels, check out the NYRA Now mobile app. It gives you access to streaming video directly from the New York Racing Association. Only thoroughbred NYRA Tracks races are held here.

Besides, you can see the races that are presented at the world-famous tracks: Belmont, Park, Aqueduct, and Saratoga. Do not miss the chance to enjoy a professional sport of excellent quality.

Users can watch live videos, replay important races and use the pause and replay features. HD-quality broadcasts will make watching as comfortable as possible. Many cameras from different angles will illuminate the sporting event.

For true race fans, there is an opportunity to peek into the paddock before the event. Watch the training sessions and get even more up-to-date information for betting. 

In addition to the horse racing broadcasts, you can find information and historical information about the birth of the sport. Enjoy the Talking Horses show every day at your convenience.

Don’t miss your chance to get the most out of horse racing – install the NYRA Now app and change your viewing experience forever.


BetAmerica: Live Horse Racing


BetAmerica is another betting app that covers live streams of horse racing.

The main concept of the app is to give you a platform where you could bet on all types of horse racing. Due to this, the app covers harness, quarter, and thoroughbred races. Besides, the app has detailed expert analyses of each race that happened within the year so you could estimate the chances before being.

Needless to say, it is not necessary to bet to be able to watch a race translation. You will need to log in though but it doesn’t oblige you at all. Plus, the app has a race calendar that covers all the upcoming races. It is updated regularly so you can be sure all the recent changes are considered.

Moreover, the app has records of past performances in case you will want to rewatch a race. Each race also has a personal card that contains track conditions, the list of participating horses and jockeys. And if you will decide to make a bet the app has an odds section and the ability to change a bet after the beginning of the race.

BetAmerica 1 BetAmerica 2


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Watch Horse Racing Live Stream

Get access to high-quality horse racing broadcasts. To do this, you need to install the Watch Horse Racing Live Stream app on your electronic device. The developer Horse Racing Today took care of the largest comfort of users.

Now you can easily find the necessary competition in seconds and enjoy watching it absolutely for free. The app is freely available to users from different countries.

The most popular races are held in the UK, so they are given the largest attention. Using the app is easy and simple: choose a video from the offered options or enter the desired title into the search engine. Save popular videos so you can access them at any time.

Besides live downloads, the app gives you access to live stats. Here you will get information about the results of horse races, find out the rating, and the latest news about the sport. Stay up-to-date and don’t miss important events with Watch Horse Racing Live Stream.

HD video quality, a wide variety of horse races, and access to all the features have made the app one of the most popular in the industry. Install Watch Horse Racing Live Stream on your cell phone and sit back for an enjoyable experience.


TVG – Horse Racing Betting App


TVG is also a betting app that can be used for viewing horse racing live streams.

First of all, it needs to be said that you have to be at least 21 years old to be able to make an account. And as you are not allowed to use the app without an account this rule is kinda decisive. This platform empowers you to bet on more than 300 racetracks all over the world and you can watch live translations for all of them.

Al the races are being translated in HD so you can be sure you’ll have a great time watching it. Plus, there’s a detailed schedule for all the upcoming races and if there are any changes in the program they are being considered immediately. You can also set notifications to remind you when the race is about to start so you’d never miss a single one.

Thereto, the app also contains race replays and the records of past performances so you can always come back to your fave races. You can also follow your fave horses and riders to never miss their performance. There are also race reviews and expert analyses you can read to make an accurate bet.



Paddy Power Sports Betting

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a sports betting app that covers horse racing.

The app covers multiple sports so you can use it for more than just horse racing. Plus, the app covers live streams of all the games and races that you can watch for free.

Needless to say, you don’t have to make bets to see the translations at all. However, you will need an account and you can only make one if you’re at least 18 years old so consider that.

As it was already mentioned, there are live translations for all the games and racings that can be bet on. Therewith, all the streams are in HD so it will be a joy to watch your fave horse race.

The app also had an intuitive interface so it will be easy to navigate. It also has a detailed calendar of all the upcoming events including horse racing. You can even set the notifications to tell you when the race is about to start. Besides, you can view multiple racing analysis made by experts to odd the betting chances.

Paddy Power 1 Paddy Power 2


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Racing TV – Live Horse Racing

Racing TV

And lastly, Racing TV is a horse racing broadcaster that empowers you to watch your fave races live on your mobile.

This platform is one of the leading ones when it comes to horse racing translations. It covers all types of horse races from 61 British and Irish throughout. Plus, it has detailed racecards and analyses from the industry’s experts.

Furthermore, the app has an in-depth race calendar with all the upcoming events. Therewith, the calendar gets regular updates and all the program changes are being considered immediately. You can set the notifications for the app to remind you that the horse race is about to begin so you’d never miss anything.

There’s also a news section that covers all the latest events n the industry. Plus, all the streams are HD quality so you can fully enjoy it. and there are also records of the pre-race parades and training if you’re interested. And if you’ll ever miss the race there’s always an option to watch a race record.

Racing TV 1 Racing TV 2


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