11 Free Caller Location Tracking Apps (Android & iOS)

In everyday life, we often encounter strange calls. These can be simple advertising messages, calls from unknown numbers by mistake, or real harassment.

If you want to find someone who is disturbing your life and calls from an unknown number, you should not just forget about it. In fact, it can cause constant anxiety or even paranoia.

Nowadays, there are several applications that allow you to identify the person who called you. That way, you can know that it was a friend or acquaintance of yours who was just making a stupid joke on you.

In addition to such services, there are also other ones that allow you to determine the location of the caller. This can be useful not only for stalking but also to find out if the person is cheating on you and where he is actually. We’ve picked up 11 good apps to help you find out a little bit more about the person who made the call.

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Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

hiyaHiya is an application for quality protection against fraudulent numbers and fake calls that can bother you all the time. The application automatically detects spam calls and also automatically blocks them.

Also, the service shows you the real number of the person who makes a call – even if he uses tricks to hide it. If you still get a fraudulent call, you can always report it to Hiya.

The application is also responsible for protecting your phone from viruses – you will always be safe when using it. The numbers that Hiya defines can be immediately added to your phone book and contact list.

The security so guaranteed by the developers is formed with the help of an advanced mechanism to detect suspicious numbers. An unknown caller will immediately become clear numbers – or perhaps you will immediately understand who is calling you. With Hiya you will no longer accidentally receive calls with spam or unwanted callers.

hiya1 hiya2


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Caller Location Tracker by Crazy Softech

caller location trackerWho is actually calling is the main question you ask yourself when you find a call from an unknown number. The Caller Location Tracker application will help you determine the true ID of the caller who is calling you, as well as identify them using the location detection system.

You will be able to block any calls from unwanted numbers – all you have to do is use this application.

Most importantly, Caller Location Tracker does not require an Internet connection to determine the location of the caller. The map is downloaded automatically when you install the application, so you will see a specific point.

It is worth noting that the information is given at the level of the city or district from which the call came. Telemarketing, product sales, or other scammers will not be able to disturb you because you simply will not receive any more calls from them.

Caller Location Tracker identifies any caller who wants to contact you, as well as help identify the person before you answer the call.

caller location tracker1


TrueMobile Caller ID

true mobile caller idTrueMobile Caller ID is a unique application that tracks the position of your smartphone absolutely anywhere. It captures your GPS position in real-time and keeps track of all your movements in your smartphone history.

It shows your path on Google maps, so you can easily track which places you’ve visited. On Google Maps, you will define your permanent appointments and visits.

TrueMobile Caller ID works offline and does not require a permanent internet connection. It does not upload your data to remote servers and stores all the information on only one device.

Caller ID is activated as soon as you receive a call – the real phone number is shown first. It also identifies spam users so that you don’t get distracted from your work by such inappropriate calls. If you accidentally block the necessary caller, then at any moment you can unblock it literally in a few clicks.

true mobile caller id1 true mobile caller id2


Spy Phone® Phone Tracker

spy phoneKeeping track of someone has always been interesting to people. It feels like you’re becoming a part of another person’s life, as well as learning something secret.

The Spy Phone app will allow you to keep track of other people’s movements – but it will also require the consent of another person. The application represents a special tracking of subscribers and the ability to use a special alarm button.

Spy Phone combines several features that will be especially valuable for parents. When your smartphone is low on power, it automatically sends a geolocation message to another trusted person, and you can also send a help message, add a sound or a lost phone message, and more.

You can even see who your kids are chatting with – their contact list is copied and sent to you. In your smartphone’s Quick Access panel, you’ll see 7 people’s position information (maximum number), which means you’ll quickly get the information you want.

spy phone1 spy phone2


Mobile Number Locator by SriApps

mobile number locatorIf you have private unknown calls, you can try the Mobile Number Locator application to track these subscribers. You will see all unknown phone numbers, STD codes, and much more.

In real-time, your smartphone will display subscriber data – information about the location, city, mobile operator, as well as the status of the smartphone at the moment (on or off).

Mobile Number Locator allows you to search for numbers from many countries around the world – the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, and others. When detected, a subscriber’s geographic location on the map is displayed with city accuracy – as it is difficult to obtain more accurate data in a short time.

Mobile Number Locator supports the history of all your latest searches, so you can even view the history of your geographic location. Thanks to calls in the call history, you can also find information about your service provider or the county from which the call was made.

mobile number locator1 mobile number locator2


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Phone Tracker – True Prank Call & Location Tracker

Phone Tracker 2The application is the pocket manager responsible for calls and texts. This app also can help you to track the location of the caller, but only by the mutual agreement.

The user will be able to contact her at any time. And the convenient function of dividing into categories will not allow you to miss something important.

The user will always be able to easily access the desired item in the list. SMS Manager works in a similar way. “Add Fake Call” adds a non-existent call to the log. You can mark it as outbound, inbound, or skipped.

You can not only add a fake call to the story, but also make a fake incoming call. The user can also add a fake to the SMS history where it will be visible whether the SMS is delivered. Location & GPS tracker allows you to save a user’s location and track how long it was saved back.

Phone Tracker 1


Caller ID – Phone Number Lookup, Call Blocker

caller id phone number lookupSo who called you? If you missed the call, you can still determine who called you. The Caller ID application allows you to identify all unknown subscribers and show you who actually called you.

The application is designed to search for phone numbers, block spam, as well as display the call screen. You will not encounter calls from robotic systems or advertising – the application simply blocks them.

Caller ID automatically shows the name of the caller, which will help you determine whether to talk to a person. Fraudsters and spam are automatically added to the blacklist – so the app can help you say goodbye to annoying and useless calls.

A huge database allows you to find most callers and determine who they really are. Also, Caller ID provides an opportunity to decorate your call screen a little – in the application you can find several interesting topics for individual decorating of calls.

caller id phone number lookup1 caller id phone number lookup2


Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

caller id phone dialerMany applications work only with calls. This service Caller ID allows you to find out not only about incoming calls but also about SMS, which you can block or add to the blacklist.

The application database contains more than 1 billion numbers, which are defined for you. The application will help simplify your communication, making it safer and more enjoyable for you.

An intelligent search engine allows you to see the true identity of each subscriber. Even if a person tried to hide their number, Caller ID will prevent this. Also, Caller ID tracks the location of the caller – you will always know how far the person is from you.

As we have already said, the same principle is applied to SMS: text messages of each subscriber are identified, thus preventing fraud. You will be able to completely block a person in Caller ID – neither SMS nor calls will come from him/her.

caller id phone dialer1 caller id phone dialer2


Phone to Location

Phone to Location1This app allows you to track the location of any subscriber. And in case the user seems suspicious, he can always block the subscriber.

You can track the location of the subscriber not only if he calls from a mobile phone, but also in the case of a fixed phone.

The feature is available for many countries, for example, the USA, China, Canada, Great Britain and many more countries. In the identification data, you can see the country, city, state and operator serving the incoming number.

You can configure the identification of unknown numbers in the settings. Contacts in the app can be sorted by location. The app blocks suspicious numbers like scammers or spam. The plus of the app is that it works even without the Internet.

It is possible to change color themes in the app. In order to see all this information, you do not need to answer the call, the app will display all the information instead of with the call.

Phone to Location2



truecallerSome applications may save numbers from your contact list so that other users can access them as well. Truecaller does not interact with your data in any way – under no circumstances does the app store or share your information.

The way that Truecaller tracks the location of the calleris that it detects it in a hidden way and blocks all the spam calls.

The service uses a list of spammers who frequently call you and other users trying to sell something. The application specifically filters out such calls and connects you only to those you really want to talk to.

Truecaller also allows you to communicate with your friends or family. This communication will be completely safe for both parties. You can send your friends’ geolocation information or your own status.

Unknown subscribers will be immediately displayed in the call history along with their names and other related information. By the way, Truecaller also blocks SMS-spam, preventing fraudsters from disturbing you. Telephone sales agents are also blocked instantly – you will not even know that they wanted to contact you.

truecaller1 truecaller2


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Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location

Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location1One of the most convenient caller locaiton apps.You can even track the location by messages.

Thanks to the app, users can find the location of an incoming number, block an unwanted call or mail. After all, no one wants to deal with fraudsters or spam.

And so that the user does not miss the important call, in the settings you can set a flash and strong vibration on incoming notifications. To find the caller who makes the call, you must specify the desired number in the search bar, and it will immediately appear on the map.

You can block unwanted subscribers both before calling and in the app by blacklisting the number. Also, thanks to the “HLR lookup” feature, users can make international calls for free, since the app has phone codes of all countries.

The app has a pleasant interface that can be configured entirely for itself. You can also make a creative call screen. You can add a frame from an emoji or select from existing options.

Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location2


Spam, phone fraud, stalking, or just annoying jokes – you can easily get rid of all this with the help of third-party services. You can identify the numbers of people who call you from an unknown phone, as well as understand how close they are to you.

You can even find out the name of the owner! You will be able to use such trackers to track literally any person who decides to call you. For your convenience, we have found the really best and most popular applications that do a good job. The main thing is not to start chasing the caller back.

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