11 Best Scary Roblox Games

Many players in search of interesting Roblox modes are willing to spend hours searching to find the most attractive game mode for them. Especially popular are the horror modes, where players need to face real monsters and avoid them in every possible way.

These games aren’t for the faint of heart, so if you get scared of the dark and jump scares, then you might want to avoid playing some of these. However, if you enjoy a good scare once in a while, then the best scary Roblox games should do the job for you. If you want to play the scariest games, try multiplayer horror games.


CocoaEach player can choose who he will play. On the one hand, he can be a survivor whose task is to get out of the room. But, you can play the main villain, whose name is Cacao.

The room itself is quite repulsive, and the textures are done in the usual tradition of Roblox. The player’s task is quite simple – to survive and escape from the maniac.

You’ll have to look for related items for this, as well as use the store. The weapon of the maniac is a truncheon. He stuns his victims with it, and the players lose control over their character and leave the game hastily.

The appearance of the main character resembles Piggy, who is made of cocoa and has the accompanying color. The villain himself is not that scary, and the mode is not very terrifying.

It’s great for both adults and children who want to run away from Piggy. Complicating the game is the fact that the main character has to make it in time. You have to look for the exit and at the same time keep track of time.

Cocoa 2 Cocoa 3

At its end, the victory goes to Cacao, as she did not let her victims out. You can play this mode with your friends, who can play as a surviving character or as Cocoa chasing the heroes.


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Siren Head: Rebirth

Siren Head RebirthIt’s worth starting with the backstory of this game. It consists of players flying on a plane.

It doesn’t matter where exactly they were flying to, because their plane crashed. And, unluckily, the crash happened so that the players survived and ended up in a real forest with many caves around it.

The forest is inhabited by a huge monster called Siren Head. In addition to the monster itself, there are also smaller monsters, and they are also dangerous to the player.

So now the main task of the players is to try to get out of the forest alive because the danger will lurk at every step in this scary forest.

The first thing to note is that Siren Head is perfectly made. His appearance is able to scare not only an ordinary player but also a real horror-lover.

Especially terrifying is his sudden appearance because the time of day in the mode is always at night. Thus, you encounter the terrible monster quite unexpectedly.

It looks terrifying. It seems that he has one rotating head, and the height of this monster is about 10 meters. He is really huge and moves quickly on two legs.

So, it is difficult to escape from him and you have to look for other ways to deal with him. Only the interaction of players will allow you to survive in this mode.

Also, we should not forget about the appearance of the alien, namely his body. After all, he looks like a real alien. The music, which always adds a lot of danger to the player, also adds to the atmosphere.

Siren Head Rebirth 2 Siren Head Rebirth 3

The sounds are also good. This mode, though rather scary, is suitable for anyone. And it is not only about the player’s choice, but also about his age. This mode is suitable even for a child.



BakonThe game Bacon forces you and other players to try to get out of the place where there is quite a scary character.

His name is Bacon, and his appearance can scare even the most avid players of this genre.

Besides the fact that the villain has a very scary appearance, you will also have to face a place with a very frightening atmosphere.

You will have to wander around in a dark hall to try to get out of this place. In the meantime, you have to look back, because you never know where Bacon will be this time. The mode is suitable for young children and adults alike, making you tremble with fear at the approach of the scariest evil.

You have to avoid encountering the dreaded villain, but don’t forget about what you have to do to escape. You will have to open doors, run electricity, and more. You have an escape task in front of you, and how do you do it if everything is closed? You have to look for the keys on the map.

You have to look for the key you need to use for the door. After that, you have to look for the exit and as fast as you can, because Bacon can catch you at any moment. All of this is reinforced by the fact that Bacon is constantly moving around.

He doesn’t have a single position where he stands or appears. You really have to look in all directions to avoid a collision. If he catches you, it could be game over for you. Only luck in such a case can save you, so try not to get in his face.

Bakon 3 Bakon 2

The difficulty of the mode is also in avoiding the villain without a weapon. You won’t be able to hit or knock him out initially so you can escape.



Gertrude In this game, you are in a psychiatric hospital, where in addition to you there are also other players. The main task for everyone is to get out as quickly as possible.

But, Gertrude gets in your way. This is a female character who is controlled by another gamer. His task is to stop the possible escape of people, which he takes advantage of.

For the difficulty mode, Gertrude has a feature that kills your character at a short distance.

This allows you to forgo the typical physical contact, while Gertrude gradually “sucks the life” out of your opponents. And the mode is really challenging because if Gertrude kills you, you will crawl until another player comes to the rescue.

Everything would be simple enough if it weren’t for the new problems. It’s impossible to open the door you need. To open the door and escape from this creepy place you need to find special keys.

There are several of them, so the search will continue. Moreover, you will be looking for the keys not only in the hospital but also outside the hospital.

Also in the game, there are some other items that will help both Gertrude and ordinary gamers. This mode is very similar to the famous Dead By Daylight game, where you are also being hunted by a maniac. The appearance of Gertrude makes you afraid of her, and her heartbeat is the evidence of an approaching villain.

The gameplay location is done in dark colors, which makes the adventures on the map even more intimidating. Your character models can be both standard and colorless, as well as unique.

Gertrude 2 Gertrude 3

In the end, you have to get out of this place with the help of transports, which you have to unlock during the game by getting through the obstacles.



PiggyPiggy is not a simple pig, but a real maniac in the form of a pig, whose task is to destroy his enemies.

He can do it with improvised means, and the usual players meanwhile have to hide from your enemy.

The player’s task is to find all the necessary keys to the locked doors. Opening the doors you can gradually progress to be able to escape from the maniac.

But, meeting with him you have to run as fast as you can. Caught him you will have no chance of escape, and if you lose the game you have to believe only in your friends.

There are also extra things in the game. As it was already mentioned above, you have to find the keys. But, apart from that, there is a weapon that can cut off the maniac for a whole 20 seconds, giving you a chance to find the keys. Also, you can find other items that help during the game. These can even be ordinary boards.

Characters can move in the places where the maniac can’t move. But don’t get excited, because you have only 10 minutes to pass this map. So the longer you stay in one place, the more chance that the maniac will win. You have to keep moving around trying to defeat your enemy. Also, the difficulty of the mode is the difficulty of the maniac.

Piggy 2 Piggy 3

If an experienced player comes up against you, dealing with him will be really difficult. The location, although quite scary, but in some places, it is really beautiful, which also can’t leave you indifferent.


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BALDIThe story of Baldi has appeared quite recently. The point is to run around the school, collecting textbooks and solving assignments. If you do not do this, the teacher will get too angry.

The user finds himself on school grounds and must run away from his pursuer.

As the gameplay progresses, various teaching assistants will be added. They can limit the view, mark the player as found.

The time to find all students is six minutes. For the same period of time, it is necessary to find all the books that are on the territory of the school. Any character the game randomly picks can play as Baldi. Also added the ability to buy a chance to become a teacher.

In this case, he is immediately chosen as an assassin. The usual characters have the task of finding all the books and escaping. Each book contains three problems to be solved. These are simple math, and the third is any number or letter. Legend has it that once a player gives the wrong answer to the last question, it angers the teacher.

Playing with companions is more fun and easier. Two users can quickly solve all the equations by spreading out in different directions. For example, one of them can distract the formidable teacher, and the other can do the tasks.

The school has many doors and various rooms with no desks or other furniture. Running into it, the participant of the game becomes vulnerable and can get on one of the monsters.


After Baldi catches someone, this character is reborn, but his achievements are already lost. The winner is the one who has collected the objectives the fastest and ran out of the school grounds.


FRIDAY THE 13TH: Escape The Killers In Area 51

FRIDAY THE 13TH: Escape The Killers In Area 51In this game, the user has to jump into a long well, where various creatures are located at the bottom.

This could be Freddy the Killer or Jeff, characters from Five Nights of Freddy. Once on the map, the player will find himself in an area with stores and teleporters all around.

Stepping into these can result in not getting out or going to another game. There are also clothing models that can be purchased for gameplay.

Going into a dungeon, the player will find many corridors and rooms that can be opened or closed. Depending on the likelihood of a monster appearing, the player can immediately lower the doors. The map is done in the same style as others of the “Area 51” type. The only difference is the implementation of extra characters and a huge number of ads.

The gameplay system is based on “one killer and everyone else is a victim.” At the top of the screen is a table indicating the winners and losers. The number of characters killed, rounds, and the number of battles won are also indicated there.

Before the start of the game, you can travel around the initial site and keep track of the amount of time. At the end of it, all players are thrown to the territory, where there are houses and several underground passages.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: Escape The Killers In Area 51 2 FRIDAY THE 13TH: Escape The Killers In Area 51 3

Each user is given a lantern and an extra tool with which to clear a path or fight off an assassin. The playgrounds are large enough to allow you to find a variety of places to hide.


Horror Hotel 2

Horror Hotel 2Horror Hotel 2 is a continuation of the interesting first map, where there were a whole story and several dimensions.

The user had to go through all the rooms, see the horrors and be practical in the field. In the second part, a similar system was implemented, but the story tells already about the other guests.

The player has to gradually open all the rooms, enter and solve the mysteries. There is a separate room, where the space is inverted. It is necessary to find a way out, which is located in the strangest places.

Each player is given a specific set of items. This includes two flashlights and a lamp. The map is made in the form of a dark corridor, where the ghosts are flying and set a lot of doors. Going through the first three, the player will be able to open further ones. These contain notes that are worth reading.

From the story, it becomes clear that something horrible happened in the hotel, causing some of the guests to stay there forever. In addition to the screamers, the user will find murdered characters, terrifying inscriptions, and pictures.

The second part added more rooms and a more extended story system. Upon reaching the end, the player will encounter various monsters that can attack at any second.

Horror Hotel 2 3 Horror Hotel 2 2

Also, as you pass, you have to collect fragments of paintings and perform various tasks. Hints will appear constantly, which makes the gameplay even easier and more interesting.



GrannyGranny is a game that was released as an application for mobile devices. A little later it appeared on Roblox.

It is a real horror map, where players will have to hide from various dangers, using only one flashlight.

Once on the map, users find themselves in a small room. Of the items available only a flashlight, with which you can light your way. This is a huge house, where users are waiting for the monsters, and most importantly – a terrible character who can destroy.

Not to run into him, you need to move as carefully as possible on the map. It is worth noting that with a special store, players will be able to buy extra weapons and protect themselves.

The map is designed for the multiplayer game, which can take part by several users. Additionally, there is a small area, which is made in the form of a hospital. Offers more opportunities for players, for example, to kill opponents with special weapons.

On such a map you can play along with their games. Here you can make a lot of intimidating screenshots, run and look for enemies. You can follow the canon and just hide from the scary characters.

Granny 2 Granny 3

The history of the game and the map shows that the main character was once in an accident. Woke up in a shack with a woman who looked almost nothing like a living person.


Stop it, Slender!

Stop it, Slender!This is the most famous entertainment for all teenagers. Slender himself is an intimidating character in a black suit.

He has no face and long arms with a completely white body. Sharp and elongated fingers are capable of grabbing anyone.

True, the victims die rather from the scary sight of this man. So there is no blood in the game.

Its essence is to avoid getting caught by him. The participant is given only one flashlight, with which he must run around the dark location and look for letters with generators. Having done everything properly, the player wins. Often he is not alone, but several. That is, the company is hiding from Slender.

He, in turn, must find them and scare them to death, taking their soul. He is given a certain amount of time to do this. If he does not have time, he loses.

You can have fun both as a victim and as a terrifying hero. No one has a weapon. The only thing given to the escapee is a flashlight and a camera that senses when someone is approaching. All the action takes place on an open black map where you can’t hide.

Unlike the classic map with standard locations, the version of Roblox has some changes. Now, the player at the beginning of the session goes to the respawn, through which it can follow the other participants. He is given time in which to turn on all the generators (usually three) and collect notes (eight pieces).

Stop it, Slender! 2 Stop it, Slender! 3

As for Slendera, he is given two features: invisibility and fast movement. They much more inflame the atmosphere and the game becomes much scarier. Thus, the victim is now more difficult to dodge and run away from the long-armed danger.


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Guest666The story of Guest 666 is a really scary one. This is a character who used to play Roblox, but one day, he received a notification with the number “666”.

Even after turning off the computer, the numbers wouldn’t disappear from the computer. He tried to leave the room, but it was impossible.

As he approached the computer, he noticed that the screen was blinking. As soon as he approached it-the game engulfed him. Now, he became a faceless player with the name “Guest 666.” There are separate maps where you can meet him.

This is a map, designed for many modes. In it, you will be able to find both free and exactly the map where you can meet the Guest. The character enters the map, where there are many different skins and characters.

You will be able to choose one of them and start the game. All of the individual modes are broken down into categories. Try each of them to pick something really interesting. The scariest one is the one where you have to find the guest himself.

There, you’ll find traces of blood, lots of interesting sounds that remind you of Guest and the ominous atmosphere. Try to find the Guest himself, who is lying in one of the houses. As soon as you get close to him the ominous sounds will spread all over the map. All of the individual locations contain a mystery.

Guest666 3 Guest666 2

In a free game, you can find the Guest falling from a cliff, in another one he just appears and stays there for a long time. Don’t worry if he suddenly disappears. Nothing terrible will happen – he is on the map just to arouse players’ interest.


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