13 Best Kegel Exercise Apps (Android & iOS)

Kegel exercises come with diverse health benefits, but for some reason, they may seem hard to get into. Luckily, now you can start training with nothing but your phone.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best Kegel exercise apps (Android & iOS) you could try. These apps cover all kinds of training sessions you can perform at any time.

These trainings make great pregnancy workouts, help to strengthen your pelvic muscles, and positively impact your overall health. The apps let you set reminders and monitor progress to help you stay on track. Let’s dive in!

Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises

A set of simple exercises and daily reminders – this is an easy way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles!

Are you tired of doing the same exercises and feeling that the results are not improving? In this application, 10 different workouts. This means that you always have the opportunity to choose a new complex. All exercises last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, which makes them ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.

You know about the need to do Kegel exercises, but always forget to do them? Daily reminders will warn you that it’s time to do the exercises.

Keep motivated – unlock records about your previous achievements and beat your own records.

To start a workout, choose a visual, sound, or vibratory prompt. Follow the commands on the screen, sound signals or use vibration tips and practice, because no one around will guess about it.

The application has a discrete icon and name so that when you look at your phone, no one will understand what this application is for.


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Elvie Trainer

The Kegel smart simulator performs several important functions:

  • Feedback, monitoring and training reminders;
  • Teaching. In fact, the set of exercises is not so difficult, but all the same, it’s much easier to act on prompts;
  • Elvie software is interactive.

Before you start training, you need to install the program on your mobile gadget – it can be a smartphone or tablet. The gadget is synchronized with the device via Bluetooth.

After synchronization, you can start training. To do this, install the device according to the instructions and run the application.

What is especially interesting, various exercises are presented in the form of games: to control a moving object on the smartphone screen, you need to make an effort to the body of the Elvie trainer device. The process is very visual and fascinating! A total of 6 different exercises are offered.

For example, at one of the stages, you need to hit the target, at the other – to keep the pearl in the center, straining the muscles. If for some reason the result is not very good, then you want to either replay or to achieve great success next time.

In addition, in the application, you can set goals and the system selects training modes based on them.

The Elvie application tracks and saves training progress – from the data received from the device, you can build a graph that clearly shows an increase in muscle strength. For confident progress, you need to exercise just 5 minutes a day!

Reminders will not let you miss a workout, you can train on a schedule and track achievements in a special table.


Magic Kegel

When you first start and connect the device to your smartphone, you will be offered to make several personal settings so that the trainer can choose the most effective training for you.

The first things you will be asked:

  • The purpose of your workouts?
  • Your health condition?
  • Have you previously trained with other kegel devices?

Based on your answers, the application will select a training program for you. There are 6 ready-made training programs. Each training program has 4 levels of difficulty.

Next, you need to connect the Magic Kegel device to the smartphone and you will be offered to take a course. The application will show the most comfortable position for training, how to use the device, and how to train muscles.

Press the Play button and start training. In this case, the voice trainer will tell you what to do. In the center of the screen, there is a small chick that flies depending on how you tighten the device with the muscles. The stronger you tighten the muscles, the higher it rises.

After completing the first cycle of approaches, you will receive an award – Magic Seed. By training, you can grow a tree out of it. After training on the Statistics tab, you can see your results.

On the “Tree” tab you can see the progress of growth of your personal success tree. When you click on the History” tab, you will be able to see statistics for all the time of your workouts.



The kGoal exerciser is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The application allows you to evaluate and record the effect after using the kGoal exerciser. Strength, muscle control, and endurance are the three basic values. The application allows you to analyze the dynamics of the results in comparison. Based on the previous results, the difficulty of tasks for the following training is corrected.

Experts confirm the analysis of the results, and exercises in the form of a game are the most important positive qualities of the kGoal exerciser.

Training can be done at home. Exercises with the kGoal are done in the form of an exciting game. An application for a smartphone on the Android or iOS platform is installed for free. Feedback with the exerciser is supported via Bluetooth. Three workout games are designed for home use.

The uniqueness of the device for training pelvic muscles is that this simulator adapts to the internal features of the female body. The design allows you to perform game exercises with a feeling of greatest comfort. The application adjusts the load force depending on the results.



Perifit provides users with excellent kegel workouts. The application combines six efficient kegel exercise programs and interactive video games.

Once you have launched the app, it will ask you to pass a simple registration procedure. After that, you will be transferred to the homepage of the app.

On this page, you will gain access to the overall program – e.g. training time goals, video games, practice mode, etc.

The app comes with a user-friendly interface containing the following sections of the bottom of the screen:

  • Learn
  • Train
  • Progress

Lastly, users can monitor the integrated algorithms to estimate their performance.


Dr. Kegel

In order to make our list more diverse, we should include the Kegel exercise apps not only for women, but also for men. Yes, you probably didn’t know that there are Kegel exercises for men as well. Here you will find the system of exercises aimed at training the perineum muscles.

The program is based on a scientifically proven method. You will probably start with easy exercises, gradually continuing with more and more complex ones. As you progress in your workouts, the most elaborate and interesting exercises will be unlocked. Each exercise contains text and video instructions.


Pelvic Floor

This nifty tool is here to help you work on strengthening those PF muscles. To cover simple yet effective exercises that both newbies and pros will benefit from. Plus, the app can be used by both men and women as the workouts help to improve diverse health conditions.

The training mainly focuses on the organs that help you control bowel functions and the bladder. These can help to positively impact your overall health and you don’t need any equipment to practice (or any special skills in general).

Plus, all the exercises covered by the app can be done at any time, wherever you are. It’s incredibly convenient for those with a busy lifestyle, as they won’t take much time and can be performed on a quick lunch break, or smth.

There are in-depth guides on how to do the training properly and there are tons of articles you can read to dive into the positive impacts of Kegel practices. You may rather do 30-day programs on individual lessons, it’s up to you.


Easy Kegel

Another cute app that is also easy to use. The first advantage here that you can see is that this app always displays the daily exercise goal. When you press the “start” button for a workout, you will receive some instructions first. This is the feature some might like and some might not.

When you are doing exercises, the times light up with pink, and it lights up white when you need to take a rest. Another advantage of Easy Kegel is you can set the sound notification on the timer or turn them down – how you like. By the way, the workout programs are customizable, and you can change them in the way you want.

You can also see your stats in detail. The app shows everything from your training history so you can see how your performance changes with time. It can help a lot if you have motivation problems and need some extra push to keep going.


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Kegel Fit

This app covers quick workout programs that let you work on your PF muscles. The traits are made for both men and women, so there’s for everyone. None of the training is time-consuming, and you don’t need any skills or supplies to perform them. The average time of those is from 2 to 7 mins only.

Plus, you can easily regulate the difficulty lvl to match your need to gradually move to more complex ones. There are 9 types of exercises in general, and all are pretty easy to perform. You can easily do these at any time of the day, and no one around you will even notice.

The training is mainly gymnastics, and all of these are prepared by progynecologists and trainers, so nothing random here. You’ll get to modify the routine to cater to your needs, too.

The app gives in-depth stats on your progress. You can even set reminders to never miss training and stay consistent with it.


Kegel Exercises for Women

In this app, women can find kegel exercises to help them build and strengthen their muscles. The workout cycle is designed to develop the pelvic floor muscles. They can take from 3 to 9 minutes a day.

You can use the services of a personal trainer in the app. There are levels of difficulty that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Workouts will be step-by-step, which will allow you to perform exercises with the right technique and achieve maximum results in a short period of time.

You will receive alerts and reminders from the app when you need to work out. You can set up and make notifications silent. There will also be audio and voice prompt in the app during exercises, allowing you to do them correctly and with the necessary breaks. You need to subscribe to paid content to get access to extra features.


Kegel Exercise

Use this app to pump your pelvic floor muscles and improve your health. In it, you can find different exercises and workouts for both beginners in this case and advanced ones.

The app provides detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise, allowing you to do them gradually with proper technique and without harming your health. About 56 cycles of exercises are designed to last several months. You should perform them every day to achieve effective results.

The app also tracks the user’s statistics and progress, which can be examined at any stage of training. You can also use the app to keep track of your health, including weight and heart rate. You can customize your workout plan, and the app will remind you each time you need to exercise.



If you wanna get into Kegel, this app is a nice place to start. It covers an extensive lib of training you can do at any time, whenever you want. All of those are simple and pretty quick, so you can easily squeeze them into your day.

Most sessions only last 5 minutes, but if you stay consistent with these, you’ll notice the changes pretty quickly. The results are usually visible after 3 weeks of training. And if you have issues staying on track with training, don’t skip reminders to ensure you’ll practice every day.

You can also get a smart Kegel training device that comes with an app, but it’s not necessary to practice. All the sessions are made under the guidance of healthcare specialists and made the way to make you benefit to the max. You can also adjust the sessions to match your needs.

The UI is intuitive, and you can view in-depth stats, too. And if you are interested in the educational part, there are tons of articles to read.


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To wrap up, there’s an app that covers simple sessions for strengthening your pelvic muscles. The training covered by the app improves your health in lots of ways: from recovering from birth to getting better sex experiences.

All the sessions are made by leading academics, and you get to regulate the routine to cater to your needs in the best way possible. You can point out your gender and age, and the app will pick up the best training for you. Most sessions only last up to 5 mins, so you can fit those into any schedule.

Above that, the app lets you set reminders to ensure you won’t skip a single training. The key to positive effects is consistency when it comes to Kegel exercises, so the reminders can help a lot.

You can also make a widget with a silent vibration to do the training anytime, anywhere. The stats section is pretty in-depth, you can see the entire history of the sessions and monitor your improvement.


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