6 Free Loop Video Apps for Android & iOS

Looking for a simple way to loop your videos? We’ve got everything you need!

With these free loop video apps for Android & iOS, you’ll get to easily make cute looped GIFs. These apps let you regulate the number of loops, and have no time limits at all. Thus, you’ll get to easily create infinite loops with your most precious memories. Let’s dive in!

Funimate Video Editor


It’s a video editing app that offers lots of features, including looping.

The app offers advanced tools you can use to create complex edits for your socials. Herewith, the UI is intuitive, and it won’t take you too long to create a pro clip. The app covers a wide selection of transitions, effects, overlays, stickers, and more.

There are literally hundreds of options to spice up your vids with, so you get as creative as needed. As for the looping, the app lets you loop vids that are several mins long, which is handy if you need this tool for content. You can also automatically reverse looped vids if needed. The app covers some AI effects you can use to create magical edits in a few taps.

Besides, there’s a keyframing tool that lets you animate certain parts of your pic. This tool may take a few tries to master, but the results are totally worth the effort. There’s even a built-in music lib with all the trendiest sounds from TikTok.

Funimate 1

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This iOS app lets you loop vids with no effort.

The mechanic of this app is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to pick a vid from your lib or a cloud service. Then, you’ll need to see how many times the vid should be repeated, and it’s basically it.

You may rather make loops for single vids or the entire playlist if needed. All the videos you make will be saved and stored within the app, and you can sort them into playlists if needed. And when it’s time to share, you can send the vid right from the app in secs.

More to that, you can choose to export the loop in reverse if needed. You can also save it as a GIF and add slow and fast-motion effects. All these features are free, but there are quite a lot of ads that may get annoying.

Looper 1

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Next, there’s an app that lets you make cool video mashups on the go.

If you need to create short video loops for content, this app is a solid option to try. It lets you make seamless 10-sec vids in HD that you can then upload to your socials. Yeah, the time limit is quite short, so this app is definitely not for everyone.

It also covers a couple of effects you may try to spice up your clips if needed. Once the loop is done, you can save it as a GIF and share it with friends or the online community. Besides, the app features a wide selection of GIFs you can download.

The app’s lib includes popular memes and fun GIFs in high quality that you can get for free. All the loops are sorted by categories, and you can join thematic groups dedicated to TV shows, books, or even cats. You can also share your GIFs with the community and follow other people to collect their GIFs.

Loopdeck 1

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Loop Video Maker

Loop Video Maker

It’s a simple app that lets you capture memorable moments in loops.

You may rather use some of your old videos or record and loop new ones right away. The app covers a few features to make your loops more creative. For instance, you can make the vids slower or faster, add transitions and reverse it (or certain parts of it).

Plus, the app lets you specify how many times the vid should be looped. There’s no time limit here, so you can make an infinite loop with no effort. As for the videos you can use for the loop, the time limit is 15 secs, so keep that in mind.

You’ll get to add or delete audio tracks and trim the vid into parts if needed. There’s also a tool to regulate the sample rate of the audio and the resolution of the clip itself. All the vids can be saved in HQ and the app doesn’t add any watermarks.

Loop Video Maker
Loop Video Maker 1



This app lets you loop clips in one tap.

With this app, you’ll get to quickly create a looped video to play on your phone or external device. It works nicely for all kinds of presentations, events, parties, and just for content, of course.

The app doesn’t ask for registration or smth, so you can get straight to editing once it gets downloaded. You get to select and vid from your lib or cloud storage and loop it as many times as needed. There are no limits for the video length, so no worries here.

The app lets you regulate the number of loops that need to be done, and you get to loop several vids at once, which is handy. Once it’s done, you can save the vid in numerous formats and share it right away.

Loopideo 1

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And lastly, there’s a full-on video editing tool that lets you capture important moments.

This app is not only about video looping. It covers multiple features to create complex edits for your socials. You’ll get to cut portions of your videos, merge clips, add music, transitions, stickers, text, voice-overs, and more. The loop tool is here as well, and you get to adjust the number of repeats needed.

You’ll also get to reverse the clip and regulate the speed of the entire clip or its portions. You get to speed the video up and down for up to 10x easily. The app provides multiple video themes with magic effects you can use as templates.

It also comes with a music collection that has all the trendy sounds and tracks you can use. The app actually lets you edit the audio track as well by changing the rate, adding sound effects, and more. You may even record your voice and add it to the vid.

VivaVideo app
VivaVideo app 1
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