9 Best Baseball Scorecard Apps for Android & iOS

Baseball is one of the most popular sports. It is played in schools, colleges, amateur teams of already respectable and adult people gather. Baseball has a lot of fans all over the world and in the United States in particular.

In any case, the spectators are watching the game intensely with special cards. These cards can be bought at the entrance to the stadium, printed out by yourself. Or, a more convenient option – to have an electronic version.

You will be able to use it at every match and you will not have to look for or buy a new one – it is very convenient. Since baseball can change everything at any point in the game, it is better to keep track of all the players’ actions.

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Baseball scorecard apps will help you with this. We have selected 9 best applications of this kind for you and are ready to present them to you right now.

PenScore: Baseball Scorecard / Scorekeeping

Adult baseball fans are not used to new and improved cards. If your parent or grandfather is a baseball fan and he is not good with his smartphone and does not want to set up applications, PenScore is the best solution. Just install the application on the device – it can be a tablet or smartphone – and you can start to fill the card.

Of course, filling with pen and paper was one of the pleasures of baseball. But PenScore fully retains the design of standard cards with their nameplates. No need to set up the player and team profiles – just type everything in at once in the interactive table.

If you want to mark the movement of the player – you just need to point your finger and make a mark on the chart – it is also in PenScore.

If a person has ever filled out a piece of paper at least once, he or she will intuitively understand what to write and how to type in the data. A simple interface and minimal setup – the simplicity of PenScore ensures its easy use.



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Personal BaseBall ScoreCard

Another simple digital version of baseball cards. It is absolutely simple and clear to use. Now you will not need to stand in line to buy a card or look for it on the Internet, as well as in case of mistakes to correct the numbers with an eraser and pencil – you can fill everything interactively right in your smartphone or tablet.

Personal BaseBall ScoreCard is designed to track game statistics in real-time. Even if you are watching a baseball game on your couch at home, you can conveniently fill out the table.

The scorecards are saved and will be available to you in the future. You can also create notes right next to the table, where you can record your impressions of the match or key moments to discuss or share with friends.



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iScore Baseball/Softball

iScore Baseball/Softball is a baseball card version for more advanced users. If you want to get more than just a scoreboard, you should pay attention to this application.

iScore Baseball/Softball allows you to create and manage entire teams, pair multiple devices, dynamically change the score of the game and the actions of players, monitor automatically generated statistics and much more.

For example, you can take into account the feed rate, its type, and so all the movements of a runner on the playing field. All the results of the games are automatically added to a separate results sheet.

If you do not understand something in the score or the judge’s verdict – you can at any time return to any point in the game and view it again. Of course, everything is in the form of charts and tables, not videos.

In general, iScore Baseball/Softball is a functional application and will be incredibly convenient for users who are constantly attending the games of their friends or children – so you can monitor their progress and results in detail.




Kennedy Score – Baseball Score

An application with slightly enhanced functionality. You can not only record and record the progress of the game, but also keep track of the scoreboard, statistics, and also go back to previous matches, as needed, and study what was happening there.

On the main page of the application launch field, you need to enter the name of the teams. If you have not started recording from the very beginning of the match – just enter the current score and start your statistics.

We show you the score from 1 to 9 halves. You can save it or share it with your friends so that they are also aware of the current status. View the runner’s status, enter all the data about the players’ movements, and save them immediately. You can come back at any time of the game if necessary.

All the results of the recorded games are saved. You can download each of them for rewatching in Kennedy Score, as well as make backups – so your data will be safe.



Baseball Tournament Maker

Baseball Tournament Maker is an application with a light and minimalistic design, made in the best traditions of baseball cards. You fill in the tournament table in order to record all the actions of the players during the match, their movements on the field, fines, nuances of the game, and much more.

A maximum of 20 tournaments is supported. You can draw the game strategy directly in the application. The drawing account is also supported. All results are displayed in a separate tab of the application in the histogram chart.

There you can clearly see the full statistics of the team – the number of wins, losses, and overall played matches. All matches are saved both in tabular and drawn form. You can fill in as you like.

You can return to the saved games as well – the full table with the results is available. All data is backed up directly to your phone, so you will not lose any intermediate tournament results for sure.



Baseball Score

This is the more simple app for recording the baseball scores, but the smaller number of functions doesn’t make it less useful in the game process. Here you have a chance to record all the main moments and points of the game, you can record the time of running, and so on.

The app is especially convenient to use for the little league games because they don’t require that much of a section to record. Just push a button to add a run for each team, an inning, or a ball, strike, or out. Simply hold down a button to clear the value. The timer that you will find in the app will help to keep the track of the game.

Track the number of pitches, balls, strikes, and fouls thrown by two different pitchers. By the way, don’t worry if you accidentally (or not) close the app and that all the information is going to be erased – the app saves everything automatically and will reset everything after the next usage.



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Baseball ScoreBook

Do you want to avoid bothering to enter the names of all the players of the team, as well as a lot of other information before the match itself? Use Baseball ScoreBook. The application does not require you to enter all the data before you start filling out the card.

All you need to use Baseball ScoreBook instead of a paper card and pencil is to simply install the application on your smartphone. Once installed, you can get started immediately. The application is universal and allows you to prescribe as many hits as you want. Use non-standard punches and combinations – Baseball ScoreBook will easily record and fix them.

The league options give users the ability to control the number of hits, serves and other game activities. Baseball ScoreBook is also convenient because the coach of the team can see the weak points of their players with the help of statistics.

The application provides full analysis of the games in the form of tables, so you will immediately understand what needs to be fixed.
You can import all the data to your computer or any other device and print it out. Everything is presented to you in convenient HTML and web formats.



Lazy Guy’s Baseball Scoreboard Free

As a baseball beginner’s parent or as a teammate, you just need to install a similar app on your iOS device. Lazy Guy’s Baseball Scoreboard makes it incredibly easy for you to record all of your loved ones’ games and keep track of their progress.

If you go to a lot of baseball games, it is obviously not very convenient to buy cards and carry a pen or pencil with you all the time. Lazy Guy’s Baseball Scoreboard also helps you to keep up to date with what’s going on in the game, and at the same time keep track of your players’ scores and actions.

You can focus entirely on the game, not the scoreboard. This way, you will not miss a single movement of your players.

Stream life from the match on your Twitter, so not only will you but also your friends and subscribers know what is going on. The application does everything for you. Tracking statistics, kicks, scores – just enjoy the process and Lazy Guy’s Baseball Scoreboard will do the math for you.



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Baseball Scoreboard BSC

When you’re all about the baseball game you want to know every single score that your team has. The more annoying is the situation when you have no chance to do that. Now you will not have such a problem – Baseball Scoreboard BSC will help you find a way out of this situation.

With the help of the app, you can keep track of your baseball or softball score. All you need to do is fill in the names of your guest team and the home team. The handy box score displays all hits, kicks, and team errors. You can also view the current score of the match.

Thought the interface looks a little bit out of time, but the functionality is simply great. In addition to baseball, this app is capable of tracking the score for fastball, softball, and hardball. Here you will find the scorekeeping for all levels of ball, from little league baseball, high school, college, to pro, is a delight for the user.



Baseball fans are very emotional and keep a close eye on the game. If you get a little distracted by the scoreboard, the action around you, or any other action, you can miss something important on the field.

To prevent this from happening, you need to have a tool at your hand to keep track of what is going on in the game. You will not be distracted by the really important things and the main process.

We hope that you will find a convenient service from the presented ones. Now you can enjoy baseball games – regardless of whether you are sitting in the stadium with steel fans or watching the game on your sofa in the living room.

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