9 Best Pipe Fitter Apps for Android & iOS

Smartphones are basically computers that fit in your pocket and allow operations that only a couple of decades ago seemed like science fiction. There is an infinite number of apps available on the market that can make your life simpler and increase your productivity – everything is at your fingertips!

Imagine, for example, a digital tool that allows plumbers and pipefitters to make measurements in real-time, without using a tape measure and with the advantage that, in addition to the measurement, they can obtain a photograph with all the desired dimensions? Isn’t that something useful?

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All this, of course, greatly benefits engineers, technicians and basically all kinds of people. After all, we all sometimes have to deal with difficult situations at our houses. 

There are many tool-related apps available for Android and iOS; let’s see which ones can be useful and functional for plumbing and working with pipes.

Pipe Fitter Calculator

Unifying technology with the most traditional aspects of life is not an easy task for companies and professionals who work with their hands and tools. Having a backup app that can provide them with easy calculations and quick information on their field can save time and improve their performance.

This app can be especially handy for those who need the work done fast and without the need of carrying many tools at once. You can calculate offsets with 90/45 fittings, flange 2-hole fit up, custom fittings and more. The interface is simple yet efficient and intuitive.

With mainly positive reviews and constant upgrading, this is one of the best apps in this list. Another interesting feature of this application is that it allows calculations in both imperial and metric units.


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easy Pipe fitter

A handy mobile reference tool for Piping Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Designers, Draftsmen, Pipe Fitters, Students, and almost everyone working with pipes. This app represents a great tool that helps its users calculate common pipe offsets – from pipelayer to odd angles, elbows, tees, radius, weights, and volumes, etc.

You can get measurements as if you were using a real measurement tape. All this is always available in your pocket, so you don’t have to carry those heavy tools that you never have in hand when you need them.


Pipe-fitter Reference

This app is purely technical for all kinds of pipe measurements. It could be blamed for a lean interface design but that is not the first thing in a pipe-measuring app. Using this app you can get the references on various measurements with respect to different fittings of the pipes and their dimensions.

When you first open the app, you can see the list of Welded Flange dimensions, Flange of various classes from 150- 2500, Valve dimensions of different types, 1/2 dimensions, Reducing Tees, and Pipe Schedules.

If you want to check the bolts, wrenches, studs lengths, rings, and so on suitable for a pipe, then just click on the desired dimensions of the Flange or other fittings. For Android, the app is free, however, on iOS, you will have to pay a small fee for it.



Plumbing Systems Design Tables

Plumbing Systems Design Tables is an application created by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, something that already ensures its functionality for any plumber out there willing to give it a try. With this app, you can have the Plumbing Systems Design Tables in your pocket, without having to carry them all the time.

In addition, the application gives access to data on equations, design tables, various systems, as well as plumbing materials. Just imagine – you have a complete catalog and it takes up very little space. Making quick and completely reliable calculations will be a matter of seconds.

You can verify the size of pipes and even obtain information from the International Plumbing Code or the Uniform Plumbing Code, among others.


Plumbing Formulator

With Plumbing Formulator, you can calculate and convert almost anything with more than one hundred formulas. You can calculate pipe weights, also the flow of water or even consult the plumbing tables to evaluate different options for a specific job.

Does your customer need the price of a water heater large enough to service your home? You can also get this data. In addition, there is also information regarding the consumption of each type of heater.


Electrical Wiring Lite

This is a simple but very useful tool. Occasionally, installing pipes and plumbing jobs are related to basic wiring. This tool is available for iOS and Android (with Lite version and Pro version depending on payment), is a small calculator that will make things easier, avoiding small errors that can later affect the final work.


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Copper Tube Handbook Pipedata

More than an app, this comes in handy as a manual with useful data on pipes. It is a very interesting tool for anyone who works with copper pipes. The application is completely free and is developed by the Copper Development Association.

With it, you can find the correct size of a copper pipe for a particular job in a single click. It has a large database in which you can see the physical characteristics, dimensions and nominal internal working pressure for different types of pipes and copper pipes in general. 


Pipedata is a very complete free Android and iOS application. Among its features, you can find a database with the characteristics, dimensions and weight information for 72 common ASME tubular components – the calculation of the performance required in the function of hydraulic pressure, memory calculation, calculation of the maximum space between the supports, and a variety of similar characteristics. 


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Pipe and Fitting

Finally, the last but not the least is Pipe and Fitting app. Here, we have an application for your smartphone that provides you with the dimension of piping and information about accessories.

The app comes with many interesting features such as calculation of pipe size, pipe clamp, fitting, flange, pipe hanger, and gaskets. Likewise, it has both metric and imperial unit systems that you can switch between. The interface is not the most appealing one but it gets the job done and contains lots of useful data.


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