11 Best Rummy Card Games for Android & iOS

Rammy is a popular card game around the world. Its goal is that you need to gather the right sequence of cards. To do this, you need to know certain combinations and rules of the game.

This list includes the best rummy card games. There you will find all the necessary information and interesting opponents. Improve your skills and become the best among the players.

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Grand Gin Rummy: Classic Gin Rummy card game

In the Grand Gin Rummy: Classic Gin Rummy card game, you can choose from 12 virtual rivals.

Each opponent has its own style of play and unique strategy. You can also improve the quality of the game, choose the screen size.

For easy sorting of cards, there is a special button. Clicking on it, the application Grand Gin Rummy: Classic Gin Rummy card game sorts the cards by suit, value or combination.

You can also do it manually by dragging and dropping. You can change the way you sort the cards in the game settings.

You can play with your opponent individually or arrange a tournament. In these modes, you can apply all your skills and knowledge. To select the number of players, click on the “Game Type” button in the application menu.

You can activate the soundtrack in the game and the automatic scoring of points. All your victories will be stored in history. So, you will be able to view your detailed statistics. The data can also be sorted by date or opponent.

If you accidentally take a wrong action in the game, you can cancel it within seconds. Thanks to the rating system, you can determine your skill level. Keep an eye on their development and improve your position in the best players list.

Grand Gin Rummy Old1

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Gin Rummy Stars – Card Game

The app stands out first and foremost for its visual design. Here there are high-quality graphics, which give realism to what is happening, but the user is not lost in space, it is not overloaded with unnecessary elements.

The application is a panel with a virtual gaming table, which is presented, to other players, online.

The game is played according to standard Rummy rules. That is, you collect a winning combination of cards, and then the game service counts the points for one game session and the rating of the players.

In addition, It has an avatar editor where you can create any character you like. The app also has a game progression that allows you to grow your account by unlocking new competitive opportunities.

As you progress through the game, new strategies for playing the game also become available to you.

The application is fully within the framework of the game genre, the interface and the game dynamics are very pleasing. However, there is a lack of development of the game in online and offline modes. Sometimes the team gets bots that do not fit the level of players.

Gin Rummy Stars - Card Game1

Gin Rummy – Best Free 2 Player Card Games

Gin Rummy – Best Free 2 Player Card Games is a multiplayer online game. Here you can compete with other players in the classic card game.

The purpose of this game is to collect the right combinations. For this, you will need strategic thinking and certain skills. If you are playing the game for the first time, you can read the section “Information”.

Also here you will find useful tips to improve your skills and strategies. These strategies can be applied during the game. But, the best strategies will be the ones you come up with.

You can play this classic game with your family, friends or other players from all over the world. You can also log in to the application Gin Rummy – Best Free 2 Player Card Games using your Facebook account.

So you can invite your friends from there and have fun with them.

A daily bonus is available in the game. For the entrance, you will get a nice reward. For the points, you receive you can change and decorate your profile. Also, you can get extra features that will help improve the process of the game.

In the game Gin Rummy – Best Free 2 Player Card Games, there is a rating of players. The more you play, the faster your gaming skill improves. So, you can go up to the top of the table of winners.

Gin Rummy - Best Free 2 Player Card Games1

Gin Rummy Super – with Friends

Have you ever seen such card games as solitaire, canasta and UNO combined into a single whole and received an unusual, and most importantly, exciting game? This article will present a similar type of app that will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Gin Rummy Super has a huge number of different game modes, as well as bonuses that can significantly ease the gameplay and raise the player’s desire to continue playing. Since the app is made in bright colors, we can safely say that the developers have done a really hard job.

This game has features such as:

  • smart system for winning rewards from boxes according to the user’s gaming level
  • bonus items such as free coins, daily gifts, magic wheel spins, gift tokens and more
  • the possibility of higher winnings when raising bets, as well as a unique offer with the likelihood of hitting the jackpot, provided the player goes all-in
  • a rating system for selecting the best players, which encourages users to improve to reach the podium, and also generously gifts the best

According to users, the game even visually seems to “capture” with its versatility and encourages the desire to play it over and over again. Download this app now and feel like a real master of card games.


Gin Rummy by Zinga

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular card games.

This app is characterized by a modern design, which has retained the classic deck of cards. Also here you can use an intuitive interface.

This will be especially useful for those who have no experience in this interesting game. Also, this application can be used both in portrait and landscape mode.

The settings in the game Gin Rummy are set automatically at the first start. But, you can change them in the appropriate section of the menu.

You can play both with the robot and with real players. A multiplayer game is also available. Here you can add up to three players in one session.

The complexity of each game can be customized. The application Gin Rummy provides such an opportunity just before the beginning of the game. When all players agree with the complexity you choose, the game will begin.

In the course of the game, you will receive various achievements. These achievements will help you to get into the list of the best players.

Here you do not need to spend real money. There are no built-in purchases or bets in this game. All the games are absolutely honest. No one can cheat or deceive other players.

Gin Rummy1

Rummy 50

Rummy 500 is a fascinating card game from India. Here you can play online with players from all over the world. There are three game modes available in the application. Classic, fast and diverse.

This game will surprise you with incredible graphics and pleasant sound. Enjoy the funny company of other players.

The game Rummy 500 is very realistic and completely reminiscent of the real process. Enjoy the game with your friends or relatives.

In this game, you need to collect certain combinations as quickly as possible.

The game Rummy 500 starts with the top stock card removed. You can take it if you need it to create one of the sequences, or refuse.

In the second case, the reserve card is taken and the most inappropriate one is discarded. Your opponent can withdraw it or cover it with his own, after using the reserve stack.

The game Rummy 500 continues until one of the players announces that he wants to open the cards for counting.

Playing is not difficult and there is a field for inventing a strategy. If you are able to collect all the cards in groups, you will get a full Gene. This is an opportunity to add 25 points to your opponent.

Rummy 5001

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Gin Rummy Extra – Online Rummy

This game application as a multiplayer game is essentially no different from similar games, except that the application focuses on online mode, and you will pump your account only in competition mode.

It is worth noting a very colorful graphic design of the game. The playing field is presented in the form of a large stylized game table, behind which the avatars of the players and the designation of their cards.

The user field is also designed authentically, the space on the display is not overloaded and each designation icon does not interfere with the perception of the interface.

The game goes along with the generally accepted rules of Rummy. After each game session, there is a scoring of players.

An avatar editor has also been added here, which is definitely a plus for immersion in the game and brings personality specifically to your progression through the game.

Another plus of the game is that it is free. As the player progresses, new features appear in the game. There are in-game bonuses built-in for regular players.

To add variety to the gameplay, there are daily and themed missions in this app, through which the player can earn extra points and unlock new themes to decorate the game space.

In our opinion, the application is quite interesting and made very high quality, all in terms of design, interface, and game policy.

Gin Rummy Extra - Online Rummy1

Gin Rummy by Mobix Solutions

Gin Rummy is an online card game where you can compete with players from around the globe.

You can play a classic version of the game. Here you can choose a random opponent or play with a bot. In the “Lobby” mode, choose a bet and a favorite game table.

Here you choose for yourself under what conditions you want to play.

With the built-in bot, you can train your skills. Also in this mode is very convenient to develop their strategies or apply ready-made.

Ready-made strategies can be found in the tab with information. There are also useful tips for all players. No Internet connection is required during the training mode. This way, you can have a nice and useful time in an airplane, for example.

This multiplayer card game will help you to improve your gaming skills. You will be able to play with players of different levels. So, once you get into the game with a professional, you will be able to track his strategy. This will bring you useful experience and new knowledge.

Now this classic game will always be with you. Wherever you are, you can always find a suitable opponent and compete with him.

Gin Rummy - Card Game Offline1

Classic Rummy!

Classic Rummy- this is a mobile card game created for those who like not just to aimlessly tap on the phone screen, but to build strategies, apply logic, as well as other intellectual abilities. This app contains several game modes, or different games, such as classic, rapid fire, as well as many others.

In order to win in classic mode, you will need to score as many points as possible and exceed the number of points scored by your rivals. Each card will have its own score value.

The player whose total number of points scored exceeds two hundred or five hundred will win (you agree on how many points to play with your opponents at the beginning of the game).

In order to win in rapid fire mode, you will need to get rid of all the cards that you have in each hand as soon as possible. Getting rid of the cards will occur by combining them into various combinations. If you are playing with two opponents, then you will have ten cards on each hand.

If you decide to play with three opponents, then each of you will have seven cards. In this mode, each card will also have its own value in terms of points.

Classic Rummy1


Rummy-Palace is a hybrid of the board and card games.

In this app, you will find varieties, from which you can choose the option at your discretion. Random success in the game is much less common than the winning result of experience and skill.

When you reach a high level of skill in the game you will get more opportunities to become a winner. Always stay with the win.

In this game, you need to get rid of the cards that initially came with the distribution. The winner must score a certain number of points. Get rid of all the cards and announce their combinations.

Rummy rules set the main task for each member – to pick up three or more single-max cards in order. Either three or four peer-reviewed cards.

The formation of combinations has the peculiarity. It means that the rules of the game allow you to change the cards in places and change any combinations.

Besides, in this game, you can compete with other players. Choose a single game or a game in a group. So, you can apply your strategies under different conditions. It will also help you gain valuable experience from more advanced players.


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Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a classic card game, which is popular around the world.

The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The game hierarchy of cards usual, with an ace, is the youngest card.

Two to six people can play. Players do not unite in teams. Each player tries to be the first to leave the game by collecting all his cards in combination.

The player who withdraws or receives the smallest card becomes the surrendering player. The surrender shuffles the deck and the player to his right takes off.

The cards are dealt in a clockwise direction. The number of cards to be dealt with depends on the number of players. Players take turns clockwise. In this game, you can change the direction of the turn.

The turn begins with the player taking the top card or “can” or reset. After that, it can be placed on the table in an open group or straight.

Besides, the player can report any possible number of cards to the existing combinations on the table. The move ends with one card being reset from the face-up layout.

If a player starts a turn by taking a card out of the reset, he cannot put the same card in it. A player leaves the game if he has laid out all his cards in one move.

Gin Rummy1
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