11 Best Scary Face Changing Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered what the phrase ‘all monsters are in our head’ means? The apps below will demonstrate to you that it is really so! Get ready for a chilling experience. You’ll be laughing and crying, but I promise you it will be lots of fun.

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Zombify is an amazing app for turning people into zombies! If you are a zombie, don’t raise your hopes too high – this is just an augmented reality app, not something that will be useful for you. If you are not a zombie though, this app will help you to see what you’re going look like if you become one.

First, the app recognizes your face and then immediately makes you look like a zombie. And it is not just a picture – it is a moving video. There are lots of different effects like roaring, hiss, and others.

And there are filters too. Plus you can add some more complicated animations or insects! Roaches, maggots, snakes… These last two options require payment though. Apart from that, the app is absolutely free.

Zombify is so much fun. I recommend you to try it first. It is so funny to share your zombie photos and videos with friends and family. Although it is better to choose those who have steady nerves. Download buttons are as always right under the descriptions.

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ZombieBooth 2

ZombieBooth 2 is the second edition of ZombieBooth app that got 2 million downloads. The app is similar to the one above – it also makes a 3D zombie video out of your face! Here, there are lots of effects that you can apply to your eyes, your yet non-existing scars, and other zombie attributes.

The coolest part of this app is you can play with zombie videos – they are interactive. You can move your finger on the screen and a zombie will look in the direction you’re moving it to. When your finger is close to the mouth, well, be careful with that!

Upon the whole, the app is great. The final result looks less realistic than the one in the previous app, mostly because of the quality of the picture. However, you can play with it and it is also fun. ZombieBooth 2 is certainly recommended for a trial.

The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

The Walking Dead Dead Yourself is another great app for your zombie reincarnation. The app has lots of different effects and masks. It is very similar to the two apps above. The difference is that here there are the walking dead character masks that you can apply to your face. So, if you like the show, you will probably like the app.

What is also cool about this one is that there are special effects that include texts like ‘Be mine’ or ‘My heart is yours’. As for me, it is really funny if you think about the context.

The roaring and other video effects are present as well. More than that, just like in the case above, the zombies you create can bite! So, beware of that. All in all, this is another wonderful app for trying on zombie looks and having lots of fun!

the walking dead dead app

Party City

This is not exactly a scary face app, but it is still can be used as a filter to make a scary face. What is more, this app is just perfect for Halloween. Ok, no more guessing – Party City gives you a chance to try on Haloween costumes in the online mode. You seriously go shopping online and can try on every costume you want.

So basically this is an augmented reality app. The only thing, in order to use that – you need to have a device powerful enough. A pleasant bonus – you try out scary masks while shopping at the same time.



Funny phone prank with camera

Well, basically, this one is a scary face changing app, but there is a different meaning behind these words here. You see, this is a prank app that allows you to make people scared, and therefore this is a scary app. You can get the most inadequate reactions after using it, so it definitely is.

And the app is totally capable of changing facial expression of your victim, so ‘face changing’ – nothing is wrong with that as well.

To make everything clear, I’ll explain how it works: first, you set a timer for several seconds; secondly, you pass on your phone to your friend asking him or her to look at something (like a photo gallery or a video). When time is up, your friend gets this (second screen):

And there are sounds too! And even the vibration if you want it. Imagine how unexpected all that will be! Download the app and try this joke. Use it only on stable people, or you’ll definitely face the most inadequate reactions!


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Halloween Photo Booth – Monster & Zombie Maker

Halloween Photo Booth is a scary face changing app that can turn your face into a monster’s face or a zombie’s face. There are other creatures too – lots of masks in this app are now available for free. The app is awesome to use on a Halloween eve.

It works in the following way: first, you choose (or make) a photo and then apply masks. There can be more than one mask applied at a time.

The app is pretty simple. There are ads, but you can remove them by a one-time payment. If you have an iOS, you can give this Halloween Photo Booth a try.

Corpse Cam

Of you want to make your face look really really scary and scare your friends and have fun together. This app provides a decent choice of scary masks and you can fully enjoy the variety of them. A perfect app to use for Halloween. You can choose the pic from the gallery or take one in the app.

The only disadvantage, the choice might seem quite limited and the app itself is very simple. And what is more, it crashes a lot. So if you are ready to bear all those inconveniences for a scary make – go ahead!

Face Swap

This one is just one more simple face changing available on Google Play. It is not always scary – sometimes it is just fun. But there are scary masks too, like those you can see on the screens down below. Pretty scary, if you ask me! The app also lets you swap faces, which is one more crooked mirror style effect.

Face Swap is free, but there are in-app purchases. You can remove the ads, for example. In sum, this is an easy-to-use Android app which popularity grows during the Holloween season and drops after it. No matter how it may be, it is still worth a try!

face swap android


There was one year when monsters were really a trend (something around 2011 it probably happened after Lady Gaga’s album “the Fame Moster”). And, of course, we all remember an amazing cartoon “the Mosters Inc” that was released at the beginning of this century. So already want to have a major throwback and look like a monster?

Just get this app and you will find dozens of filters to look like one of your favorite monster-characters. By the way, the sound effects are included as well -depending into which monster you will turn into, there will be background sounds that will add the atmosphere to the filter.


Zombie Booth Scary Face Photo Editor

Zombie Booth for iOS is an oldie. This app has been out there since 2015, and believe or not, 2015 was almost 4 years ago. Maybe even more if you read this article later than the year it was published in. The app has 20 free masks and 30 more if you are ready to pay for them. There are some basic editing features like rotate and resize.

You can share the results on your social media to scare your friends or, which is more probable, make them laugh. For a change, this is a nice app to have! There are no freaky video effects, but it works fine. So, iOS users, don’t miss it if you like simple (and old)!

zombiebooth ios


The pearl of this list. Finally. The scariest face changing app ever. You’ve probably heard about Snapchat – it is both a chatting app and a camera created with the goal to let people communicate at the moment.

Snaps or photo messages are deleted after some time, so it is impossible to view them later (until you make screenshots). Because of that people post the craziest pictures there. It is both funny and kind of scary sometimes.

Anyway, you should try the app’s filters (if you haven’t already). They can be really cool. And scary. You decide what’s cool and what’s scary! Download the app and see if you can enjoy it. Don’t forget to invite your friends.

snapchat app

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So, those were 11 scary face changing apps that have hopefully put a smile on your face. Just don’t make people scared to death using them. Be smart in using apps!

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