9 Best Strip Poker Apps for Android & iOS 2024

Poker is a pretty adult game for adults. Here men and women play by more frank and even slightly embarrassing rules. If you’ve tried regular poker at least once in your life, then you should try and play strip poker just for a little change!

Add a little adult and dirty rules to your favorite game. You won’t always be able to play it in real life – you need to find open-minded poker players who are just as good at playing poker as you are at it. Especially since it is much more interesting to play with girls!

And before you start, we also recommend checking our article about the best scatter slots apps for adults.

In this case, we have found the best apps for you to play strip poker even in your own bed while getting a little excited about what’s happening on your smartphone screen.

Bikini casino slots

With the Bikini casino slots app, you can play poker and slots. Several game modes are available, as well as tournament statistics.

Taking part in the game requires virtual chips. Internal currency can be used to buy them. The utility also allows you to buy coins in the store. Several game modes are available in the main menu of the app.

You can view the leaderboard. By regularly participating in tournaments, you are to increase your level and move to the top league. This will also increase the coefficient of winnings. Daily bonuses in the form of virtual currency are available in the app. You can also get rewards for completing simple tasks.

Bikini casino slots screen 1
Bikini casino slots screen 2

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The X-Poker app is designed for playing online poker. It is possible to take part in tournaments.

The app provides the opportunity to play classic poker games. Tabs have filters that help you quickly find the right tournament or table.

The service allows you to play with contingent chips. There is an opportunity to deposit via bank card or various electronic wallets. In a separate tab, there are tasks, for the performance of which exclusive rewards are given.

X-Poker screen 1
X-Poker screen 2

Texas Holdem – Scatter Poker

This is not exactly a strip poker, but this game will invite you to the fantasy world where you can create your avatar looking like a magic creature. As you first enter the game, the app will reward you with generous bonuses and you will get chips for free.

You are playing and competing online with other players from around the world. You can create good-looking-sexy avatars, and this is the distinctive feature of the game. If you invite your friends to the game then you will receive bonuses as well.

Overall, this is a dynamic online poker game app and you can have a really fun time playing it. You will probably need a more or less powerful device since Texas Holdem – Scatter Poker has high-end graphics.


Zynga Poker

A key feature of Zynga Poker is the connectivity of all the places where the app is installed.

Whether you play through Facebook, your smartphone, or any other device, it doesn’t matter, you’ll always use the same account. It’s very convenient.

Let’s move on to the interface and design. Everything here is high quality, even though the app is free. Each avatar is individual, there are different color schemes, and the whole interface is convenient and user-friendly.



Pokerist is another wide spread app that is on the list of the best. It has the same cross-platform system as Zynga. That is, you play through any device, but the account is always the same.

The poker in this app looks nice, and it’s comfortable to play. There are great online and different display options.

The app is available for free. Its users note the good functionality, high-quality graphics, and interesting thematic events. 


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Strip Poker – Offline Poker by Giletech

Bluff, gamble, and win at Strip Poker. This card game has long been recognized by millions of players. Try the new mobile version of poker where no internet connection is required. Get even more excitement because it’s a strip poker game.

Your opponents are beautiful and graceful girls created by artificial intelligence. If you manage to win, you can enjoy a sensual dance with one of them. You are offered one of the most popular varieties of this game – Texas Holdem Poker.

Despite its beauty, your opponent has high intelligence and enviable experience in poker. Each game includes 6 players, 1 of which is you. Here you can have a good time at the poker table and improve your poker skills without the risk of losing money.

Winning every game is a real recognition of your merits. The company of 25 lovely rivals will make any evening bright and memorable.


Poker Offline by ZMist Games

Find out how strong of an opponent you are in poker. Poker Offline instantly transports you to a casino room where you’ll face off against experienced gamblers in a card game. You’ll experience the atmosphere of a real casino and get the unparalleled thrill of victory.

Choose a convenient game mode. You can play against artificial intelligence in offline mode. Or invite your friends to take part in the party. Or you can choose any table where participants from all over the world gather. There are 5 of the most popular poker variations, including Texas poker.

Try your luck at a Blackjack or Spin Wheel table. Poker Offline offers free chips and daily play bonuses. There are often big tournaments with a lot of nice gifts. Your statistics are displayed in a separate tab. Connect your Facebook account and share your achievements with your friends.


WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game

Join the 50 million people who want to play a great game of poker online. WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game offers beginners a million free chips from the start. Take part in tournaments and competitions to show your abilities in this game of chance.

To win you will have to keep your cool, bluff, and show a well-thought-out strategy. Each game is unique. You will get a random seat at the table. And your opponents may have completely different levels of experience.

Your personal experience in poker does not matter. Developers are constantly pleasing players with updates and new features. Start the mini-game and catch your luck.

Click on the standings to find out what line your name is on. The app is available for players over 18 years old.


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Live Hold’em Pro Poker

The leader in front of you is the Live Hold’em Pro Poker app. It has been downloaded more than 8 million times. It’s free, just like the previous services.

What makes it stand out? The design and level of sophistication of the interface deserve the attention of every player. Nothing unnecessary, everything is fabulous and convenient.

Notice how much space is left at the gaming table. Compare it to another app and feel the difference. What’s more, it’s not just a poker app, it’s a whole system. So, it notifies you about upcoming events, about some queries, monitors your game, and gives advice.

Live Hold’em Pro Poker screen 1
Live Hold’em Pro Poker screen 2

Striptease is an erotic show that you usually admire and just watch. It is much more interesting to make sure that people undress according to your desire or according to your mind.

In poker, it is important to have a strategy, and you can justify creating your own strategy, which will leave your opponents in one underwear!

If you wish, you can play both regular poker and its erotic version. Strip poker is great entertainment for those who are bored playing regular cards and want to try something unusual and new.

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