Duplicate Files Fixer App: Duplicate cleaner for Android

duplicate file app

Duplicate files generate on your device due to various reasons like data backup, file transfer, and file downloading. These files accumulate in large volumes over time and occupy a lot of precious storage space. It also affects your device speed and performance negatively. To deal with this issue, you can perform manual cleaning of your … Read more

15 Best Charades Apps for Android & iOS


Charades is one of the games that never gets old. As the years go by, the ways of playing it change, but the concept remains popular all the way. That’s why we’ve picked up the best charades apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps make perfect party games as you could create … Read more

A Clockwork Brain Training App Review

Clock app review

After the “Sherlock ” has been over a  few weeks ago, I can’t get out of my head a feeling that something magical, but at the same time very obvious left me. I think, his deductive method is a real gorgeous breakthrough. We are talking about a specific way of thinking – and approach to … Read more

12 Best Grocery List App for Android

Grocery list apps

Who does in your house observe the availability of necessary supplies for everyday living? If it is you, this post will be a good finding! One of the main tasks of that person is to monitor the lack of some supplies, quality of particular products, and buy them in a supermarket from day to day. … Read more

15 Best Compass Apps for Android & iOS


The entire concept of a compass has gone digital, and we’re here to help you find the best option out there.  We’ve picked up the best compass apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps turn your phone into a full-on compass you can reach wherever you are. They feature much more than … Read more