15 Best Vintage Clothing Apps & Websites in 2024

If you check your wardrobe with clothes, you can find a lot of vintage clothes that you are unlikely to want to wear in the future. These clothes can be sold via vintage clothing apps and websites.

Also, if on the contrary, you are a fan of vintage style, these apps can help you in the purchase of such clothes.

Moreover, if you appreciate the carbon-free approach to shopping, you might want to explore garage and backyard sale apps.


This is a world-famous platform for buying and selling all kinds of things. eBay can be used both in the format of a website and in the format of an app.

eBay is created for the purchase and sale of used or vintage items by individuals. Of course, here you can also find registered stores that have a large catalog of vintage items.

On the eBay website or in the app, you can find vintage items of individual production. This means that the user customizes clothes for vintage style and sells them.

Also, here you can find rare collections of world-famous brands that are sold by individuals at low prices. There are regular sellers on eBay who sell their personal clothes.

One of the main advantages of this platform is the fact that sellers are required to answer all the questions of a small questionnaire before selling clothes. This means that by flipping through sellers’ ads, you will immediately see information about the novelty, quality, and conditions for the sale of a particular product.

Also, sellers create descriptions for the clothes being sold so that the buyer immediately has full information about the product.

There are also decent advantages for sellers here. For example, when a seller contacts a buyer to sell an item of clothing, he can make a “secure transaction” – this means that the buyer will pay for the goods through the official eBay payment system, and this money will lie on the account of the payment system until the buyer receives the goods.

Such a system allows you to avoid deception on the part of both the buyer and the seller.


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Offerup: Buy. Sell. Letgo.

This app is a semblance of a decent market but in electronic format. Here you can find clothes, as well as any other vintage-style goods, and not only. On this platform, you can not only buy but also sell your unwanted vintage clothes and earn money from them.

Also, you can work here, that is, customize clothes for vintage style and sell them, that is, create your own online store in the Offerup app.

Offerup is convenient because creating an ad for the sale of some item of clothing will not take more than a minute.

You just need to attach a photo of the clothes for sale (optional), then write a short description so that the future buyer understands all the characteristics of the item (optional), and then select the characteristics for payment of the goods, communication, and delivery.

As a buyer, you will also be able to use the convenient functions of this app, for example, you can set certain filters when searching for the right item of clothing to narrow the search. Also, when viewing ads, you will see a description, characteristics, and photos of the product you are interested in.

Offer up also offers users to use the function of viewing ratings and reviews – this means that as a buyer you will be able to see the reviews of real users about the seller from whom you intend to buy an item of clothing.

Also, as a seller, you will be able to see the reputation of the buyer, which will be based on the ratings of real users-sellers. You will also be able to leave ratings and reviews to buyers and sellers to help other users of Offerup app to make a choice.


Letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

This is an ideal platform for those who want to profitably sell or buy things in vintage style. This app is mainly related to clothing. Here you will find sellers as legal entities and individuals. Also, if you plan to sell something, your customers will be users from all over the world.

If you have a taste for vintage items, then this app will obviously be useful for you, because here users from all over the world publish ads every day for the sale of certain goods, especially clothing.

In Letgo, you will find any product in the style you like in a matter of minutes since in the search bar you can select the appropriate filters in advance to narrow the search circle, for example, color, size, condition, delivery conditions, the presence of any elements, as well as any other.

The developers assure that the sale and purchase transactions in the Letgo app are carried out at the most secure level, because the buyer transfers money to the account of the payment system, and only after the buyer receives the notification of the arrival of funds to the account, he will send the goods.

Also, buyers can apply for free age for those items that did not suit them for some reason.


CPlus Classifieds

This app is a bit non-standard. It is intended rather not for making purchase and sale transactions, but for placing ads and searching for the right things on them with the same subject. CPlus Classifieds is an extremely multifunctional app where you can find everything you need.

The principle of operation of CPlus Classifieds is extremely simple:

  • First you will need to register your personal account in this application (through this account you will be able to both place and find the necessary ads for the sale of vintage clothing and other goods)
  • Next, if you need to find certain clothes, then just type the name of the desired item of clothing into the search bar, and also add criteria and characteristics to narrow the search circle
  • If you need to sell vintage clothing and other goods, then click on the “create ad” button, then add a photo of the desired item and write a brief description of the product so that buyers understand the novelty and condition of the product as a whole.

This app has a kind of built-in navigator that shows the distance at which the buyer and seller are located. This allows you to immediately navigate the reason for the delivery or pickup of the desired item of clothing.

A large number of people are registered in this app who are real fans of vintage clothing and are ready to both buy and sell it.



This app is not a standard platform for buying and selling vintage clothing and other products with similar characteristics. Here you can find such functions that you haven’t even thought about.

The main thing, of course, is the search for new items of vintage clothing, as well as its sale, but at the same time, this app contains a function for recycling unnecessary things.

The recycle function works extremely simply: you will need to select the “recycle” button in the ad categories, and then attach photos of the desired item and write a short description to it.

After that, you will be contacted by representatives of companies that are engaged in recycling and you will be able to sell them your thing so that they get rid of it without harm to nature and recycle it into something worthwhile.

Here you can also search for ads for the sale of vintage clothing in your area and arrange with the seller to meet and try on an item of clothing. Also, you can arrange delivery of the desired product if it is far from your location.

Delivery takes place through a secure transaction – this means that the seller will have to send the goods to the buyer, and the buyer will pay for them, but the seller will receive money only when the buyer receives the purchased item.


Poshmark- Buy & Sell Fashion

This is an online marketplace for the sale of used goods and vintage clothing. Here you can purchase goods that are located near your location or use the delivery service, which is provided by Poshmark.

In addition to shopping, you can also become one of the sellers to earn money on clothes and goods that you no longer use for some reason.

One of the advantages of this app is the fact that you can purchase vintage clothing and other used goods from both individuals and stores (including branded companies).

For example, many brands sell things from a warehouse or hold small promotions, putting up for sale clothes from rare collections that connoisseurs of vintage style will be happy to purchase. Also, there are physical sellers – these are ordinary users who sell their things.

Also, this app is known for the fact that here you can significantly reduce the search time for the desired item of vintage clothing by selecting filters next to the search bar.

In these filters, you can specify the desired size, the color of the fabric, the brand of the item, as well as its location in order to know in advance whether it will be necessary to arrange delivery.

Also, among the filters you will find the “purpose” characteristic: by selecting it, you can specify for what purpose you need an item, for example for a party.


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Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods

This marketplace is designed for true connoisseurs of creativity: here you can find unique, customized products at low prices from individuals or from sellers working as stores. Also, users assure that Etsy will help you find vintage and custom clothing items for any purpose and event.

The most interesting thing about the Etsy marketplace is the fact that here you can not only find and buy a ready-made clothing item but also order it according to your own standards and preferences.

In this app, there is a separate category of sellers who are engaged in the customization and restoration of vintage clothing. They provide such services:

  • You can contact them and arrange to send your clothing item for restoration without losing the vintage style of this item
  • You can use the service of creating an individual clothing item: write to the seller about your sizes, preferences, desired materials, fabrics, etc. After that, the seller will create a unique vintage-style item for you
  • You can order customization: send your clothing item to the seller and tell us about the desired customization parameters and get a unique and inimitable item of clothing.

Etsy offers you to use the notification function: every time your chosen seller or store puts out a new ad for the sale of clothing items, you will receive a notification about it. This feature will allow you to always know when new offers appear and buy items faster than other users.


Mercari: Your Marketplace

This app can be called an electronic marketplace in the format of a mobile application for your device. Here you will not need to meet with sellers and buyers, because it will be enough just to arrange delivery and the courier will do everything for you.

Also, the delivery can be high-speed, that is, the goods can be delivered on the same day.

Mercari is insanely easy to use. If you plan to part with an unnecessary item of clothing, then it will be enough for you to simply post an ad about this product.

To make the sale happen as soon as possible, add photos of the item from different angles to the ad, and also write a description to it, which describes the novelty, condition, and characteristics of the item. Also, you can specify a brand for true connoisseurs of vintage and rare clothing.

If you want to use Mercari as a buyer, then you will only need to enter the name of the clothing item you need in the search bar.

Also, here you can use filters to immediately filter out unsuitable ads.

Moreover, you can specify the purpose of the clothing item you are looking for: for example, if you need clothes for a party or for a group meeting – just specify this information and you will be presented with only those ads that match your needs.



The developers of this app decided to focus on buying and selling women’s and children’s clothing. Here you can find both vintage collections of luxury brands and mass markets.

Also, on this marketplace, you can find stores specializing in specific products, that is, stores with party outfits, casual clothing, and much more.

The developers claim that it is the specialization of specific clothes that helps to maintain and maintain the quality of the marketplace, as well as to monitor the quality of the clothing items themselves with high accuracy.

If the purchased item does not suit you, you can easily issue a refund on the same day, which will be carried out within a few days, and the money will be returned to you immediately after the seller receives his goods back.

As for private sellers, they also carry out their activities in this application. You can buy vintage or used clothes from them, or make an order for the production of an individual and unique item according to your standards, sizes, and preferences.

Also, if you and the seller are in the same city, you can arrange with him to meet and try on the item of clothing you are interested in or arrange a “fitting box” so that the ThredUp courier will bring you the clothes you are interested in and you can try it on and make a purchase decision.



This marketplace specializes in selling vintage collections of world-famous brands (including luxury brands) at a discount of up to seventy percent. Here sellers (most often, representatives of the brand_ sell their goods at the lowest prices for true connoisseurs of vintage style.

The developers of the Tradesy marketplace assure that all branded clothing that is put up for sale in their app is authentic since before adding a new product to their profile catalog, stores are checked by Tradesy, which includes the provision of invoices for goods, as well as all tags and documents confirming the authenticity of the item.

Private sellers also undergo such a check.

If you are a fan of vintage style, then this application will definitely suit you because Tradesy cooperates with almost all famous fashion houses, and if you need a vintage collection of a particular brand, then you can find it on this marketplace in the format of a mobile app for your device.


Vinted- Second-hand clothing

This app is an online marketplace that is focused on the sale of used goods, especially clothing. Here you can find clothing items from rare collections of different brands that are sold by private sellers at the lowest possible prices.

In Vinted, you can be both a seller and a buyer at the same time. You just need to register your profile here, and then post the desired product ad. also, attach images of the product and write the characteristics to it so that the sale is carried out as soon as possible.

As a buyer, all kinds of filters will be available in the search bar, for example, clothing size, characteristics, novelty, condition, style, and much more, because this will help you narrow down the search for the item of clothing of your dreams.

This app is a place to find the perfect vintage items for users from all over the world because Intel employs private sellers who will always be able to get in touch, tell you more about the product, as well as arrange delivery of the item to a convenient location for you.


Carousell: Snep-Sell, Chat-Buy

This app is created for the purchase and sale of used branded clothing items. Here you can find vintage collections of many famous brands, as well as order their customization in the same application because, in addition to sellers, there are people who are engaged in the customization of clothes professionally.

In Carousell there are separate categories of clothing: style, brand, novelty, and even the time period of the release of this item – this category is for those who are true fans of vintage collections of different brands.

In this application, you will also be able to leave reviews to your parents and give them ratings to help other buyers make a choice.

Support for this app works around the clock and seven days a week, so if you have problems with a delivery, you can contact the assistants and the research institute will solve your question as soon as possible.


Vestiaire Collective

This is a website designed for buying and selling vintage clothing. Here you can find many interesting collections, as well as individual vintage-style items from the most famous brands.

Here, all transactions are carried out through the site’s system, and sellers are checked before uploading their goods here.

Verification includes not only an identity card but also the provision of documents, invoices, as well as tags confirming the authenticity of the item.

This site is convenient because here all clothes are divided into categories not only as “dresses”, “T-shirts”, “shoes”, but also by a purpose: for parties, for everyday wear, for business meetings, and so on.

Also, the developers assure that here you will find any vintage-style clothing item that you want, and you will also be able to choose any suitable accessory for it because this site will automatically offer you a suitable handbag or headdress.



This site presents men’s collections of vintage clothing: starting with sports windbreakers and ending with business suits. All the clothes here are branded and are sold at the lowest prices.

Also, the developers of this site guarantee the authenticity of the goods, because all tags, documents, and invoices are posted on the site together with the item of clothing.

Also, the documents can be sent to you if you express such a desire.

This site is also known for the fact that here you will find a huge amount of the most famous and classic American denim. You will be offered jeans, jackets, bags, and shirts made of this fabric of any size and for any preferences.


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House of Vintage

This website is a kind of fashion house that specializes in selling vintage collections of famous brands, as well as private production. Also, here you can find customized things that will be unique and will set you apart from other people.

All transactions on this site are carried out exclusively through the payment system of the site itself, so fraud and problems with payment, refund, and delivery are excluded.

Here you can find vintage items of any clothing brand and for any purpose. Also, this site will help you to completely assemble a new set of clothes, automatically offering you suitable accessories and products for your chosen clothing item.

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