11 Best Apps To Find Free Furniture (Android & iOS)

Stuck in the middle of a house repair and running out of money? There’s a way to find free furniture and home goods without driving around your neighborhood looking for a garage sale.

You might not have heard about it, but there’s a huge amount of apps that enable you to find free items in your local area. These apps work like a garage sale but on your smartphone so you can negotiate about the price and have a private chat with a seller.

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What is more, you will be able to read reviews about the parson you making a deal with tp make sure he will not get you fooled. Sounds interesting. right? So here’s the list of 9 best apps to find free furniture that is available for Android and iOS users. Check it out!

Nextdoor: Local News, Garage Sales & Home Services

Nextdoor: Local News, Garage Sales & Home Services is a great app if you want to get closers with your neighborhood and make some use out of it. It might look like a forum, but this app does much more than that.

Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app. To begin with, it as a network for you and people living next door that enables you to look for some stuff, discuss local problems, and even hire a nanny or a person to look after your dog when you’re away. In other words, this app is a spot that allows you to find anything you need right in your neighborhood.

Speaking about how you can look for free furniture, lots of people use it to report about a garage sale or to find a new owner for some stuff they don’t need.

So if you’ll have patience and will regularly open the app to check for interesting offers, you’ll always find it. The great news is, lots of people are giving their stuff away for free so you might find something for yourself.

Along with that, the registration process requires an address and name verification so it will be no false and unsafe offers. Furthermore, this app is also great for getting to know new people so if you’re moving into a new house be sure to check this app out.

Besides, all service offers have a comment section where you can read reviews and make a decision about it. Apart from that, this app is also great for events organization so if you’re having a party and want more people to come you can report about it.

To sum it up, if you want an app to get closers with your next doors and always stay in touch with the latest local news, Nextdoor is a great option for you. Give it a try!


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OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

The name of this app literally speaks for itself. OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up is a big social network that enables you to sell products you don’t need, buy something for yourself, and even get something for free.

To begin with, this app has a unique feature that enables you not to filter products by the price but also search for free stuff only to see what is available right now.

To tell the truth, lots of people use this app to sell or give away furniture they don’t need, so if you’re in the middle of a house repair and you’re running out of money, be sure to check this one out.

Let’s see how this app works – the concept of OfferUp is that everything has no prices at all. In other words, all offers here are whether free or you can negotiate a price. Sounds great. isn’t it? That way you can quickly find something cute for your house and pay the lowest price you can imagine or not to pay at all.

Along with that, all sellers have ratings and reputation with a comments section so you can read reviews before buying something. What is more, you can set up location sets to see the offers near you. Besides, if you’re a seller and don’t want to be bothered with calls you can have a private talk with your buyers by the build-in chat.

To sum it up, if you need to find low-priced or free things and need to be sure the seller is safe, the OfferUp app might be the one for you. Check it out, you won’t regret it!


letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff, Cars, Furniture

letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff, Cars, Furniture is an app comparable to the previous one but even a bit more popular. As you can expect, this app is a perfect spot to search for things you need because you might find it available for free.

Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app. First of all, this app has a whole section of free stuff that you can look through and set up the searching process. What is more, you can set up your GPS sets to see the closest offers and choose the best won. Besides, there’s also an opportunity to search for the latest offers.

It should also be mentioned that everything in this app can be done easily – no matter if you want to sell or to buy items. To be more precise, it takes less than a minute to publish your offer and even less to buy something.

The registration process requires a verified address and your name so you won’t face the situation with unsafe or false offers and sellers.

Speaking about the furniture section in this app, it is huge. New offers are coming up every day so even if you can find something for yourself, for now, be sure to come back and check it out later. What is more, all sellers have a rating and a comment section that enables you to read reviews and make a decision about it.

To sum it up, letgo is one of the largest apps that offer you a huge list of free items. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Overstock – Deals on Furniture, Decor, Rugs & More

Overstock – Deals on Furniture, Decor, Rugs & More is a regular app that enables you to find furniture for a great price and even get something for free. Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app.

To begin with, apart from most other apps on that list, this one specializes in furniture and other home goods. That way, there’re lots of various categories of home decore and a customizable searching process. What is more, this app has a built-in 3D editor similar to IKEA’s one that enables you to visualize your room.

It should also be mentioned that the app enables you to create your own lists of things you like and has a preorder feature for the things that are out of stock. Along with that, you’ll get notifications during the whole order process before the item will get to your door.

Besides, when the app will know you better it will recommend you items you might potentially like. Speaking about free furniture ( that’s what you’re all here for). The app gives you various coupons and personal sale-outs so that you can buy things and home decore at lower prices.

What is more, you’ll also be informed about all the upcoming sell-outs. Furthermore, you can also get a cashback for each item you buy.

To sum it up, if you need an app with home decorations that will give you exclusive coupons and a cashback, Overstock – Deals on Furniture, Decor, Rugs & More is a nice choice for you. Check it out!

Bed Bath & Beyond by Overstock
Bed Bath & Beyond by Overstock

Furniture. Local. Used and new.

There is too much furniture in the world. Some furniture is good, some are outdated, but in 70% of cases, there is absolutely no need to buy a new one when others are ready to give you their furniture for free or for a little amount of money. And sometimes you can find the truly valuable pieces this way!

This app is made exactly for trading the used furniture and it’s not that seldom that you can find here offers to say they are giving the furniture away for no money at all.

Moreover, this app might be not the most popular one when we are speaking about reselling the furniture, but it has more than 50K downloads on Google Play, so there is a chance to find something interesting for you,

Amazing deals on sofas, couches, loveseats, tables, desks, chairs, … you name it. There is a lot of neighborhood sales, a.k.a. garage sales that you can explore and maps of which can be found in the app. You can send messages right in the app and respond instantly if you are the one selling/giving away the furniture.

What you need to do is to switch on your GPS location, and then the app will show you all the local offers automatically. Though it can happen that you will find nothing for free – but in this case, you can text to a seller and debate.


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CPlus for Craigslist – Officially Licensed

CPlus for Craigslist – Officially Licensed is an official app of a Craiglist website that you’ve probably already heard of if you’re looking for free things on the Internet. So as you can guess, it has everything that the website does and even a little bit more.

Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app. To begin with, this is a perfect place to buy online that has millions of active users.

That way, if you’re living in a countryside region and want to purchase something online, this app is a nice one to try. What is more, there’re lots of free things that might be the ones you’re looking for so if you’re on a low budget you also need to check it out.

Speaking about furniture, it one of the most popular categories on Craiglist and it also has free options that are constantly being updated.

It should be noticed that it’s very easy to search for free stuff – you just need to type it in the search bar and you’re ready to go. What is more, you can turn on your GPS sets to see the closest offers that are available.

However, Craigslist’s site is one of the first services with online selling so it might not be the easiest one to use and the most modern, but it has lots of loyal sellers and buyers so it worth checking out.

There’re also some security rules that you need to keep in mind while shopping on Craiglist. First of all, this app enables you to communicate with the seller through a build-in proxy email so you’d better keep your own email private.

The same thing with your card number and everything like that. Furthermore, the best place to meet with a seller if you don’t use delivery services is a public place like Starbucks, and don’t go alone.

To sum it up, Craiglist might not be the safest spot to hunt for free items but it still the biggest one for that. So if you’ll follow security rules, you might get some good deals out of this app. Check it out.

CPlus Classifieds
CPlus Classifieds


If you’re someone who enjoys the excitement of finding free furniture (­and honestly,­ who doesn’t?­)­,­ this app could become your new favorite companion.­ It enables you to browse listings,­ view photos,­ and get in touch with sellers while on the move.­

Let’s begin by highlighting the positive aspects.­ If you’re an experienced Craigslist user,­ you will appreciate the convenience of easily searching for desired items and contacting potential furniture donors.­

It’s akin to embarking on a digital treasure hunt,­ bringing about excitement and anticipation.­ Moreover,­ this app is available at no cost,­ allowing you to acquire used chairs without spending your hard-­earned money.­

Prepare yourself for a user interface that appears to have seen better days.­ The color palette draws inspiration from a jumbled puzzle,­ with no rhyme or reason.­ And as for its organization.­.­.­ well,­ let’s just say it caters to a unique taste.­ However,­ do we really need a sleek and modern design when our search is focused on finding that perfect secondhand coffee table?

As for additional features,­ you will discover familiar functions like map-­based searches,­ image galleries,­ and a convenient “­hide”­ button to eliminate any visual distractions.­ And let’s not overlook the piè­ce de ré­sistance -­ the capacity to convert not one,­ not two,­ but an impressive three comprehensive metrics.­ It’s incredible how searching for free furniture can be so advanced!­

In summary, if you’re searching for free furniture, Craigslist is a great option. Additionally, this app provides various other services that are available free of charge or for a fee.



I bet you didn’t expect to see this app on our list, but keep reading and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Facebook is an app that everyone already heard of but there’re different ways to make use out of it and we’re not only talking about Facebook Marketplace here.

Let’s consider how to get free furniture using a good old Facebook app, shall we? So the best way to seek free furniture on this app is to hint for special groups.

It should be mentioned that the majority of these groups are small and local so you’ll need to spend some time searching for it.

Along with that, there’s a Facebook Marketplace section that enables you to set up a searching process to only see free or low-priced furniture. What is more, you can create a wishlist with items you’re planning to buy and set up the alerts if the price will get lower.

So let’s come back to special groups. The fact that they are mostly local makes the items easy to pick up and you can save money on delivery services. Along with that, there’re groups that keep you updated about the upcoming garage sales near you.

To sum it up, Facebook is a really great place to find free furniture if you’re ready to spend some time searching for it. Check it out, you won’t regret it.


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VarageSale: Sell simply, buy safely.

And last but not the least, VarageSale: Sell simply, buy safely is a massive internet source that you can use to sell something you don’t need, buy some essentials or even get things for free.

As you can probably guess by the name, this app is basically a simulation of a real-life garage sale but on the internet. That way, lots of items here are whether really low-priced or absolutely free.

It should be mentioned that all sellers and buyers here verified so you will never face the situation of a seller not sending you a product or a buyer not paying for something.

Along with that, every seller has a personal rating and a comment section where you can find all the reviews about him. What is more, there’s a built-in chat where you can communicate with a seller without using your personal email address.

Furthermore, you can turn on GPS services to only see offers that are close to you to save money on delivery services. Speaking about furniture, it’s probably the biggest decision of this ap so you’ll always find something for yourself.



Freeya is dedicated to helping individuals discover complimentary furniture,­ providing an exciting quest for enhancing their living spaces.­

The app provides a multitude of features that greatly enhance convenience for Android users.­ Users can effortlessly search for furniture by category,­ location,­ and even set up alerts to promptly seize new opportunities.­ Furthermore,­ the app offers a unique capability to convert various metrics –­ which proves valuable for those with an affinity for such calculations.­

Some individuals have recently acquired new furniture, but their previous pieces are still in good condition. As a solution, they may choose to share their furniture with those who are in need.

Oh,­ and did I mention there are some paid features in the app?­ It seems they require you to pay for the premium experience.­ I must admit,­ it’s quite disappointing.­ However,­ it appears that they need to generate income somehow,­ don’t they?­

Finally, Freeya is a good way to find furniture and do not pay for it, so, use this chance to decorate your house.


Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

This app offers free furniture and more. You can easily get free items and also share things you no longer need with others.

To find second-hand chairs, tables, or a vase for flowers, just open this app and make a request in the search box. However, you may immediately find the right thing already on the main page.

The user interface may appear overwhelming,­ primarily for individuals lacking technical familiarity.­ While this app is user-friendly enough for even a child to use, it is important to keep it out of reach of children to prevent an influx of unnecessary items in your home.

Now,­ let’s dive into the exciting part -­ the features!­ Imagine this:­ you’ll have a main menu filled with various options to explore local events,­ share recommendations,­ seek assistance,­ and even discover free furniture.­

Who could have imagined that an application could become your very own thrift store?­ And for those looking for a touch of luxury,­ there are paid features available too because nothing demonstrates “­community”­ better than a premium subscription,­ don’t you think?­

In summary, this application can assist you in discovering free furniture to give your home the appearance of a true castle. However, it is important to note that all of these items are pre-owned.

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Freebie Alerts2
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