11 Best Apps to Practice Spelling Words (Android & iOS)

Spelling words is one of the indicators of a person’s literacy. This is especially important now cause many issues are handled in correspondence. This skill can be improved in many ways, the most convenient of which are mobile apps.

You can also make your speech more attractive to your interlocutor by expanding your vocabulary. These free thesaurus apps will help you do that.

In this review, we have collected the best apps to practice spelling words. They will help you feel more confident and respond to messages without thinking about the correct spelling of words. Try them all or choose the greatest one.

Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

Spelling & Phonics is an educational app for kids that helps them learn the correct spelling and pronunciation of words. The app contains programs to develop reading and writing skills in children aged 2 to 8 years old. It offers more than 3000 words to practice.

The developers have included different levels of difficulty in the app so that children can progress, gradually improving their skills and expanding the vocabulary of words learned. Make words from the letters on the screen, placing them in the correct order.

There will be photo cards of objects, animals, or other things, the names of which you should guess. Somewhere you will need to collect the word completely, where the letters will be mixed with each other. This is a higher level of difficulty.

At the initial stage, you will only be able to fill in the gaps in the words using the available letters. You will also have to choose cards for the words that need to be connected.

Try to play mini-games to get extra bonuses and rewards. In the process of passing levels and completing various tasks, you will get points. These will show up in your account and you can easily track your achievements.

The app is free, so kids can go through an unlimited number of levels. There are no ads in it, which would distract from solving the tasks. The assortment of mini-games is constantly updated, allowing you to try out new word cards and difficulty levels.


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Hooked on Spelling

Hooked on Spelling is an educational app for learning words, phonetics, and spelling. It will help you develop the skills of correct pronunciation and spelling of about 3,000 English words. Each word is accompanied by audio, so your child will be able to hear the correct pronunciation and repeat it.

Sound effects and graphics will help children to better memorize the words and their spelling. The app offers different levels of difficulty, allowing the child to choose the right one for their skills and age.

The initial levels present simple words, and as you progress, the complexity of the words and their spelling increases. This allows the child to gradually learn new sounds and rules of the English language.

The app also provides various game modes and tasks that make the learning process interesting and exciting. There is a statistics viewer available here that allows parents to track their child’s progress and achievements. Up to three participants can be added to the app to keep track of each student personally.

By saving data in the account, users can log out and start learning from where they left off. Complete levels and earn points to unlock access to new assignments. Listen to audio recordings and add them to favorites to use next time. Learn to spell words correctly with easy-to-understand graphics.


Spelling Test Quiz

Spelling Test Quiz is an app designed to help you improve your spelling of English words. It is intended for anyone who is learning English and wants to practice spelling words correctly.

The app contains a large database of words that can belong to any category. There will be several levels of difficulty available for you. As you complete the tasks, you will get points and bonuses.

To advance to a new level in the app, you need to answer 5 out of 10 questions correctly. One level task will offer 4 answer choices, one of which will turn out to be correct.

Here are questions on the knowledge of grammar and spelling. Thus, you can increase your vocabulary and check your knowledge of the spelling of each of these words. The difficulty levels will gradually increase, allowing you to increase your level of knowledge.

After taking the test, you can see your results and mistakes so you know what you should work on. Also, after failing to complete a level, you will be able to take it again.

The app is free and there are no ads in the app. Thus, you will be able to go through the levels an unlimited number of times to reinforce the material.


Kids Spelling & Reading Games

Kids Spelling & Reading Games is an app specially designed to teach preschool and elementary school children how to spell English words. It offers various games and exercises to help develop children’s reading and spelling skills.

The app contains a huge vocabulary that children can learn through interactive animations, graphics, and fun activities. The words are divided into several categories including animals, fruits, colors, numbers, clothes, capital letters, etc. This allows children to learn new words and expand their vocabulary.

The app has several game modes that help kids learn and have fun at the same time. For example, the “Pick a Word” mode allows kids to choose the correct spelling of the pictured word on the screen. The “Pick a Color” mode allows kids to choose the correct color of the item that is shown on the screen.

The “Find and Drag” mode practices reading skills, where children have to find the correct words and drag and drop them onto the corresponding pictures.

The app also has a word-sounding feature that allows children to hear the correct pronunciation of the words. This helps kids to recognize new words by their spelling and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

Get prizes for correct answers and move on to the next stage. Each time the levels will become more difficult, allowing you to develop and improve your skills. The app is free and works without an internet connection.


Word Wizard – Spelling Tests

Word Wizard is an app that will help young children improve their spelling skills and expand their English vocabulary. This app offers users specially designed spelling tests that vary in difficulty levels. More than 1500 words are available in the app, which covers different topics and categories.

Each word is accompanied by audio pronunciation, which will help children not only spell the word correctly but also learn its correct pronunciation.

The audio recordings contain the American voice of a person who is a native speaker. Thus, you can be sure that children will learn the exact and correct pronunciation of each word.

The app has several testing modes that allow you to test and improve your spelling skills. It has a talking alphabet that allows you to learn not only the spelling of each letter but also its correct pronunciation.

The app has a section for tracking learning outcomes. You can view your children’s progress on graphs and charts, and compare data over a period of time. Here you can add your own words and then check your knowledge of their spelling with tests.

They will be automatically generated from the selected list of words. Choose the most suitable type of keyboard or drag words and letters with your fingers across the screen.

Customize the app settings by adding or reducing the audio playback speed. Compose words directly on the screen using the audio alphabet. Choose the best pronunciation to learn to write and speak English.


Spelling Bee Word Quiz

Spelling Bee Word Quiz is an app for learning how to spell and pronounce English words. This app is an interactive quiz where you will be asked to explain a word or give its definition. You will be able to test your knowledge and improve it as the game progresses and the difficulty increases.

The app offers several game modes that allow you to choose the level of difficulty that suits you. You can start with the easy mode and gradually progress to more difficult levels to become a true spelling expert. It also offers different themed word categories, which makes the game even more fun.

The app can be played both online and offline, allowing you to practice at any convenient time, even without internet access. It offers statistics on your results, so you can track your progress and see how your spelling skills improve over time.

Here you have 10 rounds of quizzes to complete, where you will be presented with words and definitions for them. You need to choose the correct one. You will have only 2 minutes for all 10 rounds.

If during this time you do not have enough time to answer all the questions, you will have to start the level again. But you can also make 3 mistakes out of 10 to pass to the next level with increased difficulty.


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Spelling Bee Games & Tests

Spelling Bee Games & Tests is an app that offers you to practice spelling of English words. It is a useful app for anyone who is learning a language or wants to improve their skills. The app contains a huge dictionary. The words are divided into several categories, which allows you to learn new vocabulary from different areas.

In the app, you will find different levels of difficulty that allow you to gradually develop your English skills and knowledge. Here you will be able to choose the mode that suits you best. For example, guess words that are mixed up with each other.

Play crossword puzzles, write in missing letters, and repeat new words on lists. You can add your own vocabulary using your phone’s camera. Point it at the paper with a list of words, and it will automatically transform into text on the screen of the gadget.

Listen to the correct pronunciation and see the correct spelling. Play math games and improve your counting skills. Learn the multiplication table from 2 to 12 and solve examples of varying difficulty. You have a limited amount of time to give the correct answer.

Go through the tasks and watch the percentages of their completion. You can stop at any time and then go back to the same task again. Your achievements and results will be stored in your account and you can share them with other users.


Spell It – spelling learning

Spell It is a mobile app designed to learn how to spell words in English. The app offers different levels of difficulty, which allows you to gradually develop and increase your vocabulary. Each level contains a list of words to learn and offers several ways to practice to merge your knowledge.

Practice spelling with a list of words from your favorite category. Here you will find different vocabulary divided into groups. You can choose a particular category and study the words that are located in it. Check the spelling of words using pictures.

You will be offered pictures of objects or things, and you will have to make up the correct word from the letters presented below. You can enter them either using the keyboard or by dragging and dropping them on the screen.

After taking the quiz, you will get results that will show you which words were spelled correctly. This will help you identify your weaknesses and work through them again.

Also in the app, you can learn words using cards. Each card has a subject whose name you need to enter below. You can choose the category of the cards by yourself.

The app has a statistics section that allows you to track your progress. You can find out how many words you have already learned and which levels you have successfully completed.


WORD Force Reading Adventures

WORD Force Reading Adventures is a mobile learning app designed to help children improve their English reading and spelling skills. With this app, children will be able to learn in a playful way with gradually increasing levels of difficulty.

The app offers different levels of difficulty and 15 stages with 5 tasks each. Here you have to go through a journey and complete all the tasks related to words and their spelling. The journey involves completing reading tasks and understanding the meaning of words.

You can play in single-character mode or compete with friends in multiplayer mode. The app contains a built-in dictionary that helps kids look up the meanings of unfamiliar words and expand their vocabulary.

You will also have to make words from letters, drag letters across the screen to get the correct word combination, and listen to the correct pronunciation of the whole word as well as the alphabet separately. You will receive rewards and achievements for successfully completing tasks. They can be tracked in your account.

The app offers detailed statistics that allow parents and teachers to track children’s progress in learning new vocabulary and spelling words. Add up to 3 users to one account to compete against each other. Get bonuses and rewards for each correct task to progress to the next level and unlock other interesting challenges.


Spelling: Spelling Games

Spelling is an app that provides an opportunity to pass mini-games and learn how to spell words in English correctly. The app contains an extensive database of words from different categories and spheres.

Here you are offered various tasks, such as choosing a correctly spelled word from several options or spelling a word based on its sound pronunciation.

The app also offers the ability to customize the difficulty level and a timer to complete a round. You can choose to play without a timer and go through the game for any length of time.

Get daily word reminders to expand your vocabulary. Repeat words where users often make mistakes. Complete quizzes and mini-games to earn more points and rewards. With the rewards you earn, you will be able to compete with other users on the leaderboard.

Track your progress in your account. Monitor every level you pass to see your mistakes and practice them immediately. Add your own vocabulary lists to the app and practice your spelling. To do this, you can add a list manually or take a picture of it with your device’s camera.

Learn the correct spelling of a word and its history of origin and spelling. Follow the link to the dictionary to learn even more useful information about each word. Match words with their definitions and vice versa to pass the level and increase the difficulty.


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TurboWords Spelling

TurboWords is an iOS app designed to help you develop your English spelling skills. It contains a huge database of words that the user can learn through tests of different difficulty levels and mini-games.

The app offers a wide variety of exercises that will help you improve your spelling skills. Here you can listen to the pronunciation of a word and write its correct spelling. Use the hints, thanks to which the correct letters will be highlighted in green and the incorrect ones in red.

You will also be given a set of letters to make up the correct word. This helps to merge the spelling of words and memorize them. Play crossword puzzles or look for words on the screen with jumbled letters. Set a time limit for each round if you want to make it harder for yourself.

Add your own vocabulary and practice learning it with quizzes. Here you can add about 8 groups with different words. After that, tests will be automatically generated for you where you have to choose the correct spelling.

Play mini-games alone or with a friend. The app allows you to compete with other users in real-time. Earn points and break personal records. View statistics and training progress in your account. Look for mistakes you have made in words and work through them again for consolidation.

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