9 Best Apps with Levitation Photo Effects for Android & iOS

We’ve all seen these floating shots where the girl in a beautiful dress levitating in some magical forest or something. These pics always look great but seem too complicated to do.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered together the 9 best apps with levitation photo effect for Android & iOS that let you cope up with artistic shots without any special skills. These apps have different mechanics but all of them give you realistic float-in-the-air effects the same as some pro software.

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Fly Camera – Make you fly

Starting with an app that lets you make the levitation effect quick and simple.

The main concept of this app is to make flying effet accessible for everyone — regardless of your editing skills. Due to this, it won’t only provide you with all the essential features but will lead you through the whole process step by step. All you need to do here is to follow a detailed guide and express your creativity.

As for the steps, they are quite simple — just take a pic of you sitting or standing on something. Then, erase this object so it would look like you’re floating in the air. Herewith, the app covers several styles and tutorials for your pics so you can try different angles and in different environments.

Besides, the app covers smart wiping tools that let you get rid of unneeded objects in a blink of an eye. You get to regulate the wiping brush size and undo all the mistakes as well. Once you’re done, you get to save the pic in any quality and share it on SM right away. All the tools are free which is always nice.

Fly Camera - Make you fly
Fly Camera - Make you fly

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Next, we have an iOS app that is fully dedicated to levitating pics.

This app lets you make floating pics on your own — without any pro sills, a tripod, or the help of another person. That’s cause it runs on smart alignment techs that will align your pic automatically in secs. As we all know, an angle can make a huge difference especially when it comes to creative photography so this tool is quite useful.

The mechanics of taking a pic here is easy — just stand or sit on something and pretend to float in the air. Then, get out of the shot and take a pic of just the bg with the same angle. Next, layer the pics on one another and erase the unneeded object.

The wiping brushes are flexible so you can regulate the size and the harshness. Plus, if you’ll accidentally erase more than needed you can always undo the step. You can also adjust the share of the brush if needed. Herewith, the app comes with an automatic color matching tool that makes sure the lighting and the temp on the two pics are the same.


Fly Camera

This is another flying cam app that lets you get into creative photography.

Making levitating pics with this app is simple — you don’t need any special skills for that. All you need to do is to take a shot with you standing or sitting on something and pretend you’re floating in the air. Then you’ll need to use magic erasing brush to wipe off the unneeded object.

You can even wipe off the unneeded people who’ve got into the shot occasionally. Additionally, you get to regulate the size o the eraser, its sharpness, intercity, and even the shape if needed. The process takes a couple of mins but there’s a trick to make it even easier.

Although the eraser works great and removes the objects easy as pie — you still may get some mistakes you’ll need to fix. The mistakes are usually caused by the complex bg with lots of details so when you try to wipe it off it turns into a messy spot. Thus, the plainer your bg is the faster you get a perfect levitating pic.

Fly Camera - Magic Levitation
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation


Pictrick has se­veral captivating and distinctive feature­s worth mentioning. One of the standout attractions is its le­vitating filter. This filter adds a surreal and gravity-de­fying effect to your photos, creating an e­ye-catching display where obje­cts appear to be floating.

Not only is this concept cool, but it’s also sure­ to capture attention when you showcase­ your edited photos on social media platforms.

In addition to the le­vitating effect, the app also offe­rs a range of other photo editing tools. The­se include basic adjustments, filte­rs, and stickers. It’s great to have the­se options if you want to enhance your photos e­ven further.

Also, there­ is a library of pre-made template­s available that can instantly add some flair to your pictures without re­quiring much effort on your part.

In conclusion, Pictrick is an app that offers a distinctive­ levitating filter, making your photos stand out. Howeve­r, the user interface­ can be overwhelming and the­ presence of ads can be­ bothersome. The additional e­diting features are ave­rage, so it may not replace your e­xisting photo editing apps entirely.

PicTrick – Cool Photo Effects
PicTrick – Cool Photo Effects

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Levitation Camera

Here’s another app for making flying illusions on shots.

The main goal of this app is to help you come up with artistic pics in a couple of minutes with no or skills or smth. Herewith, it works differently from all the other apps in the list. The thing is, the app cuts your silhouette (or another object you need) from the pic you load and puts it on different bgs.

Herewith, the cutting tool runs automatically so it gets done in secs. In case there’re any mistakes you can always do all the touch-ups by yourself. You can also soften up the edges and blur them a bit if needed. Next, you get to pick the bg and the app covers a wide range of bgs for all tastes — from landscapes to space.

Once the bg is picked you’ll need to place your figure in it. You get to make it smaller or bigger, rotate it, and all that. Plus, you can try various blend styles to get realistic results. You can also play with CC to make sure your figure matches the bg. Then, you may rather save the pic or share it on SM.

Levitation Camera - Illusion Photo Editor to Erase Background & Float Yr Picture1
Levitation Camera - Illusion Photo Editor to Erase Background & Float Yr Picture2

Fly Camera

It’s a fly cam app that lets you get quick results.

This app works simply — you just need to take a snap pretending to fly by standing or sitting on something. Next, just use a wiping brush to get rid of all the extra objects. The brush is quite basic — nothing is outstanding but it works fine.

You can try the auto cut to get rid of some parts more quickly but the chances are high you’ll still need to clean it up yourself. Of course, you can stick to the classic manual tool if there’s enough time for it. The trick here is to take time wiping all the smallest details to make sure nothing is smudged.

Herewith, you still may have trouble erasing some complex bgs so it’s better to keep them as simple as you can. Once you’ve erased the extra elements, you can adjust your figure. You get to rotate it, mirror it, drag it, or regulate the size to make the floating effect more realistic. And if you’ll do something wrong you can use the undo switch for a quick fix.

Fly Camera - Magic Levitation
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation

VFly Lite

Next, we have an app filled with all kinds of magic effects.

Let’s start with the alleviating tool — it runs on a smart cut-out instrument that deletes the bg from your pic in secs. Once this step is done you get to soften up the ages and blur it to prepare for layering. Next, you’ll need to pick a new bg for it. The app covers plenty of HQ bgs for everyone.

Wanna flow in space? The app has a couple of options for you. In the mood for some magical levitation in a rainy forest? The app can cope with that as well. All the bgs are sorted by categories for easy navigation. Then, you’ll need to place your figure on the bg, regulate the CC, and all that.

Beyond that, you can add filters to match yourself with the bg and even pick some stickers and overlays if needed. There’s also an automatic tone corrector that lets you switch colors on the pic. Plus, the app has a huge compilation of holiday-themed templates you can use for cards or smth.


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Fly Camera – Hover Camera

And lastly, we have an app that’ll teach you to make float photos.

According to the app’s concept, you’ll get to come up with flying pics easy as pie. To cope with that, the app aims to follow a tutorial on how to make levitating shots. Thus, even if it’s your first editing ext — you’ll nail it.

Herewith, the tutorial part doesn’t limit you in location or the type of shot — you have absolute creative freedom here. The mechanics are quite simple here — take a snap pretending to float in the air and then erase the object that helps you to do that. Plus, the app has a built-in camo you can take a snap of right away.

There’s a wiping brush you can use to get rid of all the extra items and you get to regulate its size and intensity. Once you’re done with the pic, you get to pick the resolution to save it in. You can also share it on your SM or send it to friends straight from the app. The app has no ads or sub-packs so your money is safe.

Fly Camera - Hover Camera
Fly Camera - Hover Camera


Prisma offers an impre­ssive filter that can truly transform your photos. Using their “le­vitating” feature, you can turn ordinary pictures into some­thing straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The app allows you to make obje­cts appear as if they’re de­fying gravity, adding a unique and eye-catching touch to your image­s. Plus, the user-friendly inte­rface makes it incredibly e­asy to navigate and use this exciting e­diting tool.

Now, let’s discuss some­ of the limitations. One aspect that may amuse­ you is the app’s somewhat limited functionality. It primarily focuse­s on levitating objects, and that’s esse­ntially its main feature.

By the way, did I me­ntion that the app is available for free­ download? Well, it is. However, the­re are some additional pre­mium features that come at a cost. While­ you can experience­ basic levitation with the free­ version, true enthusiasts of le­vitation can subscribe to unlock even more­ magical possibilities.

Finally, I can say that Prisma is a de­lightful app that allows users to add an eleme­nt of levitation to their photos. With its user-frie­ndly interface, it can be e­njoyed by individuals at any skill level.

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor
Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor
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