11 Best Basketball Games for Android

Are you a basketball fan and can’t live a day without it? You should download basketball games on your smartphone. You will be sure that you can play your favorite game at any time. Basketball is probably one of the most popular games in the world.

People love watching basketball because almost all games have memorable and unexpected moments. If you’ve never played basketball but want to learn, start by playing on your smartphone. You will learn the basic rules and traditions of basketball.

Watch basketball right on your smartphone. You can take a look at the list of basketball watching apps here.

Dunk Shotter King – Basketball Hoop Shoot Game

This is a very addictive game that will help you kill time. The game is based on real physics. You won’t be surprised by the weird action of the ball. This game is very realistic.

The rules are very simple. You need to touch the screen where the basketball is. Then swipe up to throw the ball. Your task is to get into the basketball hoop. You will see the score on the screen and the remaining time. The app has many game modes.

Choose the one that suits you best. This is a great game for new basketball players or kids. You will be able to practice your basketball skills. The app will give you in-game coins for each game. The more balls you score, the more coins you get.

Buy bonuses and upgrades for coins. You can choose the type of ball. The app has a huge selection of balls. You will find exactly the one you like.

Dunk Shotter King - Basketball Hoop Shoot Game Dunk Shotter King - Basketball Hoop Shoot Game Dunk Shotter King - Basketball Hoop Shoot Game

The app has amazing graphics. You will enjoy beautiful minimalist art. Cool special effects and non-annoying music await you. Controlling the app is very simple. You won’t get confused.

The developers continue to improve the game by adding new features and modes. Download it and show your shooting skill.


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Basketball Stars

This is a cool basketball app that will immerse you in the atmosphere of a real game. You can choose the game mode. The app has 2 online multiplayer modes. It will pick you an online opponent that you must win.

The graphics of the app are simply amazing. Realistic 3D characters are waiting for you. Create your star basketball player. You have a choice of over 400 unique clothing items. Choose clothes that convey your mood and experience.

Test your one-on-one duel skills. If you win the game, you will receive unique rewards and special money. The more difficult the matches, the higher the reward. You can level up your character.

At the beginning of the game, you can play backyard basketball, developing your skills. The higher your level, the more prestigious basketball games are. Let the world know about you.

Choose the basketballs that will bring you luck in games. The app has over 40 balls to choose from. All balls are unique and have their effects.

Basketball Stars Basketball Stars Basketball Stars

The graphics of the app are fully customized. Various detailed locations for the game are waiting for you. You will be fascinated by the stunning graphics and realistic sounds of the game.

If you close your eyes for a second, you might think that you are at a real basketball game. This addictive app has been downloaded over 50 million times.

Install it, and you can learn all the basketball rules and improve your skills. It’s also a great opportunity to have fun.


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Do you want to create your legendary basketball team? This app will help you do that. You will be able to participate in all NBA seasons. Build your team with superstars. Each legendary player has their abilities and tricks.

This will help you to win difficult matches. You can collect not only players, but also courts, jerseys, and other team members. Each player and character have their advantages and disadvantages. Your task is to create harmony in your team and win all matches.

Unlock bonuses and upgrades for your players. They will be stronger and more invincible. The app has game currency – diamonds. Spend diamonds on upgrades or new players. You can get real basketball star players.

Create a new team every game season. Increase your rank and popularity. You can show the whole world that your team is the strongest. The app has many live events. Follow these campaigns to keep your team on top.

You can prove your strength in online matches. The app will connect you with another real player. You must win to advance in rank. It takes time to become the most skilled player, but it is possible.

You don’t need to invest real money into the game. Patience will help you build the strongest and most powerful team.

Editors' ChoiceEditors' Choice NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Editors' ChoiceEditors' Choice NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

The app has realistic 3D graphics. We advise you to play with headphones to fully experience the gaming atmosphere. The app doesn’t slow down and always works well, even with a poor internet connection.

It has been installed by over 50 million players worldwide. Join this huge basketball community. You can build an unbeatable basketball dream team.


Shooting Hoops – 3 Point Basketball Games

It’s time to show all your basketball skills. Download this app and prove that you are a super player. You are given 60 seconds to score as many balls as possible. Create your character and customize it. Choose a name for your player and a name for the team.

Cool cartoon players are waiting for you. You can choose your hairstyle, clothing, and body type. The app has a large collection of basketballs. Choose the one that will bring you victory. You can conquer the whole world.

Improve your basketball skill. You can unlock different locations to play. Play in the yard, in an expensive stadium, or a modern sports field.

The rules of the game are very simple. Touch the screen to pick up the ball. Hold the ball until the bar is full. This affects the strength of the blow. The app has cool bonuses that will make your game easier.

Open the map in the app and select a city. Each city has 3 missions. Complete missions and get extra points

Shooting Hoops - 3 Point Basketball Games Shooting Hoops - 3 Point Basketball Games Shooting Hoops - 3 Point Basketball Games

The app has been downloaded over 1 million times. The size of the app depends on your smartphone model. This app is a great way to have fun and learn basketball. Every basketball fan should have it.


Basketball Shoot

This is an interesting basketball game for people of all ages. The game has realistic physics. You just need to touch the ball on the screen and move the ball to throw it into the basket. Hit several times in a row to get combos and more points.

The controls are very simple. The app works on any smartphones with different sensors. You can play in different locations. There are over 11 locations to choose from. This will diversify your game and you won’t get bored.

The app will count your points. Your task is to score as many points as possible and break the record. You can choose the type of ball. Some balls are unlocked for completing special achievements.

Basketball Shoot Basketball Shoot

The developers promise new updates and new features. Download this app and join 10 million players. It doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone.

The app weighs only 8.6MB. If you love basketball, then this app should be on your smartphone.


Fanatical Basketball

This basketball game will allow you to become a real player. You will be able to control a basketball player during the match. On the left side of the screen, you will see a joystick control. You can move forward, backward, right, and left.

On the right side of the screen, you will have two actions available. The first is the stealing of the ball, the second is the switch. At the top of the screen, you will see the score of the match, the remaining time, and the name of the teams.

You can pause the game at any time to rest. This is the most realistic app to play basketball. The games are played according to these basketball rules. The animation is amazing. The game has realistic physics of movements.

Fanatical Basketball Fanatical Basketball

The app has several game modes. Play the champions league or quick game. More than 30 custom players are waiting for you. You can create a unique team. The app has been installed over 10 million times. Join this huge basketball community and prove that you are the best player.


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Basketball Battle

This is a cool arcade basketball simulator app. The movements are very simple and fast. Your task is to score as many balls as possible into the basketball hoop. You can use any techniques, even forbidden ones. Try competition mode.

You will travel across countries and play with different players. Over 100 different basketball courts await you. Take part in online events to get more points.

You can customize your character. Choose your clothes and hairstyle. Create a character similar to you.

Basketball Battle Basketball Battle

The app continues to update. New locations are added to the game and bugs are fixed. The app is popular. It has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide. Try it and you won’t be able to come off.


NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game

Do you love the NBA? Then download this app. You can become the best player and a great coach. The app has many game modes. You can play in regular seasons to improve the agility and strength of your players.

Test your players against other experienced opponents. You can also play against your friends. Create a general tournament and find out which of you is stronger. You can also predict the outcome of real basketball matches. If your prediction comes true, you will receive in-game rewards.

The app is not only available in English. You can choose from over 20 languages of ​​in-game settings. This is a great opportunity to learn a new language.

Check the space on your smartphone before installing it. The more space you have, the better the game will perform. You can also become your team’s coach. Choose the right decisions to lead your team to victory. Player control during matches follows the real rules of basketball. You will need to block, pass the ball, and steal it.

NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game

If you like to enjoy realistic graphics, then this app is for you. The developers have tried to accurately convey all body movements of the players following physics. The graphics are excellent. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times. Install it and become a basketball master.


Stickman Basketball

Yes, you heard right! This app brings together the iconic stickman hero and basketball. An amazing atmosphere awaits you. This game is very addictive. The app has many game modes. You will be amazed at their number.

Fast play, cups, seasons, practice and streets, and even mega play are all just a few of the modes. Try the bonus street mode for more rewards. You can choose the play arenas, as well as adjust the playing time. The app has 3 difficulty modes.

The higher the level, the more difficult the game is. Can you complete the season on difficulty 3? Stickman’s control is very simple. You only need one touch on the screen. You can enable automatic running for stickmen. Track match statistics and see if you are making progress.

Stickman Basketball

You can watch the games and share the highlights with your friends. Create a joint match with your friends. You will always be in touch, even if you are hundreds of kilometers apart.

The app has already been installed over 10 million times. The popularity of this app continues to grow. Download it and you can give your stickmen all the rules of basketball.


Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is a fantastic game that tests your shooting skills and technique. This is a bright arcade game with many levels. Your task is to score as many points as possible and get points. The controls are the same as in other games of this type.

One-touch and you are holding the ball. Collect gifts after winning tournaments. Try to collect the entire collection.  Choose the ball you like best. Maybe this ball will bring you luck and victory.

Basketball Mania Basketball Mania Basketball Mania

This app has retro graphics and great sound effects. It weighs only 6.5MB. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times, which proves its popularity.


Basketball Shooting Game

Do you want to have some fun? Download this app and enjoy playing simplified basketball. This game has the easiest gameplay. Your task is to get the balls into the basketball hoop. The number of attempts is limited!

The more levels you pass, the further the ball will be from the basket. You can also throw the ball as high as possible. Try to break all the records. The app has several modes.

Нou will have 10 attempts to hit the basketball hoop in arcade mode. You need to score as many goals as possible in a limited amount of time in time mode. You can test your accuracy in distance mode. Dunk mode will help you have some fun.

Basketball Shooting Game Basketball Shooting Game

If you want to have fun with your friends then use the multiplayer mode. This is a great workout for basketball players. The app doesn’t affect the performance of the smartphone. It weighs only 41MB. Download this app and you can join 100 thousand players around the world.


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