8 Best Boxing Manager Games for Android & iOS

Are you a boxing fan dreaming of having your own team? This article has you covered!

There are lots of boxing manager games for Android and iOS that empower you to lead your own crew of boxers. You will get to train your fighters, participate in tournaments, make money on wins, and move up on the leadership board till you’ll become the best.

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Here’s the list of the best games in that category you should try. Take a look!

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing

Real Boxing 2 is another boxing game that enables you to participate in virtual battles and fight your way on top of the leader board.

Along with the fights, you get to develop your hero and develop his skills. So before your first fight, you may practice various fighting styles, punches, work on your strategy and find out what’s your perfect playstyle. Plus, you may get various items that enhance the power of your fighter — you may buy new clothes, gloves, and other equipment that may affect your fights.

Then, there will be time to fight — you may enter various fights and sports events and compete against other fighters. Of course, you won’t be able to fight the leaders at first but the competitors will become stronger with levels. Each win will bring you coins that you can spend on developing your hero even more.

It needs to be said, there are both multiplayer and single-player modes so you may even fight against real players if you’d like. You may even fight against your mates. The game also covers the list of mini-games you can play to get extra bonuses and other fun stuff.


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Boxing Star

Boxing Sta‪r‬

Boxing Star is a game that enables you to experience a virtual boxing journey. Your main goal in the game is to go through multiple fights till you get to the boxing star point. Apart from the main purpose, you will also meet various characters related to boxing. You may develop your relationship with them, so they would help you on your way.

Your journey in the game starts from being a street fighter dreaming to become bigger than this. As you’ll move through levels, you will be able to participate in paid fights and then be a part of the boxing league.

Therewith, you may develop your skills, learn new punches, and all that. You may also spend in-game money on new clothes and extra skills. It needs to be said, some items may only be bought for real money but you can totally play without them,

Besides, this is a multiplayer game so you can compete with players from around the globe. You may even invite your mates to play and form a fight club with them. Therewith, you may participate in daily challenges to earn some coins and train your character.


Boxing Manager by Sport & Financial Ltd

Boxing Manager is a mobile app that allows you to try yourself as a boxing team coach and manage your players.

You will organize training, check the physical condition and skills of your fighters, sign contracts with new members, take part in tournaments and battles in the ring, as well as develop strategies and tactics to win each fight.

At the beginning of the game, you get a small team of boxers, which you have to develop and turn into a champion team. You will have to train and improve the technique and physical fitness of the fighters. Develop your training plan to improve the skills of your boxers and strengthen their physical fitness.

Track the progress of each fighter and develop their strengths so they can win big battles. Develop a strategy for each fight. Observe your fighter’s condition during the fight and make decisions based on their physical condition.

Review available fighters, and check their skills and potential development opportunities. Hire new trainers to improve your team’s performance.


Boxing Promoter – Boxing Game

Boxing Promoter is a mobile app that allows you to try yourself as a boxing coach. You will be able to create your own boxing empire, manage fighters, hold fights, and become a real coach in this sport.

At first, you will have a few fighters available to you, but as time passes and your career develops, you will be able to attract more successful and famous athletes.

The game offers many unique opportunities to develop your club. You will be able to buy and sell fighters, whose contracts will bring you profit and increase your reputation. Train your athletes and improve their skills and tactics so that they can win even the most difficult battles.

You will have to choose the right fighters and organize fights for them. The app also has a rating system, where you will be able to see how successful your team and individual players are. During the game, you will be able to check the condition of your fighters and motivate them to win the fight.


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MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

MMA Manager 2 is an exciting sports game for mobile devices, which allows you to become the manager and coach of your own team of MMA fighters. You will have to develop and improve your fighters, as well as manage all their careers.

Make training decisions, choose opponents for your fighters, negotiate with promoters and managers, organize training camps, and much more. Collect your team and develop it to the maximum performance to win every upcoming fight.

Various modes are available in the game, allowing you to choose which way of managing your team suits you best. In Career mode, you will be able to pump up your fighter’s skills, manage their fight schedule, and take part in fights.

The app offers a large assortment of fighters, each with unique characteristics and fighting styles. You will be able to take part in various tournaments and increase the rating and reputation of your team. Each victory will bring you money and experience, which you can use to develop your fighters and improve their skills.


Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing is a game that will get you through the boxing path all the way to the championship.

The outstanding thing about this game is its 3D visual and smooth animation. All the characters are drawn in details so it feels like you’re watching a nicely made cartoon about boxing. As for the controls, these are also quite intuitive so you won’t have trouble with performing the maneuvers and punches.

As always, you start as a regular boxer at the very beginning of his journey to fame. Then, you’ll get to
participate in multiple tournaments against more than 30 fighters. Each opponent will have his strong points, weak points, and strategies you need to consider before fighting.

You may also train your character and develop his skills in between the fights. Thus, you can attend gym training and learn some new maneuvers along with thinking about your next fight strategy. Plus, you may switch your character’s equipment and clothes from level to level- there are more than 120 uniform options for you to try.


Virtual Boxing 3D Game Fight

Virtual Boxing

As its name suggests, Virtual Boxing is another 3D boxing game that empowers you to experience what it’s like to take part in boxing fights.

In the first place, although this is a 3D game, the UI looks a bit old-school so don’t expect any cinematic effects and smooth movements from it. The animation is not that bad actually and there are HQ sounds that help you to feel the atmosphere of the fight.

Plus, the game has intuitive touchscreen controls so you’ll quickly cope with performing the punches and movements. Just like in real boxing, your main goal here is to knock out the opponent by punching him in the head. However, as boxing fights are performances as well the more maneuvers and punch combos you use in your strategy the more points you get.

These points may be spent on unlocking new equipment and clothes that will level up your powers so pay attention to that. Therewith, all the items you may get in the game may only be bought for in-game currency so you can skip the donating part. You may also train in between the fighting to learn new punches and defense movements.


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Prizefighters 2


And lastly, Prizefighters 2 is a spin-off of the famous boxing game that empowers you to fight against multiple opponents.

Along with the original game, you start as an amateur boxer dreaming of becoming a champion. To reach your goal you need to train a lot, spar a lot and participate in various fights to move up on the leader’s board. However, this game is not as predictable as you might’ve assumed — the game won’t over when you will become a champion. It will actually get more complicated.

The trick here is — you will need to pay more attention to your training as you will get older from season to season. So you will need to do everything in your powers to hold your championship. You will also need to keep an eye on amateur boxers that are just like you in the past — you may use them to upbraid your strategy as well.

You may even decide to retire from the boxing world and start a career all over again with a new fighter. The game supports 10 career modes at one time. Speaking of the UI, it’s the mostly same as the original game — maybe a little more modern. You may donate to get some extra equipment though but it’s not necessary.

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