9 Free Distorted Face Apps (Android & iOS)

Do you enjoy making ridiculous pics for your social media? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of free distorted face apps for Android and iOS that can give your pics a truly hilarious look!

These apps are the best and the easiest way to make you look completely unrecognizable. Those instruments can stretch your pics, spiral them and do lots of other types of modification. So if you love to make fun of yourself, these apps are an absolute must!

Here’s the list of the best apps that genre that worth your time. Have a look!

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Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

Face Wrap

Lets’s start with an app called Face Warp. This is an app that permits you to add distorted filters to your shots.

The app has a set of face juggling implements you can use to make your pics look increasingly fun. And the main aim of this app is to show you that there’s nothing cooler than to make jokes about yourself.

Thus, the app enables you to express your creativity in any way you like.

To tell the truth, there are not that many implements in this app — there are only a couple of them. But the trick is you can do lots of fun stuff with it. First of all, there’s a brush that zooms some parts of your pic.

This engine can also make some areas of your pics smaller and you can use it again and again till it will look ridiculous.

Beyond that, the app also has a warp brush that permits you to deform your shots as you want. You just need to tap on any area on your shot and move your finger around. Plus, the app covers several basic modifying instruments and it also permits you to optimize your pic’s orientation.


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Face Distortion – Screw Up Your Face

Face Distortion

The second app is called Face Distortion and it’s conceptions fully reflect its name.

This app enables you to distort your face in any way you desire. Herewith, you can spiral your face on pics, deform it and do lots of other fun stuff. The destination of this app is to help you make humorous pics and give yourself the most ridiculous look possible.

Therein, the app doesn’t have an auto mode so you have absolute freedom with your actions. You just need to tap on any area on your screen and drag your finder around chaotically.

Therewith, you can make some sections of yourself smaller or bloop it, and you can do it as many times as you want.

You can also spiral your pics and make yourself look thinner or fatter. Plus, the app has an accumulation of stamps you can add to your pics. These stickers imitate cartoon-looking parts of the face and some accessories as well.

The app doesn’t ruin the quality of your pics and you can share it directly on Facebook (or wherever else you want). Besides, the app is free and has no ads or in-app buying.


Funny Face Effects

funny face effects

Funny Face Effects is another app that can help you make witty pics easily. This app is fully centered on face modification implements that permits you to have fun with your pics.

It needs to be said, the app now has more than ten million downloads which makes It one of the most popular apps in its genre.

Herewith, the app has a built-in cam so you can not only use pre-made ones. Although the app doesn’t have that many implements it still grants you to deform your pics in several ways.

Thus, the app has a basic warp tool, a stretching tool, a spiral instrument, and so on. Besides, the app doesn’t have a face verification tool so you can not only use it with selfies.

More by token, the app can cope with more than just pics. Thus, the app is capable of turning your shots into GIFs. This is how it works — you distort any part of your pic (like stretching your arms or zooming the eyes) and the app motions it.

The GIFs usually look incredibly fun and you can post it on your SoMe with one tap.


Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth

Face and Body Warp

Face & Body Warp is an app that emperors you to completely deform your pics in secs. This app is fully committed to face distortion so it covers plenty of implements for that.

Thus, the app has adding instruments, inflation, and deflation ones, stretching ones, and also the basic warp ones.

Plus, the app doesn’t have a face verification tool so you can use all the implements on your whole body. Let’s start with the instruments that run in an auto mode.

The first one is the aging one and it permits you to see how you’d look in decades. Another instrument is the fitting one and it makes you look thinner or fatter on your pics. And there’s also an engine that can make you look higher or shorter.

Although all these tools are automatic you can still settle the intensity of them all. As for the warping instrument, you have it under your full control.

You just need to tap on any area on your pic and pull your fingers around as you want. Furthermore, the app has a set of funny stamps you can add to your shots.


Face Changer 2

face changer

Face Changer 2 is an app that permits is you to add funny effects to your pics.

This app covers multiple engines that permit you to make fun of yourself on pics. Thus, there’s a face swap tool, backdrop replacing one, the cloning tool, and even the instrument that grants you to try morph faces.

Herewith, you can rather use the pics from your cam roll or use the cam that is built-in in the app. The face switching tool is simple — it replaces your face with the face from any pic you load.

As for the morph faces one — this instrument covers various masks that transform your face into an animal, alien, or monster. The bg remover is running automatically and it makes any bg translucent. Plus, it also permits you to emplacement the bg in secs.

On top of that, the app has an accumulation of face parts imitation that you can use as accents on your pics. These face parts look like stickers and imitate the face parts of animals or magical creatures.

Besides, the app covers lots of other stickers that can decorate your pics (there are more than 600 stickers covered for now).


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YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters

YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is an app that emperors you to make funny pics.

This app has two implements you can use — the stickers and the masks. As for the stickers, there are more than a thousand ones covered by the app and its numbers is still increasing.

These stickers imitate the face parts of animals, aliens, and all kinds of magical creatures. Plus, there are quote stickers, accessories ones, and so on.

Besides, the app regularly updates its sticker compilations with thematic holiday packs. There are even motioned stickers you can try! More by token, the app had hundreds of masks that work on vids as well as on pics.

The masks are spilled into packs for easy navigation. Thus, there are morph masks, beauty ones, horror ones, and much more.

Some of the masks work on several people at the same time so you can try it with your mates. And some of the masks even come with voice distortion which makes it even more hilarious.


Individual Face – extreme distortion filters & effects

Individual Face

And lastly, an Individual face is an app that permits you to laugh at yourself by distorting your pics.

This app covers several effects that can make you look ridiculous on your shots. Thus, the app has a warp tool, the blurring one, the stamp one, and so on. Therewith, the app is very easy to use so everyone can cope with it.

All the implements covered by the app can be settled individually, and they all come with several options. Plus, the app has implements that make you smile, the ones that make you sad, and the ones that spiral your face.

The warp tool grants you to do everything you want — just drag your finger around and see how it turns.

Besides, the app has a blurring instrument that can make the bg uneven and also the rotating one. It needs to be said, the app keeps the quality of your pics high so no worries about that. The app also processing at high speed so the editing takes secs to be done.


Photo Warp

Сool and unusual pictures can be done not only with Photoshop but also with this app. In it, you can try different funny faces, big cartoon eyes, and even a wide grimace smile.

Take photos either in the app, using the front or back camera, or you can download ready-made pictures for editing from your gadget’s storage.

You can even try to create your own animation in the form of a GIF. Photos will be of high quality when you use any of the effects that are available in the program’s library. They will be available to save or publish on any website.

Cartoon photos are capable of evoking positive emotions in everyone who sees them.


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Funny Face – Face Warp

In this app, you can have a lot of fun on your own or with your friends. Try to change your appearance as you take your pictures.

Use automatic filters to resize your eyes, mouth, nose, and other parts of your face. Edit photos that were taken some time ago as well.

You’ll also have access to all the tools and effects you need. You can change your face with just a tap on the screen. Stretch your eyes, smile, and face shape to give it a groovy, unnatural look.

Add more flair to your photos with text, emojis, or stickers. Post them on your pages or share them on different online platforms to amuse as many people as possible.

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