Deep Chess App Review


How often did you want to play chess, but you did not have a partner nearby? Or late at night, when your mother had already sent you to bed? Or in the subway, on the way to work? Deep Chess – Free Chess Partner is the app that ANY CHESS PLAYER MUST HAVE. Chess is … Read more

UniWar App Review


A smartphone needs simple games controlled with one hand and not requiring constant attention. For this, you should definitely install UniWar. It combines the spirit of the legendary Starcraft and chess. This is an addictive turn-based tactical strategy game with excellent graphics – FOR YOUR PHONE! It is available for both Android and iOS. By … Read more

UpNow Hypnosis App Review


Do you often suffer from stress or anxiety? That is why we have to recommend you to try the perfect tool – UpNow Hypnosis app. Let’s get a glimpse at why this app is so special. When you open the app, there is a quick and easy registration procedure. After creating an account, you can … Read more

Galarm App Review


Do you hate early wake-up by an irritating alarm? In this case, we have good news for you! We would like to present to you the Galarm app. This is an excellent tool to manage all your tasks on any occasion. First of all, the Galarm app features simplicity of usage. After downloading the app, … Read more

Knights and Glory App Review


Good news for all the game fans out there! If you are looking for a new entertaining game, then we would like to recommend you to download the Knights and Glory app. So, let’s get a glimpse at why this game is so special. The major task of this strategic game is to collect as … Read more

GroveHR App Review

Do you want to manage all the data about your employees and keep it in one place? In this case, we have excellent news for you! GroveHR app allows you to make the onboarding process for your new workers much easier! There is nothing complicated in this app, as it features a user-friendly interface. Have … Read more

Cleaner-App Review

Do you keep all the files on your Mac well-organized and clean the space on the disk? Hardly ever, right? Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised that the speed of functioning of your computer decreases. Luckily, it’s the often problem for almost everyone who has a PC. We can also offer you a great list … Read more

FluidSynth MIDI Synthesizer App Review


If you want to record your playing on a musical instrument, the FluidSynth MIDI Synthesizer app will be a very useful tool for creating sounds, after they leave the keyboard. By the way, after you created a new track you can also make a video for that – use these apps to add music to … Read more

NavPak Celestial Navigator App Review


Are you fond of astronomy? Do you want to try a convenient celestial navigator? In this case, we would like to bring your attention to the NavPak app. This app is the perfect way on how to detect stars and planets. So, let’s take a look at why this app is so unique. And if … Read more

Reventure App Review


There are adventure games that just blow you away the minute you start playing. But how to find them? Well, we did that hard job for you, and let us introduce you to Reverture. Our latest discovery is funny, full of twists, and just the best game ever. It seems to have a typical plot, … Read more