13 Best Fake Number Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

Sometimes we urgently need a new phone number. We can use it to register on websites, make online purchases, or protect our personal information.

What should we do if we don’t want to get a new phone number? Download the special apps and they will generate a completely new number for you. You can use it for any purpose.

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We have prepared for you a whole list of the best fake number apps in 2024 that will save you from spam and loss of personal information. Try them and you can create thousands of numbers.

Hushed – Second Phone Number – Calling and Texting

This app will allow you to get a second number. You can reliably protect your real number. You will no longer receive spam and ads. The app allows you to make anonymous or private calls.

You can get numbers from 60 different countries. Open the app, select a country and it will generate a new number for you. Use the new numbers for business or online shopping.

Are you going to call international? This app will help you save money. You can also use the new numbers for online dating.

The app has a simple and modern design. You will enjoy the intuitive interface. Burn the numbers when you no longer need them.

You can manage all the numbers in one app. It is suitable for business people. You can use all the new numbers as long as you like. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Hushed - Second Phone Number
Hushed - Second Phone Number

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Burner – 2nd Phone Number

This smart app will allow you to create a second phone number. You will no longer have problems when you receive a lot of spam. This app will protect your number.

You can send messages, photos, videos, and also call your friends, just like from a real number. No one will notice that this number is not for you. You can destroy the phone number when you no longer need it.

The app will also allow you to block, mute and edit contacts. You will become completely in control of your information.

Use this app in any situation if you need a new phone number. You can create multiple numbers at once. Create numbers for dates, online shopping, and any other purpose.

This app will help you with your phone numbers. Be safe with extra numbers.

Burner: Second Phone Number1
Burner: Second Phone Number1

Phone 2nd Phone Number + Texting & Calling App

You will be able to use your smartphone with confidentiality with this app. You can make and receive any calls. Use this app for your business or just for everyday shopping.

The app collects contacts from all of your created numbers in one place. It is easy to manage contacts. Sort numbers. Create folders with numbers from the office or for dates.

Use the created numbers as permanent. You don’t need to pay a lot of money. Forget about ads and spam. Your smartphone is protected!

The app has a simple design. The navigation is intuitive. This app is suitable for everyone. No matter where and when you use it. If you value your privacy, then this app should be on your smartphone.

Register on any website and don’t think about spam and data leakage. Delete the created numbers if you no longer need them. The app is used by more than 1 million people from over the world.

Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text
Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text

Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text

Do you want to get a new phone number in any region? This app will do it fast. You don’t need new SIM cards. Select a country to receive a new number and the app will generate any number.

You can add the 2nd and even 4th line to your smartphone. The app will give you unlimited calls and messages. Use these numbers for any purpose.

This app is useful while traveling. You will be able to reach your family despite the great distance. Just call them anytime and anywhere and they will surely answer.

All phone numbers are real. You can receive calls and receive messages. You don’t need to pay money. Set up voicemail.

If you don’t like people that call you, you can block them. You will no longer receive meaningless spam and annoying ads. This app will protect you. It has been installed more than 1 million times.

2nd Phone Number1
2nd Phone Number2

Numero eSIM: Second Phone Number & Virtual SIM

Download this app and you will receive additional numbers for personal or business purposes. It is great for anyone who needs a US or private phone number. Your new number will work just like a real one.

You can create as many numbers as you like on your smartphone without buying a SIM card. Use the hidden number feature and call anonymously. You can prank your friends. Receive messages and make international calls spending a lot less money

The app will allow you to get a burned phone number from more than 40 countries. The app requires an Internet connection to make calls and send messages. You can protect yourself by giving fake numbers to strangers.

You can register on any site without fear of data loss. This app will help all travelers save on international calls. The app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Numero eSIM1
Numero eSIM2

Fake Call Number

Do you want to prank your friends? This app will help you do this. Open it and enter your friend’s phone number. Select the audio record that will be sent to the friend in the form of a call. The app has a lot of pranks.

Press the button and the app will make a call from a fake number. Your friend will be in shock. The app will record the entire call to the recorder. You can show the audio recording to your friends and recharge with a cheerful mood.

The app has an intuitive interface. it’s free. Developers continue to update the app. They add new pranks and fix bugs. Download this fake number app and you can have fun every day.

Fake Call1
Fake Call2

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Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

If you urgently need to call another country use this app. It will allow you to make a free call from a fake number. You won’t lose your personal information. The app is available for creating numbers in more than 9 countries.

New numbers have all the features of a real number. Send messages, photos, videos, and call and receive calls. Most websites require a phone number. Register on any site while maintaining your privacy. You can shop online and go on dates.

Messages are stored on the new number for approximately 7 days. Then they are deleted. Phone numbers work for a month. You can delete an unnecessary number at any time.

You can’t restore information from a remote number. The number is permanently deleted. The app has no ads. Nothing will distract you. This app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

Temp Number - Virtual Number
Temp Number - Virtual Number

Freephone calls, free texting SMS on free number

This free app will help you create fake phone numbers. You can make unlimited calls. If you are a busy person, you can use 2 lines during calls. You will get the opportunity to call any type of device from more than 200 countries.

All international calls are cheap. This app is a great way to save money. You need an Internet connection to make calls. All calls have crystal clear sound. You will be amazed at the sound quality. All these thanks to new technology and transmission over the Internet.

If you want more features, buy the premium version. This will greatly expand your capabilities. Try walkie-talkie mode for instant connection. The app will allow you to create a group of up to 8 people.

You can discuss all the important issues even if you are far from each other. You can also create a conference for messages for up to 100 people. This app expands the boundaries of using your SIM card. Download it as soon as possible and join 10 million users.

Unlimited Texting, Calling App
Unlimited Texting, Calling App

Sideline – 2nd Line for Work Calls

To be completely honest with you, this app is not that much for a fake number, but it’s more for obtaining the second number. However, if you got the second number you can always mask yourself while calling, right?

Sideline is quite easy to use – after the installation of the app, you will be offered a list of various phone numbers to choose from. Therefore, each time you’ll be making calls using this app the recipient will see this number on display.

Additionally, there is a chat in Sideline that you can easily use as your regular chat – the only condition is that the other person also has this app installed on their phone.

There are two options in the app – to choose whether the fast-burning number will disappear after a couple of usages, or, choose another one, which is more durable and will keep the chosen line forever.


PingMe – Second Phone Number Call & Text

This app will allow you to grow your international connections. Call anyone anytime. You can create as many accounts on social networks as you want. It will be easier for you to run your business. It is always good to have extra phone numbers.

The app will give you additional numbers for any purpose. You will also receive a cloud that will store information about your additional numbers.

Expand your global company. You will be surprised at the sound quality of calls. Open the app and select a private phone number for any country.

You can send unlimited messages and videos to any number. Use your virtual numbers to pass verification on social networks.

The app will allow you to make calls at cheaper prices. You can protect your private information from scammers. The app has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

PingMe Second Phone Number App
PingMe Second Phone Number App


Enter Grasshopper is an app available on Google Play, specifically designed to cater to the communication needs of businesses and professionals.

With Grasshopper, maintaining a professional image has never been easier, as calls and messages are routed through a centralized platform, masking personal contact details and safeguarding privacy.

Furthermore, Grasshopper offers features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and professional greetings, adding a touch of professionalism and efficiency to customer interactions. 

Users can create multiple virtual numbers as needed, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes seeking an edge in their communication strategies.

Overall, the Grasshopper app stands as a game-changer for businesses, facilitating seamless communication, enhancing brand image, and ensuring customer satisfaction in the fast-paced digital era.


Phone.com – Mobile Office

Phone.com – Mobile Office is an app that empowers businesses with a comprehensive suite of features to streamline communication, manage virtual numbers, and elevate overall productivity. Phone.com offers businesses the ability to create fake numbers to manage their diverse communication needs. 

The app’s versatility allows users to have multiple virtual phone numbers, catering to various business departments or marketing campaigns, all seamlessly managed through a centralized platform.

With features like call routing, voicemail transcription businesses can optimize their communication strategies for maximum efficiency. 

Users can choose from a wide selection of area codes and vanity numbers, effortlessly aligning their virtual phone numbers with their brand identity. The app allows users to create and manage multiple virtual numbers, accommodating businesses of all sizes and industries.

Overall, Phone.com – Mobile Office is a great solution for businesses seeking to optimize their communication strategies and enhance their professional image. 


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2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

Do you want to add a second phone number but don’t want to buy a new SIM card? Download this app and you can get a virtual number. Separate work and personal life.

You can also reliably protect your personal information. Send unlimited messages and make as many calls as you like. The application uses the Internet connection to make calls. The sound quality during the call is excellent.

When you need to share your real number with a stranger, give your virtual number. If you are no longer going to use the virtual number, burn it.

This app is cheaper than regional calls. It is almost free thanks to advertising. You can buy a premium version of the app for more features. You can block spam calls directly in the application.

It has been installed more than 100 thousand times. The app will help you to have as many phone numbers as you want.

2nd Line - Second Phone Number
2nd Line - Second Phone Number
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