9 Best Football Lineup Creators for Android & iOS

Looking for a simple tool to make football lineups? This article got you covered!

We have found the 9 best football lineup creators for Android & iOS that let you visualize the position of each player on the team. These apps let you make complex football formations without much effort. You’ll get to try different fields, pick shirts, add sub-benches, and even draw a full-on tactics plan. There’s even an app that lets you organize a real-life game. Take a look!

My Lineup

Let’s start with an app that lets you build football lineups.

If you’re looking for a simple tool for football team building, this is the one. This app is all about simplicity and smooth user experience, so anyone could cope with it. The main of this one is to give you a handy tool for visualizing the football team lineup and sharing your ideas with friends and the team.

The app is fully customizable, so you get to change every little detail about your lineup. You get to drag and drop all the players individually to find the perfect spot on the field. Herewith, you get to pick players from the pre-made list that covers over 1K names. Each player comes with a photo, so you get to see the full vision coming to life.

Plus, there are pre-made formations you may use as a base for your lineup if needed. You and also customize the subs bench with up to 9 players. The app comes with a designer kit that lets you play with the uniform and try different styles and covers. You get to save your lineups for further use and share them with mates right away.

My Lineup1
My Lineup2

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Next, there’s an app that lets you make your own football lineup from scratch.

With this app, you’ll get to create a custom team with a unique uniform. Herewith, the app covers numerous football fields you can try for free. New options come out from time to time, so there’s always a chance to try the new one. Apart from the previous app, this one doesn’t have a list of players to choose from.

Thus, you get to use it to visualize the lineup of your own real team for further use. You’ll get to add shirts instead of player photos, and you can add custom text to each of them (names, surnames, and basically whatever you want). The app covers over 2K football shirts for you to try, so there’s smth for everyone.

You don’t get to customize the shirts though, and you can’t add new designs either, so you’ll need to stick to the pre-made collection. Each lineup should include 11 players, and you don’t get to add a sub bench. Once the lineup is complete, you can share it on social media with just one click.

Lineup11- Football Line-up
Lineup11- Football Line-up

Lineup Builder

This is a football team-building app that lets you visualize the lineup in secs.

The concept of this app is pretty similar to the previous one. To be fair, the features are pretty much the exact same. The app covers a bunch of stadiums you can use as a background to your lineups, and new ones come out regularly. Just like it is with the previous one, this app doesn’t come with a list of players to choose from, which is great if you want to make a lineup for your own real-life team.

You can even try a dark field mode if needed. The lineups in this app consist of shirts with names, so you can make any team that comes to mind. The app covers over 1K shirts to pick from, so there’s smth for everyone. Along with the names, you can also point out the nationality of the team or each player individually.

You can save each lineup you make and edit it at any time later on. You can also save the lineup as a file (or a pic, and upload it to your social media right away All the new shirt packs and stadiums are free, so you won’t be charged for anything. The number of lineups to make is unlimited as well, so no worries.

Lineup Builder
Lineup Builder

Build Lineup 

It’s a simple app for making custom football formations.

This app lets you customize every little detail about your team: the design of shirts, the field, the number of players and their positions, and so on. You get to easily drag and drop the player to find the perfect position on the field. And if you’re not sure where to start, there are a bunch of templates to use as a base (or reference).

Herewith, you get to customize the name and number of all the players to match your real-life team. You can also add a sub to all players if needed. More to that, the app lets you pick the influence area of each player, which is handy. As for the number of players, you can make from 5 to 11 people lineup (which you don’t get in the majority of such apps).

The app covers a wide range of shirts you can use, and all of these are free. And if you’re not happy with pre-made options, you can always use a designer tool to personalize the colors and pattern. You can also pick different colors for different players if required. All the lineups are downloadable, and you can share them with friends with one click.

Build Lineup1
Build Lineup2

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Eleven – Build Lineup

Here’s an app that lets you create a football team squad without any effort.

The app lets you make the team of your dream by using shirts from the most famous leagues around the globe. It covers over 200 jerseys, including some legendary ones. The jerseys are sorted by teams, so it’s easy to find smth specific. You can use different shirts for different players as well, so no limits here.

The shirt collection gets regular updates and there’s always smth new to try. Apart from the previous apps, this one comes with only one field, so keep that in mind. Herewith, you get to build different team sizes (from 5 to 11 players). You’ll get to pick the position of every member of the team and pick their influence areas as well.

The UI is as simple as it can be, and you have no limits for the number of formations. You may rather save the lineup within the PPP or save it to your gallery with one click. You can also share it with friends or post it on social media if needed.

Eleven - Football Team Builder
Eleven - Football Team Builder

Soccer Best LineUp Maker App

Soccer Best LineUp Maker App is an app designed for soccer enthusiasts, coaches, and players. With its intuitive interface and a wide range of options, the app allows users to create and customize soccer lineups with ease.

The app provides you with various options for designing lineups, including player positions, formations, and team names. Users can effortlessly drag and drop players into their desired positions, making it simple to experiment with different tactics and strategies.

Soccer Best LineUp Maker App saves and shares lineups conveniently. Whether you’re a coach planning for an upcoming match or a soccer fan assembling your dream team, the app offers a seamless platform to store and exchange lineups.

In conclusion, Soccer Best LineUp Maker App is a valuable tool for soccer enthusiasts, providing a seamless interface, sharing capabilities, and customization options.


Football Squad Builder

This is a football squad builder that lets you plan the positions of your team and build an effective tactic.

This app lets you create some kind of tactics board. You get to pick the position of every player along with the influence area. And that can be used as a base for further strategy building. In fact, you can make multiple lineups, so it’s possible to visualize the entire strategy if you have the time and effort to do it.

Beyond that, you get to make an attack scheme for each player on the board and made different scenarios for the team. You can also pick between different fields and even try to make lineups for your fave national leagues. The app covers plenty of shirts you can use for players, including some legendary ones.

You get to customize the names of each player and design personalized jerseys if needed. The app doesn’t let you change the size of the team, though, so you’re stuck with 11 players on the field. The app is fully free, and you get to share your formations with friends and a web audience in secs.

Football Squad Builder
Football Squad Builder

Lineup zone – Soccer Lineup

Lineup Zone – Soccer Lineup can help you to manage your team.

The app offers various options for customizing lineups, including player positions, formations, and team names. Users can easily drag and drop players into their desired positions, making it effortless to experiment with different strategies and tactics.

One of the key benefits of Lineup Zone is its ability to save and share lineups effortlessly. Whether you’re a coach preparing for a match or a soccer fan assembling your dream team, the app provides a convenient platform to store and exchange lineups.

You can also tailor lineups to suit your preferences and playing style. No matter you’re creating lineups for professional matches or friendly games, the app provides the flexibility to accommodate different scenarios.

Overall, Lineup Zone – Soccer Lineup is a great tool for soccer enthusiasts that simplify team management.


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Lineup12 Build Football Lineup

If you are a coach strategizing for an upcoming match or a football fan organizing your dream team, Lineup12 can give you a possibility to use a versatile platform for all your football lineup needs.

With the help of this app, you have an option to change strategy and tactic of your team as you wish. It is also possible to tailor your football lineup, including player positions, formations, and team names.

In case you want to store lineups for future reference or share your masterful football formations with friends and colleagues, the app provides a convenient way to do so.

Additionally, Lineup12 allows users to add notes and annotations to lineups, ensuring that important details and instructions are not overlooked. This feature is particularly useful for coaches who want to communicate specific strategies to their team.

Overall, I find Lineup12 quite useful platform for football team management, so you should definitely try to download it.

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