12 Free Apps to Change Hair Color on Android & iOS

Wanna change your hair but feel hesitant? Yeah, we’ve all been there. What if it won’t look good on you or you’ll get tired of it the next day? Well, we’ve got the solution for you!

Here’s our list of top free apps to change hair color on Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you try new haircuts, switch hair colors, and even add virtual makeup without actually going to the salon.

You can use these to be sure of your decision or to try the colors you would never get in real life. From natural to vivid colors and complex styles, these apps have everything you may need. Let’s get into it!


Many changes in one’s own style begin with makeup. Girls and guys experiment, complementing the image with bright colors, while not changing everything cardinally.

Also in the application MakeupPlus now you can change not only your makeup and apply it virtually, but also experiment with hair color and other style details. In this case, the application has a non-standard format with editing – now we will tell you about its features and advantages.

MakeupPlus is a real virtual storefront for users. Here you can instantly try various cosmetic brands, as well as immediately buy them – for example, for you are available products Lime Crime, Clarins, and others.

The same applies to hair products: in MakeupPlus you will immediately see how this or that shade of dye will change your look. Here you can release your inner stylist and try the most daring hair colors – MakeupPlus contains all the colors of the rainbow, which will be transferred to your hair on the screen one by one.


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YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is another application, which was originally designed for virtual makeup. Now here you can completely transform and radically change your appearance – from lipstick shades and tonal cream colors to hair colors.

You can edit anything you want, and your selfies will become unusual and original. The capabilities of YouCam Makeup are not limited to simple changes but give users complete freedom in editing photos.

You can also transform your face in real time. This is done with the help of augmented reality technologies – the same is true for hair dyeing. The camera in YouCam Makeup uses artificial intelligence technologies, so it can analyze your appearance and give some advice.

You can try on new hair colors in different variants – both monochrome dyeing and ombre. Look through the changes in 360-degree mode to evaluate all the details of your hairstyle and see if it really suits you. You can also try out hairstyles and styles for different lengths of hair.


Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye - Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup

The new hair color in a couple of seconds is easy, especially if you use the Hair Color Dye application. Hair Color Dye can change your appearance dramatically, while you can’t immediately regain your old style.

The application will allow you to try on a new hairstyle and color, and you will see the result with your own eyes. Note that Hair Color Dye gives users a really realistic result, which you can get thanks to quality coloring.

Hair Color Dye has a large palette of different hair colors, among which you can easily choose. If you do not like something – just return everything and try again!

To start working, you will need to choose a photo, where you can clearly see your hair and outline it with a special contour, through which the application will understand which area requires changes.

As a result of the work you will get a great result, which you can upload to the gallery of your smartphone to show in the hairdressing salon or send it to friends – they will accurately assess your changes.


Style My Hair by L’Oréal

Style My Hair by L'Oréal

Everyone who dyed or cared for their hair at least once has heard of L’Oreal Professional. This company develops many products for dye, care, cutting, and other things.

They also introduced the Style My Hair application, which will allow you to try on your own smartphone a new look that you can create with their products. You can choose from a huge number of different hairstyles and colors – this is how you are offered to find the image of your dreams.

In Style My Hair you can also get professional advice on cutting and hair color. With the help of diagnostics, you will determine for yourself the shape of your face and which hairstyles will look best on you.

The best look can only be created with the trial and error method – but with the error application, you can avoid it. You will immediately see how a certain hair color will look on your head, as well as get acquainted with the latest trends and best looks from L’Oreal.



Teleport logo

The Teleport app is designed for photo editing. It allows you to change the color of the hair of the person in the picture. It is possible to add, change, and blur the background.

The app contains a catalog of shades to change the color of the skin or hair in the photo. To get the desired effect, you need to take or upload a photo. The app asks for permission to access media files and the phone camera.

Teleport allows a photo to be taken through the main or front lens. After selecting a photo, you need to determine the desired hair color or skin tone. They are presented in a panel at the bottom of the screen.

The utility contains a catalog of embedded images and drawings that can be used as a background for photos. There is a blurring function. It allows you to apply a blur effect to the background of the photo.

Select as background any photos from the gallery. The app saves the processed photos in a separate folder. They can be shared via social networks and messengers, such as Instagram.


Fabby Look

Fashionable hair shades are bright colors that have nothing to do with the natural. To get them in real life, you will have to perform many manipulations at the barber – hair bleaching, dyeing in several stages, and so on.

In order not to make the wrong choice, you can try the Fabby Look application, which allows you to change the hair color in real time. Before you decide on a bright and non-standard coloring, try to apply it virtually first.

In the application, Fabby Look there are many fashion shades, that are now at the peak of popularity – platinum, ash, bright neon colors, and others. You can experiment in different ways – both using natural and natural tones and unusual.

Your experiments will not affect the state of your hair in real life, which is an obvious advantage. If you want to consult with someone about such a dramatic change of style, you can easily send photos from Fabby Look to messengers or social networks – then your friends will tell you exactly what color suits you.


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If you’ve ever tried to edit your selfie, you’ve probably come across this app already. It’s a one-stop shop for all your retouch needs, and it’s been around long enough to gain the trust and love of millions of users.

The app is AI-based, so it does a great job identifying your facial features, hair, and other things you may want to enhance with it. Plus, it is known for its realistic results, and you can easily regulate the intensity of any tool to ensure it looks as lifelike as possible. You can easily cover blemishes, smooth your skin a reshape your face entirely if needed.

As for the hair, the app lets you add highlights or darken the hair with just one tap. There are several colors you could try, including a couple of bright ones. And if that’s not enough, there’s a colorful brush tool that lets you apply any shade manually. The eraser is also here, and you can easily get rid of all your mistakes.

You can also use the app to add virtual makeup, and there are quite a few options there. However, no app is perfect, and more and more tools are becoming paid when it comes to this one. You can still experiment with hair colors for free, though, so there’s that.


Beauty Camera X

If you need an app that is intuitive yet fun to play with, this might be the one. The concept of this one is simple – it’s all about one-tap editing. That’s right, most of the tools you find here give quick results that don’t require any manual altering.

Plus, the app covers all the essentials to beautify your selfies, regardless of the vibe. There are over 50 filters you can try in real-time, tons of stickers, face detection, and more. In fact, a built-in cam comes with 4K support, so your selfies will turn out great. You can also set up quiet mode or fast burst shot if needed.

The fair tools are pretty nice. It covers quite a few options for natural colors as well as bright ones. And even if you want to try complex styles like ombre or add highlights, the app lets you do that too.

However, it may not work precisely if you’re working with complex hairstyles. There’s an eraser, though, so all the mistakes can be filed manually. You can also adjust he intercity of the color if needed.


Hair Color Changer

Discover the bright-colored hair that will really suit you. It’s not enough just to choose a color because it can fully define your style and further changes in appearance.

In the Hair Color Changer application, you can see how the hair of a different color changes your face and appearance in general, and then you can determine whether you really want to radically change the hair shade. Dyeing your hair is easy – especially on your smartphone screen.

If you wish, this app can apply any hair color, and you can adjust the intensity of coloring, areas, and so on. The size of the dye brush can also be adjusted, so you can add colored strands to your natural hair color.

With the Hair Color Changer, you can also change the size of your hairstyle, so you can color your hair longer or shorter according to your preferences. To work with your looks, Hair Color Changer offers to use your photo, which will clearly show both your face and hair.



This app has everything you may need to make an IG-worthy pic. It covers all the basic retouching tools, face reshaper, and even an enhancer to save shots with poor quality.

Whether you just need to touch up a few blemishes or completely transform your appearance, this app lets you do that with minimal effort. It’s completely AI-powered, so you can expect natural results and decent face recognition. Most features can be applied with one tap only, and in most cases no touch-up will be needed.

It has an entire section with virtual makeup you could try. You can easily apply a new lipstick, add eyeliner, or even try some of the pre-made makeup looks. Of course, this section also includes a hair color changer. The app covers all kinds of dyes, from natural to vivid ones.

However, if you wanna add highlights or try more complex colonizing techniques, you won’t be able to do it here.SOme of the tools are paid, but the free version is fully usable, too,


Hair Color Lab Change or Dye

Hair Color Lab Change or Dye

Every girl sometimes comes up with the idea to radically change her appearance. The changes can range from a short haircut to a color that is the opposite of your original shade.

The Hair Color Lab will help you to become both a girl with bright pink hair and an ash blonde, without having to go straight to the hairdresser. Here you can try absolutely any color before deciding to dye in real life.

Hair Color Lab has many tools, which are responsible for the quality of hair coloring in the photo. You can even use the superzoom to add colors in the most hard-to-reach places, such as temples or bangs.

In the application, you can add multiple colors to different areas of your hair, if you do not like monochrome and boring colors.

For natural effects, developers offer to adjust color transparency – so you can see what will happen with dyeing without discoloration of hair. Get a hair lab on your smartphone, which you can use all the time before your visit to the dyeing master.


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Beauty Sweet Plus

This app is a gem for those bored with their natural hair colors. Yeah, you may be loving your platinum blonde or ashy balayage, but what if you wanna try smth more fun (without ruining your hair with bleach first)? Well, that’s when this app comes in.

It covers a ton of vivid hair colors you can try with just one tap. No need to color hair in real time you can do it virtually within literal secs. The best thing is, that you’ll get to adjust the intensity of the dye to ensure it looks as natural as possible.

And if you’re a fun o more complex style, there are tons of gradient options that will blow your mind. Wanna turn yourself into a pretty unicorn? Done. What about a rainbow mermaid or a fiery vampire? Yep, you can easily do that too. The hair feature is fully free, too, so no worries.

As for the other features, there’s a face tune (pretty nice, but nothing special), a collage maker, and even a couple of video templates. There is even a built-in cam where you can try some of the effects in real-time. It comes with a timer and auto focus, so you’re all the way covered.

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