15 Best Free Exterior Design Apps & Websites 2024

Working on the exterior design of the house is one of the most important parts of the process of creating a house for every designer and architect. It is vital to think over all the details and embody all the ideas in the realization of the house plan.

Therefore, below we offer you the top of the best free exterior design apps & websites. And in addition to them, you can also explore the best home renovation apps.

Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Houzz – Home Design & Remodel is one of the most popular and highly loved design apps all over the world. It is a great tool for both interior and exterior design. There you will find a huge collection of photos that can inspire you and become a source of new ideas for incredible exclusive projects.

Moreover, there is a large number of articles about home improvement, remodeling, and design that can be read and searched to widen your experience in this field.

Also, it is possible to contact colleagues, professional designers, and architects to ask for some help and pieces of advice. All of them will be really glad to be in handy with the process of creation.

The app has a lot of functions and features that will be useful not only for professionals but for beginners too.

Some decoration details and design products have been already created by the highly-experienced designers and are ready to be sold. So, you have a great chance to become an owner of unique parts of design projects.

Furthermore, the function of ‘My room 3D’ gives the opportunity to visualize every detail just using your camera facility. Especially it is helpful while working out the exterior designs. It will show all arrangements of the facade and outdoor space.

Thus, Houzz – Home Design & Remodel has highly appreciated around the whole world even such magazines as The New York Times and CNN are constantly writing about it.

This means that this app is rightly recognized as number one in the field of home design for its convenient interface, helpful functions and features, and a large plurality of decoration products provided in the app.


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Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a popular and useful tool for creating home designs. It definitely suits professionals and newbies at the same time. There are a lot of opportunities to change the interior and exterior house design projects.

You can easily change the plan of the building and chose the location and surrounding area. And not only residential buildings can be designed, but cafes, restaurants, shops, and gyms can be also created through this app.

The most exciting feature of the Planner 5D is that 2D and 3D modeling can be used which is really popular and convenient today. Walk in virtual reality and look at the design projects that will help you to make out flaws and mistakes of it.

So, it is possible to change and remake some imperfect parts of the design. Therefore, this function allows you to make your performance better and start observing your own progress in designing.

Additionally, using this app you have a great chance to win a prize in the daily Design Battles. Compete against other users and do not lose the opportunity to showcase your skills and share the experience with the design community members.

It is also convenient to always have at hand collections of photos and sketches of various professional designers and architects where you can usually find inspiration and fulfill yourself with new ideas for creation.

Thus, Planner 5D is an excellent exterior and interior design app in which you can not only work performing new projects but also entertain yourself with 2D and 3D modeling or by walking in virtual reality.


Hover – Measurements in 3D

Hover is a godsend for exterior designers and architects. As it provides accurate results in measurements of the house plans and all its parts separately. Doing measurements is the vital and the most serious piece of work. Therefore, it is crucial to have such an app for being accurate all the time.

This app helps to transform your phone photos of a building into a 3D mold that is completely measured by the program. It gives all measurements of the exterior in detail and allows to be precise while beginning a design process.

You are no longer going to make mistakes with this app. Therefore, the level of work quality will rise immediately. No more human errors – only accurate measurements.

With the help of the app, you can calculate all the material and workforce that will be needed during the realization of the projects. It will instantaneously make the whole working process easier and will advance your skills as an exterior designer or an architect.

Thus, Hover is a must-have app for every person who is performing exterior design. As with this app, there will be no longer manual calculation, everything will be accurately counted by the program by means of 3D modeling functions.


Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is a good app for everyone who wants to become closer to the art of design and architecture. It is really easy to use, and all steps of the projects can be made there initially without any help from professionals, so even new users will achieve fine results while using this app.

Home Design 3D will be definitely handy during the process of exterior design development. There are a lot of patterns and templates that you can use for your projects. You can get inspired and fulfilled with new ideas by looking through a collection of ready products and examples of its works.

The function of 3D modeling is one of the particular features of this app that makes the working process run productively and effectively.

Moreover, it adds more fun and more interesting experience into the whole work under the creation of your house. You can walk outside and enjoy the wonderful exterior design which you made yourself.

In addition, Home Design 3D is also a tool for working under interior design. So, you can kill two birds with one stone, and not only be engaged with exterior design projects, but also perform some interior design types of work.

Thus, Home Design 3D will become your best friend in the field of design and architecture even if you do not have special skills and professional experience.


4Plan: Floor & Home Design 3D

This app provides an opportunity to open your creativity and improve your design skills. There you can do both interior and exterior design.

Talking about exterior design, in this app, you will find a wide variety of catalogs and collections of products and templates that will be useful while creating and inventing unusual and exclusive design projects.

Different types of tables, seats, lamps, and vegetation Can be added to the outdoor area of your house. Choose your own material for the products that you use. Pick various styles and mix colors creating personal and special parts of the design.

There are a lot of useful features too. You are able to draw the custom like lawns and paths, walls and fences. Moreover, via this app PDF files such as drawings and sketches can be shared and looked through by professional designers.

Also, 2D and 3D viewing are possible. So, it is what will help you to remove flaws in the work and observe the progress in your way of becoming a designer. The photorealistic material can be found there too where new design tendencies can be studied.

Thus, 4Plan: Floor & Home Design 3D is definitely suitable for those who would like to try something new in the field of design, and do some experiments with colors, shapes, and materials for producing original design projects.



It is a fantastic website where professional designers and creative beginners from all over the world share their experiences with each other. There you can find different portfolios of exterior designers and architects with whom you might want to work together under some projects.

Furthermore, there are a lot of collections of catalogs with photos and examples of exterior design projects. Use them to open your creativity and improve your skills. Articles, blogs, tips, and pieces of advice are also introduced on the website and can be in handy at any time.

There you can also take a design course to learn more about design and acquire invaluable experience. Having finished the studying course, you will get a certificate confirming your participation in the course.

Besides, using this site there are a lot of opportunities to get good work in the field of exterior design if you can be called a professional and showcase the skills in your portfolio. It is possible to work in a team or just be a freelancer and work alone.

If you need some help in designing your house, you are able to hire highly-experienced designers and architects too.  Moreover, the site provides some more fields of art like animation, branding, illustration, typography, web design, and product design.

Therefore, you may try yourself in a new sphere of creation or try to somehow combine them and make something really incredible and exclusive.


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Home design 3D: Outdoor/Garden

This app is an addition to the Home design 3D that is specialized only in exterior and landscape design. It is quite easy to use and does not require any professional skills or a particular experience. So, you will be able to complete your project intuitively without any help.

Home Design 3D: Outdoor/Garden gives a large number of exterior elements that can be added to the work. The garden furniture, seats, tables, vegetation, trees, swimming pools, fences, hothouse, and more are what will make the outdoor territory of the house a more pleasant and beautiful place.

By using only a few taps the basic appearance of the house will be ready. All the steps and added details can be demonstrated in a 3D mode to look at the whole picture of the project.

Although the app is good enough for main exterior designs, there is a big disadvantage. While using a free version of the app, a project can not be saved. Having bought the full app, the saving function would be available. However, with a free version, a major part of the functions can be used.

Thus, Home Design 3D: Outdoor/Garden is not flawless, but has some useful features too, like a huge variety of landscape design products and different exterior details.



It is a great tool for creating not only interior and exterior design projects but also for performing floor planning. As it is one of the important things during the design process of every building project.

You do not need to download special software, just use it via the website with all functions and features available. Observe the projects in 2D and 3D modes to improve the quality of your work.

Moreover, there is a high range of products and design details that are ready to be in use in your designs. There is also a chance to get inspired by the collection of photos and different planning types that are introduced on the website.

Thus, such a site is one of those that may be in handy while working under exterior or interior designs or especially planning the building space.


Create Home – Exterior Design and Color Selection

Create Home is the easiest tool for developing an exterior design project. There you can try all the color combinations with the help of a huge color selection and choose suitable material for a particular product or a detail of the product.

Moreover, there you can find ready elements such as pillars, elevations, terraces, doors, and windows. The landscape design section is also pretty large. Garden furniture, tables, seats, fences, trees, plants, and balconies are parts that will make the exterior of the building more elegant and different from others.

Not only the designs of residential houses can be developed there, but hotels, schools, restaurants, and commercial buildings can also be designed successfully with this app too. So, it is what widens the opportunities of Create Home which are ready to be used by every designer even by the newbies in this field.

Change color, texture, material, and forms of elements to find your own inimitable design. Use patterns and templates to experiment and find fresh ideas. Visualize your projects and observe the buildings from the inside.

Walk along the paths created by yourself and enjoy the gardens built according to your design preferences. It is all possible with the easy and pleasant interface of Create Home – Exterior Design and Color Selection.


Home Design – Interior and Exterior Design and Decoration 

This app is useful only in getting inspiration and searching for new tendencies in design and architecture, as it is a large catalog of photos and interior and exterior design projects.

There all photos are sorted out into divisions according to the types and places of design such as garden ideas, pool ideas, and terrace ideas. In every division, you will find a lot of examples of well-done design projects by highly skilled in this sphere people.

Although this app is not only about exterior design, but about interior ideas too, it has a wide variety of exterior and landscape patterns and templates that easily can be brought into life. 

It is pleasant to look through such catalogs and study trends and new inventions of professional designers and architects. While doing this, you get fulfilled with inspiration and wish to create your unique project that will be no worse than those demonstrated in this app.

Thus, such apps are really important to be in possession of every designer. As some of them may find themselves in a creativity crisis sometimes, and such apps will definitely help to revive the flow of imagination and promote effective and high-quality work under new design projects.


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Home and Design.com

This website is a large collection of photos and examples of different design projects. Several catalogs are downloaded here. All of them are divided into theme groups like landscape design, exterior design, interior design, and so on.

Such websites are undoubtedly helpful for every worker in this field of art. As getting inspiration and fulfillment with new ideas is an essential part of the profession of designer or architect.

Another interesting part of the website consists of articles and magazine notes that are dedicated to different divisions of the page. The writers share their experiences with exterior and interior design with their readers.

They comment on some projects, programs, and apps, and give the beginners useful pieces of advice. This helps to enlarge the experience and knowledge of the particular sphere and become more skilled and ready for new works.


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CertaPro Painters

It is an exterior house painting service that will change the appearance of your house in several ours. If you want changes, their professional designers will help you to find the most suitable solution to your design order. The skilled painters will embody their ideas into practice.

Unfortunately, the siding visualizer is poor. Only colors and materials with not quite a range can be chosen. The collection of ready-taken photos and images will be in handy and are able to become a part of your design projects.

However, the external combination visualizer works pretty well, and there you can experiment with colors and materials.

This app is quite easy to use and does not require particular skills. And it is less about designing and more about the realization of exterior design projects by their highly-experienced workers.

Thus, to have qualitative external work start getting in touch with the service of CertaPro Painters. The large team of workers will be glad to participate in the realization of your exterior design projects.


Brick and Batten

This website will help you to do the whole exterior design project from the beginning. If you have a lot of ideas about how to redesign the exterior of your house but do not know what to do and how to start, this website is definitely for you.

There you will find different services that are allotted into several divisions on the main page of the website. There are collections with photos of ready-made exterior design projects, reviews, pricing for different types of work from professional designers and architects, blogs, and so on.

Before ordering some service on the website you can try a different combination of colors, materials, and trim styles to make sure whether it is suitable for your house or not.

There is a guide in the website that will help you and show all the divisions of it. So, you will definitely find solutions to your design problems and requests. You just need to follow the steps to reach the result that you want.

Thus, this website can become your best friend in the field of exterior designing, as it has all the basic and some fantastic additional functions that every design app or website should have.


GAF Virtual Remodeler 

GAF is an unusual app among exterior design tools. It is specialized only on house covering. With the help of GAF, you can create unique roofs and walls. Choose the colors and experiment with different materials, textures, and styles.

The function of a remodeling visualizer allows you to use the products of the company and make your own designs. The design of the siding of the house can be fully developed by means of this app. Your images and photos can be uploaded there or you can choose one that is suggested by GAF.

Creating roofs is what the app mostly specializes in. The variety of options and patterns that are provided here are seen nowhere but in this app.

One of the useful features which the app offers to its users is choosing additional matches that are provided by the app. It gets accustomed to your design and tries to suggest using suitable matches to improve your work.

Thus, if you have a wish to renew the trim of the house or develop the design of your roof or paint the walls GAF Virtual Remodeler will be really in use and will perform its work at a great quality level.


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Dream Designer

This website opens the whole world of exterior design. Endless possibilities of exterior creation are provided there.

Its visualizer is really convenient and will be suitable for beginners too. A wide variety of colors, materials, and textures is presented there. Different options of trim design and siding can be easily changed.

So, you can try everything, mix colors, and choose materials. Therefore, the website is a place for experimenting and showing your creativity and design skills.

Moreover, Dream Designer has a wonderful feature to make personal orders to buy a particular product sample for free. It is really easy to do. Just fill the order form with your personal data and you will get the product sample in ten business days. You have three free orders, then you have to pay.

All contacts are presented on the websites. So, if any questions arise, do not be shy to ask for an explanation or help.

Thus, the website is a great service for exterior design. A lot of useful functions and features are provided there.

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