11 Free Spider Solitaire Games for Android & iOS

Card games have been popular for centuries, as they obey the rules, which are clear to everyone, and allow you to have fun in the company or even on your own. Solitaire is no exception.

The main thing in this game is the rules, following which you can achieve victory. One wrong mistake can lead to huge decks that you will no longer be able to distribute. Achieve the least number of moves and show the best result in these free spider solitaire games for Android & iOS.

Spider Solitaire: Card Games

Spider Solitaire is a classic card game that includes many levels and modes. Each player can choose the game option that best suits them absolutely free of charge.

This app offers a one-person card game in which you must arrange all the cards by suit, starting with a king and ending with an ace.

In the app, you will find many levels and game modes that will help you develop your logic and decision-making skills. You can choose the level of difficulty that suits your card-playing skills.

There are more than 10 levels of difficulty available, ranging from easy to the hardest. Here you can also use an unlimited number of cancellations and hints to help you solve the solitaire game faster. You can customize the game according to your individual preferences.

You can choose the number of suits that will be used in the game, as well as the number of cards that will be laid out on the table. This allows players to customize the game according to their level of expertise. For the correct layout of the cards, you will receive various rewards.

You can see their number in your personal profile. There you will also be assigned a title, depending on the number of missions completed.

You can use the undo function to go back to your previous turn and change your strategy. You can also use the automatic end-game function if you no longer want to continue the game.


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Spider Solitaire by Brainium Studios

Spider is an app in which users can play the most popular card game online and offline. The app offers many levels and game modes, which will be interesting to both beginners and experienced players.

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to understand the rules of the game, even those who have never laid out the cards.

Here you can choose to play in classic mode, where you need to lay out the cards in ascending order from the lowest suit to the highest.

Also, there is a single-suit game mode, where you need to deal with only one kind of card, which makes the game even more complicated and interesting. You can move the cards with swipes or taps on the screen.

You can also use the automatic completion or exit the game. In this case, all the data and the last layout will be saved. You will be able to return to the game at any time and continue it.

The app also offers many extra options that allow you to customize the game according to your preferences. You can choose different card layouts, change the color scheme, and more.

The game provides data on the statistics and achievements of users, which allows you to track your progress and compete with other players.


Spider Solitaire by nerByte GmbH

Spider Solitaire is an app that allows card game enthusiasts to lay out cards and apply their strategic skills to a mission.

This app includes many levels and game modes to help develop your strategic and logical thinking.

In the app, you will find a huge number of interesting features that will help make the game even more exciting. For example, you can use the undo function to go back to the previous step in the puzzle and change your strategy.

Atop the game at any time and exit the app. The program automatically remembers and saves all your moves, so that you can return to the cards again at any convenient moment.

You can even delete the app, but all your data will be saved in your account. In this game, you can also choose your own difficulty levels to customize missions, depending on your skills and abilities.

It also offers different modes in which you can choose the number of suits and cards used in a round. If you have any questions about the game or your next moves, you can use the free hints.


Spider Solitaire by Easybrain

The Spider app presents different variants of this solitaire game, which will allow you to choose the game mode that suits you best.

Here you can find classic versions of solitaire, where you need to play with cards in ascending order from smallest to largest, or new evolutionary modes of the game, which will be no less interesting and fascinating.

The app allows you to apply hints so that every beginner can learn to play solitaire. Here is an unlimited number of hints and cancellations, which you can use to choose a new strategy.

Also, you’ll be able to check your game and the speed of passing each level according to the available statistics. You can even quit at any point in the game.

The modern technology used by the program allows you to memorize your last move and save it to recover it the next time you access the app. Get a lot of card layout tips here.

When you choose a hint, you can select several options and check each of the moves, which will allow you to choose the most appropriate option.

After passing a level, you’ll see the time it took to solve the puzzle, as well as the game results and other statistics. All this will be stored in your profile, so you can return to this information at any time.


Spider Solitaire by PeopleFun CG, LLC

The Spider Solitaire app is a well-known spider card solitaire game, which is popular all over the world. In this game you have to deal cards according to the classical rules: from the king to the ace.

The peculiarity of the app is its unique design, which creates a pleasant atmosphere for the game. You can customize the theme yourself and even choose the location of the screen: vertical or horizontal.

Besides, managing the cards in this app is as convenient as possible, which allows you to focus on the game and get maximum enjoyment. Here you will be able to drag the cards with a long press on the screen or move them with a few taps of your fingers.

The game has a huge number of levels with different complexity, which allows players to constantly improve their skills and develop logical thinking.

The game also has the ability to compare their results with other users who enter the game online. You can track your own and other people’s data on the table with statistics. Also for passing the levels in the app and for the victory over other participants, you can get different rewards.

Here you will be offered unlimited hints and cancellations of previous moves. In the game, you can play solitaire even without an internet connection. It is also possible to play with real people in online mode.


Spider Solitaire by Classic Solitaire Games Inc

Spider Solitaire is a mobile version of the classic game, where you can customize not only the most convenient mode to play but also your favorite background and even card design.

There are different levels of difficulty for solitaire: you can choose 1, 2, or 4 suits to play. Compete with other participants, tracking the statistics of your victories on the table.

You can enter this game from any device and put the settings that are most convenient for you. It is allowed to set the vertical or horizontal layout, as well as to choose the place for the control button: left or right.

This app allows you to play solitaire even without an internet connection. Besides, you can easily learn how to do it directly in the app. After all, there is an unlimited number of hints and cancellations of moves.

You can change strategy at any time to remove all the cards from the table and win the round. Exit the game at any time without losing any steps you’ve completed. To restart a round you only need to re-enter the game and select the same level you finished with.

Managing the cards is also quite convenient and simple: you have to drag them from place to place with your fingers. The game offers a simple and clear interface that allows you to enjoy the process and have fun.


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Spider Solitaire Classic

The Spider Solitaire Classic is a fascinating card game that will allow you to spend your time in a useful way. This game will be available with or without a network connection.

There are a lot of different themes and backgrounds in the app, which you can choose and customize according to your preferences.

You will have to play solitaire according to the universal rules of this card game. Find them in the settings section. That is why it is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Choose the number of decks that will be used in the game, as well as the number of suits on which the complexity of the levels will depend. Thus, both the beginner and the expert will be able to choose the most suitable option according to their knowledge and skills.

At the same time, there is an unlimited number of hints available in the app, which you can use to pass the levels quickly. If you want to quit the app, you can not worry about the safety of all passed stages.

When you sign back into the app, you can go back to the same level and move that was automatically saved after exiting.

Track your progress and skill development in the card game. For this purpose, you will be provided with statistical data displayed for the whole period of passing the levels.


Spider Solitaire – Card Games

Solitaire Spider is a classic card solitaire game, but in online mode. This app lets every user play solitaire games without having to deal with a deck of real cards.

This app will work both online and offline. To make the gameplay even more interesting, the app offers to perform a specific mission every day.

Also, you will be able to choose the level of difficulty of each mission independently. There are card layouts with 1, 2, or 4 suits available.

Also, the app offers players a lot of extra features that make the game even more exciting. For example, you can choose different game modes, including classic one and many others.

The game has a table with achievements, which allows you to compare your results for the entire period of using the app. Here you can learn to play solitaire even if you have never held cards in your hands before the game provides detailed and clear rules.

You can always use the free hints, which will be available at any time in your game. Cancel your own moves, so you can rebuild your strategy completely and continue the level according to a different plan.


Solitaire Spider

Solitaire Spider is an app where you can enjoy a free card game at any time of the day or night.

The app will work from anywhere in the world, even without a network connection. You will be able to choose the most convenient interface, the location of the virtual deal table, and even the most appropriate design.

Vertical or horizontal is available for connection absolutely free. Choose here the level of the game according to your knowledge and skills. For example, you will be able to try for yourself a one or two-suit deal. This will be the most difficult mode.

Also, you can start with a simple one and try the four suits. Before you start the game you can learn the rules.

In the process of solitaire solving, you can use the free and unlimited number of hints. They will show you one or several options of further steps, which will help you to pass to the end of the level and win. The more levels you pass, the more points you get.

You will be able to check your achievements in a special table where the statistics for the whole period of using the app will be collected.


Spider Solitaire Classic

Spider Solitaire Classic is a card game in a virtual format. Here you will be able to place the cards on the table and collect the combination, just like in real life, according to the basic rules of the game.

Besides, in the app, you will be able to choose the most suitable card design you like the most. Choose for yourself a background and table layout: vertical or horizontal.

For each user, there will be levels of different complexity. Choose anyone to develop your skills in card games.

There are levels with different numbers of suits, that are used to lay out the cards. You can choose a solitaire level with one, two, or four suits.

Also, the app will present interesting and unusual challenges for you every day. They will allow you to start your game with a little training in logical and strategic thinking.

For passed levels, you will be able to get rewards. All of them will be displayed in a table with statistical data. Use free cancellation of steps and an unlimited number of hints.

Also, you can easily exit the app during the game and come back at any time. Everything will be saved in the same way you left it.


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Spider Solitaire! by Xian Fu

This spider solitaire game is fully replicating the real and classic card game, where you have to collect a certain combination of cards according to the rules.

There will be daily tasks for you to complete to get points. They will accumulate in conjunction with those accrued after passing levels in the game itself.

Moreover, you can choose the difficulty yourself. To do this, you are presented with the game modes with a different number of suits. So beginners and experienced users can play this game.

Also in the app it is possible to use an unlimited number of hints. Try a few different moves, which will depend on the result of the layout.

If you find yourself in a deadlock, you can cancel your move at any time and use a new strategy. This allows you to win and get points, and eventually a certain title. Play solitaire at any time you want, because it does not require a connection to the network.

Cards move literally with a single tap on the screen, which makes the process as simple and convenient as possible. Also, the advantage of the app is the ability to choose the design of the cards and the background for the game.

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